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Since the so called update of this site i have been forced to use other french/english  info sites. Why is everything in apps format. Its Ridiculous , this is the written word not photos. The header page looks quite smart with its main features  in  apps format. - After that it should be in the normal list format so that one can see at a glance which discussion to join By scrolling up or down. It was great before being able to scroll down the pages backwards or forwards as far as we wanted. Now  it is near impossible to do this as it is necessary  to keep loading the apps a few at a time. This is boring and time consuming so, one gives up most of the time. Shame as the forum was an excellent  form for info. We could pick up or indeed give info  without any trouble. Angloinfo you had it in the bag. Now you have messed it up completely. I am sure this applies to the adds section as well. Please bring back list format once inside the Forum  app . Simple really.Ever hopeful I will periodically check back to see what's happening. Brightonbel

started by: vonny16 · last update: 1463087707 · posted: 1460641446

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We have recently moved to 16230 Juille and wondered if someone could advise us where we go to get our Carte Vitale.Also, where do we go for a applying for a change of British car registration to French?Thank you.

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1462874030 · posted: 1462867647

Hi, I placed an advert for a settee recently, I live in Chatain! I thought I might have a look at all adverts in the Chatain region, so  I tried putting 'Chatain' into the where? box which presents a whole list of adverts, none of them in Chatain. And none of them my Settee?From this screen, the Where? box has changed to LOCATION (??????)So now I enter 'Settee' into the latest KEYWORD search box and click the Magnifying Glass (the one with the map taking up half the screen), and hey presto.... nothing happens?How can I prove to myself that my advert is there by using the searches?Further, I have tried changing the contents of all the search boxes on this Search Results screen, (the one with the map taking up half the screen) and nothing works at all, by clicking the magnifying glass there appears to be no interaction with the for sale database at all?

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1462866188 · posted: 1462866188

Hi, On an advert, what is the point of clicking the box to 'Show Number', would it not be better to just show it when the advert is presented?

started by: JMcK · last update: 1462821084 · posted: 1462821084

Recently advertised an item for sale.. Received two messages via AI from the same person expressing interest. Both messages from AI had the wrong e-mail address for the enquirer and each one was different from the other.. Pretty poor if you can't get even that right.Also another for sale advert, on checking, has been marked as "sold" although it hasn't.Avertising on here seems to be a fruitless excercise.. Wonder what those who are paying for adverts are thinking?

started by: Budbud · last update: 1462782433 · posted: 1462733193


started by: Niscars · last update: 1462736258 · posted: 1462736258

Currently, I have to click on the advert summary in order to find that it has already sold.  When an item is sold, can't that fact appear on the summary page, rather than only appearing after you have already opened it?  I have very slow internet, and this would make a big difference.NB:  You will no doubt be thoroughly fed up with complaints about this new website.  However, I have to add my call for a return to the old format please.

started by: Budbud · last update: 1462623855 · posted: 1462623855

Hello I have just advertised for sale item and had a quick enquiry...However after the message it  says go to site, this I have done then it says messages but however I try that does not work and I don't seem to be able to respond to my enquiry....Is this just me or is this new site more complex that I am able to manage? Please help thank you.

started by: rob flello-550908 · last update: 1462362380 · posted: 1461561022

have been trying to load an advert for 2 days!!!!!!says submitting content after loading pictures ectthis isa pain,waited half an hour,still says submitting content!anothe hour ect ect ect then just goes offchecked classifydes nothing there;happened a couple of timesso now have used 2 other sites instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISAPOINTED IN THIS NEW SITE!! A SHAME THAT PROGRESS DOESNT ALWAYS WORK OUT FOR THE BEST 

started by: tonysinclair · last update: 1461790197 · posted: 1461787963

I cannot find a search button. Will you be including one on the site

started by: Georgie1234 · last update: 1461696824 · posted: 1461275399

I am so pleased that I am not alone in disliking your new format. It is truly awful. Can we have the old format back please?

started by: Mallet-554621 · last update: 1461671466 · posted: 1461671466

Sales Electronics always produces APPLIANCES....A PROBLEM THERE.One has to go into the multiple heading sub-menu to get a correct display.Also it is virtually impossible to have the site remain stable whilst moving the arrow to the various headings. It's like trying to catch a butterfly as it flits from flower to flower; and has been like this since day one of the new site. I have no problem on any other site, so it is AI that is the problem.

started by: barryandpat-550891 · last update: 1461593153 · posted: 1461578992

Tried to search for a topic on AI about french tv channel upgrade but it will not open conversations or allow me to ask questions. Otherwise keeps going to my profile without me asking, AI seems to be getting worse.Barry

started by: bob&debs-554698 · last update: 1461408392 · posted: 1461402938

HOW DOES ONE EDIT -Classified advert or add photo's?

started by: vanessa_graham-543977 · last update: 1461346402 · posted: 1461328933

How do I delete or Mark as Sold some Classifieds which were put on the Old site and are now showing as For Sale on this new site?

started by: Maurice2 · last update: 1461168375 · posted: 1461165717

hi it appears that all adverts that provide a location facility are stuck in the same place on the map i.e. somewhere near Marthe .  ???

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1461086789 · posted: 1461003989

Hi Support, Just, (19:20 on 18th April), had a look at the classified ads and there are Eight duplicated adverts for a Amara Caravan, placed 5 hours ago and six duplicated ads for a Pine Dresser placed 6 hours agoCome on guys, this is un-useable, any news on a fix?

started by: GrahamTree · last update: 1461011715 · posted: 1460577599

Hello Support,I've been offline for a month and returned to Angloinfo to place adverts and look for tradesmen. Instead I find a site which doesn't work, is slower, crashes, and has very unhappy users. Shame, Having moved to France recently I was hoping to use it more, but now won't bother. I found my tradesmen on the old site and they will miss my business. If I was paying for advertising I would be demanding a refund. Please take it offline and reinstate the old one, at least it worked! If you purchased this then obtain a refund, it is not fit for purpose.Mr Frustrated from Surgeres.

started by: digthewell · last update: 1460979296 · posted: 1460193739

I thought this section was for requesting and receiving support, but there seems to be no one home??I am getting the "Oops something went wrong" with every action now.  When I post, when I log in etc. I would like to know why, and whether anyone can do anything about it? It would be nice to see "Oh, something went right" for a change ;-)PS...I see we now have some formatting tools. That is an improvement.

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