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Any one know why the Weather Forecast which I had set to Parthenay has changed and now there is no forecast for Parthenay?????

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frog 1 1321993258

confolens has vanished as well

greengain1 1321993452

And when you look up a area its gone when you come back it used to stay there all the time ??????

oatfield-558067 1321994279

and its constantly sunny!!

Pantoufle-550163 1321996259

Confolens is back!!!! But, still can't set as a permanent feature (and as oatfield says, it's always sunny!!).

I know Angloinfo have been working on the server, so hopefully it will all soon be back to normal :)

LucyLou-549806 1322029969

Angouleme went too.....

LucyLou-549806 1322030062

Ops.... spoke too soon it is back...........................

frog 1 1322038663

Got it back by typing in the location on the left rather than the box on the right

mayday-544262 1322044149

But it keeps going back to the default setting of St Maurice la Clouère!!

ihcm 1322047421

Mine keeps going back to the default setting of St Maurice la Clouère as well!

I think the new system is pants

I have started to use meteorama at

hopefully they will go back to the old system soon!!

tim06-559204 1322050117

The old system was supplied by "", and you can go there direct and find your old default location.
Only downside is that all temps are only given in Farenheit.

I agree that the new weather on AI is pants.
Why can't things that work well be left alone?
I guess the new one is cheaper!!

Pantoufle-550163 1322073103

Thank you admin - looks as though all is now sorted out :)

Cherub-573784 1322073594

It's not working now - I can't get the "Extended Forecast" .................

Pantoufle-550163 1322074135

I spoke too soon - neither can I!!!

patricia harrison 1422473969

I can't get the weather forecast at all don't know why


joeyannfred 1422474570

I find looking out of the window more accurate, The weather went like this a while ago, and really it is not as good as many others, unless you don't mind 'sunny'  all the time!

joeyannfred 1422474739

I normally check Nanteuil but the last time that updated was 23 November 2014, so I changed the default to St Max, now it rains alot, Is there a connection?

tiss-us 1422487361

We use Hourly forecasts which are reasonably spot on. Not bad for a free site.


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