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Bonjour, I am taken aback by the translation facility provided by Babybel on the Web site of Anglo INFO Poitou-Charente. As a future tool for myself and my wife, we would like to be able to have it on our computer when we move to France soon. Could anyone explain how obtain the facility for my machine? Merci S&BRetired

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Swogga123 1190888834

Sorry, maybe I'm being a bit slow, but where exactly is this 'Babybel' translation service on Anglo-Info? I tried typing Babybel into the search facility and came up with zilch.

Stephen, nr Cognac

Telerhythmman 1190889623

Hi redboygym, there are lots of free translation services on the net. I think you mean babelfish as provided by Altavista. Personally I prefer "Im Translator": but if you Google you will find one that suits your needs best. Hope your move goes well and welcome to France.


yachty-540087 1190893393

Whilst it's really handy to have a translation facility on your computer, I feel it's far better to learn the language of the country.

As I'm sure we all realise, time passes oh too quickly and all of a sudden a year has passed and because of being occupied with moves, visits etc, nothing has been done with regard to learning the French language.

There are countless of us Brits who have moved here to start a better life, but have not persevered with the language, or never bothered, and so are living on the edge of our local society, prefering to rely on others (friends, family, or aquaintances,) to do the work for us.

There are others who even say that soon the French will be speaking English anyway, so why bother to learn their language.

Finally, good luck with your new life and I hope that you find all the things that you're seeking in this country.

caroline-540843 1190894107

hello redboygym

i have this on my favourites, all you do is get the babelfish page up via Anglo, then right click your mouse, list will come up including add this to favourites or desk top click one of these and you have it .

good luck


Swogga123 1190918035

Hi Caroline, Once again maybe I'm just extra thick, but when you say you simply 'get the Babelfish page up via Anglo' what exactly do you mean? I can't see any Babelfish page on any index, least not on the Anglo-Info website I access, and once again, nothing comes up when I enter the word 'Babelfish' in the search box. Maybe it's a generational thing...

Stephen, nr Cognac

Bellebouche 1190931945

Hi Swogga

Try this URL


pnfc 1190977144

Hi you can find the service if you go into the INFOrmation section on the left hand side of page, and scroll down to business services .



JOSHUAPIP01-541570 1190980076

type in Goggle task bar - babelfish - you will get to the translation site OK

It is a very handy tool - I use it frequently - especially when the word I am looking for - cannot be found in any of my dictionarys
Kind regs


Wrysmileuk 1190982616

Hello everyone! I've only just joined this forum and this is my first posting.

When it comes to online translations, I give Babelfish an exceedingly wide berth!

If you are needing to know how to write numbers - 74, 87, 96 for example, don't rely on the answers Babelfish wll give you.

Give it a whirl - then compare it with a dictionary!!

Have fun!

micheline-540783 1190988045

Whoops....I hope that not too many people try those number translations!!!!!! Not good for people trying to learn the basics.


Deux Sevres

redboygym 1191003377

I will take this opportunity to thank all the contributors to my original enquiry, I found the advice and information very helpful. It also made me realise that there are still some people who have an edge to their contributions.

I will keep in touch with you Caroline regarding the shared language meetings, Teleryhthman you were very supportive in my quest for help.

Once again I will thank you all on behalf of myself and my wife and take heart in the knowledge that if we get stuck when we move over, we can rely on well meaning assistance.


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