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I'm hoping to hold a 'vide maison' at the end of August. It seems easier than carting a pile of stuff to a vide grenier. Do I need special permission to open up our yard for a day to sell unwanted household items before we move?

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Yes you do. Here's an article with a link. The form is easy to fill in.

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Hello Loiscx - appears to vary with locality if sarah13 had to. We've held two yard-sales of our own, and helped neighbours at two others - the latest was 2 years ago now. Asked no-one in any of them, but did advise the Mairie what was happening - no problem, and no forms to fill in.

Advertise locally - supermarket notice-boards, the Mairie will probably put a notice up, and have a big board outside your gate - 'Vide Maison' with the time and date. Saturday is the best day by far, Sunday almost a non-event, any other day very sparse. Price everything and be prepared to haggle. A lot. Don't be insulted by some of the offers! You either want to get rid of it, or cart it all with you. Or dump it. Or give it away (if there's time). Be realistic. Good luck!

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Some places might turn a blind eye but you do actually have to declare it. If your Mairie says don't bother with the form then no problem. If you don't ask and they don't like it it's a huge fine.

Our Mairie said no to me. So I asked the prefecture and they said yes and sent me the forms.

I didn't want to risk anything so filled it in anyway. 

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