What on Earth is going on?

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To those running the site - I logged in as Steve Lawrenceaux and was first welcomes as "Ian Trotter" and then as "Valc" and I have screen print proof if you want it. Is my id ok and still secure as I do not want anyone else taking my name, as I suspect others would not want my comments attributed to them.

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steve lawrenceaux-542199 1183420822

Admin people - me again - I have jsut logged in a steve lawrenceaux and once again I have been shown "A warm welcome to valc" ?..................

malcolm1-541806 1183447829

I think you'll find,if I'm looking at the screen correctly,that the names you refer to are the forums way of telling others exactly who is the latest New member...When a new person joins they remain on the "welcome"heading as long as it takes a newer member to join. (I THINK)

pepito-541612 1183449052

I think that is correct: on the left hand side you see the warm welcome to the new member and on the right hand side you see "you are logged in as .......".

Pepito ;)

Admin-538224 1183451396

Pepito and Malcolm 1 are correct. There is no security breech. The 'Warm Welcome to...' on the top left of the screen merely indicates the most recently registered member on the Forums. Your log in is shown on the top right hand side.

steve lawrenceaux-542199 1183495705

AM I A TWIT OR WHAT? - apologies for going off the deep end and not understanding what I was being shown - I can only guess at 23:55 that I was half asleep - cheers to all who have put me right.

malcolm1-541806 1183506142

You sound like me.....

Welcome to the forum.

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