started by: Ann,eg · last update: 1460799552 · posted: 1460799552

I have sent 5 emails to your contact number.With no answer.  I only want to put a classifiedadd on the site; but it would be easier to get to the moon !Regards.Ann(Go back to the old and reliable system;)

started by: GrahamTree · last update: 1460749037 · posted: 1460577833

Choose Classified . Wanted . Animalsyou get: Equipment not Animalscome on, do some testing first please.

started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1460556800 · posted: 1460479828

I logged in, typed up my wanted ad.  It asked for a price which I found weird, also asked for my phone number (I was hoping for contact via email through Anglo but could not bypass the phone number field.  It went through the process of choosing my location, then ... a very strange paragraph appeared about a squash club, and then a paragraph about a typeset for printers!   ignored all of that and was asked to click on an icon (to prove I am not a robot), which I did.  Then it said that my content was being submitted for approval and hung for over an hour!Did I do something wrong?  can anyone help me place my Want Ad please?Thanks,M

started by: blue53 · last update: 1460446219 · posted: 1460204102

Three questiions:Has anyone managed to save any discussion topic into their 'favourites folder' as you could on the old site? If so how?Again a question for StephenG...........still waiting for an answer as to whether all the individual saved favourite topics and previous postings from the old site are to be reinstated to our individual accounts? Been asking you this for nearly a month now, surely your IT people should be able to give you a definitive yes/no answer to this simple question? If all previous data is now lost then could you tell me and other users why no advance notice of the site going off line for 2 weeks was given? This would have alowed everyone the opportunity to save their personal data

started by: roy99 · last update: 1460391119 · posted: 1460195839

This site is not WORKING.  Why not reinstate the old system until the problems are solved??

started by: Lion17 · last update: 1460306585 · posted: 1460208985

I'm only a simple user of your website, unlike many of your members who with all their tech capabilities seem to be as frustrated as me. I only wanted to amend a classified but find it impossible, so I turned to AngloINFO Support. NON EXISTANT, couldn't answer this simple question.

started by: digthewell · last update: 1460200843 · posted: 1460199754

It seems that the editing tools are only available when you start a thread. Subsequent contributors don't see the edit facility :-(Another one for the bug list.

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1460142468 · posted: 1460142468

Had enough of the unitedinaquitaine advert please stop it!

started by: digthewell · last update: 1460116928 · posted: 1460116530

I remain puzzled why some users (including me) cannot edit their profile, while some can. Do you know if this relates to the user's platform/browser, or is it some other issue?

started by: digthewell · last update: 1460106242 · posted: 1460106242

Credit where it is due. There are some small signs of improvement now. We have a darker shade of grey text, and the latest comment now promotes the topic to the top of the board (I think). It's difficult to tell with so few postings. If so, this is a major improvement, and returns the key attribute of a forum once more.Please don't get too complacent as I have just emailed (as requested by StephenG) a list of 40 remaining bugs that I have identified, which I trust will be attended to in due course.I look forward to seeing more improvements soon.

started by: digthewell · last update: 1460057798 · posted: 1459978081

In another thread that "As of today you can format your Discussion posts and the contrast of the font has been improved. "

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1460009578 · posted: 1459966859

I notice when I go onto the discussions board that the time posted is displayed as a 10 digit number, then a few seconds later it is converted into the format "xx hours (or minutes) ago". Surely this extra processing when displaying recent discussions is slowing the page load down?

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1459966118 · posted: 1459966118

......he first twenty characters of the discussion title in the recent discussions 'box'? Also, using a tablet, why is this text input box so small, only shows 29 characters of my posting?

started by: digthewell · last update: 1459951530 · posted: 1459941762

I received an email today inviting me to view this clumsy website on my mobile. You have clearly learned nothing from the feedback posted over the past two weeks, as you have still used the same 50% grey text that your readership have told you repeatedly they don’t like. as it is hard to read! In fact you say…   _“A couple of weeks ago we introduced you to our pretty shiny new site. If you’ve been part of our community for a while then you know how difficult it was to view our old site on mobile. Squint no longer!”_   I think you have misspelt “shiny”… and you will need to keep squinting.

started by: missright · last update: 1459947233 · posted: 1459940342

This site has gone from bad to worse. Its near impossible to create an ad or to amend its status. To be honest, its not worth the time or the effort.What was wrong with it the way it was before ?

started by: Sutton-579517 · last update: 1459927373 · posted: 1459884180

This new site has got to be the worst ever, had this site been the old site and in was replaced with what we knew as the real old site we would have been singing its praises !! but its absolutely dreadful. to see how a good site operates have a look at GeoExpat Hong Konghttps://geoexpat.com/classifieds It beggars belief that this new Angloinfo site is being hailed as something special.

started by: digthewell · last update: 1459859312 · posted: 1459851928

Just got this when I attempted to open AI. # 502 Bad Gateway * * * nginx I guess its either another failure of this website or AI have arbitrarily decided to take it down without informing their users. AI will you ever learn to COMMUNICATE with your users?

started by: LaughingBoy-912988 · last update: 1459791397 · posted: 1459748938

Trying to remain objective, this is the Most mishandled website overhaul I have ever encountered and you are losing people very quickly. The lack of information or responses is making the situation worse than it should be.I hope you are taking your designers to task for damaging the business.The real shame is that other than looking a bit dated the old site worked perfectly, although throttling the image size for the photos is/was a bit amateur.As it stands the classifieds are pretty unusable, and even if they were the lack of advert date on the title in the new format is a big mistake.I cant be bothered to list all the issues I am having with the site as they are legion. It is a shame that you took a sucessful site and messed about with it unecessarily. I will be having a look to see if the designers are credited on the site so I can let others know not to use them

started by: Dave-English-854948 · last update: 1459762373 · posted: 1459705973

Hi This new implementation of your site obviously has a few teething problems. In my case, when I tried to submit a classified, it hung displaying a "Submitting" button. Before I know where I was I had six or seven duplicated of my add. If I was able to remove the dupes I would, but instead all I am offered is to mark some of them "Sold" - which hardly helps anyone. I can see this may not be the only problem you may have. Hope this helps

started by: BOB C-96750 · last update: 1459758891 · posted: 1459540603

Can you PLEASE tell me how to show an old ad from the old site as sold. I keep getting enquiries for my Saab 9-3 although it was sold 4 weeks ago. I am also having problems responding to enquirers to let them know that it has been sold.    There seems to be so many unresolved problems with the site along with lack of info to your readers that I believe that the time has come to look elsewhere for expat forums.              Bob Coverley. 

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