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Is it just my computer or is there a problem with the AngloInfo site as many of the characters that I type don't display. I am nrmalya cmpetent tpist &dont have aprobl with my othr sofware o my cmputr but ther is a definte prblem with thisite. Cananyonsugge howto solve throblem?

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getsomein 1325709101

I bet you are using Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 9 or both!

cuckoo-571302 1325710950

Actually neither - Windows XP + IE8

getsomein 1325713134

It is your PC or keyboard that is at fault then.

Kilners-561767 1325716079

I had the exact same thing, and have just cured it by re-installing Windows. A drastic step, I know, but I felt I had run out of options.

It was only AI and facebook that were effected, and virus check came up clean. I put a post on here, but it was deleted, as this one will soon be. "Though shalt not caste doubt on AngloInfo!"

GG-561266 1325716212

Have had the same problem but mine was i have a wireless key board and mouse and i had moved the censor when i put in a new sky box, now i have put it back where it was its ok or give the key board a good shake upside down could be food crumbs in it
hope it gets sorted drove me mad for 24 hours

cuckoo-571302 1325769227

Thanks to all for the helpful replies.

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