started by: BOB C-96750 · last update: 1459758891 · posted: 1459540603

Can you PLEASE tell me how to show an old ad from the old site as sold. I keep getting enquiries for my Saab 9-3 although it was sold 4 weeks ago. I am also having problems responding to enquirers to let them know that it has been sold.    There seems to be so many unresolved problems with the site along with lack of info to your readers that I believe that the time has come to look elsewhere for expat forums.              Bob Coverley. 

started by: ccm-572085 · last update: 1459685042 · posted: 1459428391

I have posted on AI many times in the past on the old site but this new site is impossible to use, whoever designed it wants sacking.Obviously by the amount of comments on the discussion board I am not the only one but I cannot see any response from the owners of the site. Come on AI, why no answers !!!!!!!

started by: H1b1scus · last update: 1459534769 · posted: 1459442824

I just spent an hour understanding, navigating and uploading an advert.  I struggled to get a single photo up as the aspect ratio of your photo uploader does not match 99.99% of amateur photos.  In the end I divided it in two to upload it. Despite offering 6 photos, it crashed during the second and would not load any more. After all this effort, I was not actually asked to pay for the photos to be loaded but it was clear that free listing now cannot have photos on them. You then sent me an email telling me that my one line advert with a price that means not a whit to anyone looks so good on your site.  Well here is my answer: No, it does not look good, it looks stupid. Why do you offer to load photos through your incredibly clumsy, slow and limited uploader and then not put them on the advert unless people pay. You will very quickly destroy both your reputation and your client base.  I will not use you in future unless you reverse this senseless decision.  Do you really think people want to see a list of classifieds they have to read?  A picture is worth a thousand words and you have failed to recognise their importance to sellers. Good luck! You have shot yourself in the foot, no both feet and deserve to fail as a result.

started by: wingtim · last update: 1459522974 · posted: 1459417736

Having ignored the site for a while, dissatisfied with function of new format!!! thought to give another chance! Maybe peoples complaints have been listened to?? So, went to general adds, scrolled down, very short list' got to 'next page' clicked, went back to the top, same page, tried again, same process, went back to the beginning, tried once more, same result??? So conclusion, either very few advertising?? or the site is just not functioning?? So back to Boncoin! Hey ho!

started by: ChrisandSue · last update: 1459452657 · posted: 1459164734

Stephen G, When will we be able to upload photos for classified ads?When will this site become usable to the extent that I feel I'm not just banging my head against a brick wall?Why does it now take so many clicks to do something that was so simple before?Wouldn't it be a good idea to post your own take on how long it might be before the many issues raised in the forum might be resolved?Wouldn't it also be a good idea to post the details of the new website creator, so that others don't make the same mistakes as angloinfo?

started by: kevin cross · last update: 1459423803 · posted: 1459421027

Am I the only person to find the above absolutely un-usable?

started by: simon50 · last update: 1459370213 · posted: 1459346290

so its not just me for once.I can not post things, delete sold items or in fact use the site as it should be used.I have sent emails to AI but no one has responded typical customer care these days i am afraid.Whoever told them red was the colour to use has not done their research at all .Red is a colour of ANGER and it would seem many people are feeling this emotion with this new improved site.

started by: Mickleton · last update: 1459363687 · posted: 1459108933

When I go to my profile and look at postings it only giVes me the option to mark as sold.  This action is inappropriate for a wanted add.  May I suggest a remove post button. In the meantime could you please remove my  # Chicken coop and heat lamp etc.. Wanted I copied and pasted this from my postings, sorry it is so big but that is just he way it did it and I have No idea how to change it. Kind regards 

started by: Doctor Doolittle · last update: 1459360988 · posted: 1459084614

What have you done to Anglo Info???.This site is totally rubbish, why fix it if it ain't broke? I have used the old site for more thanSix years, easy to navigate, easy to find things and easy to post ads, please bring back the old site and ditch this rubbish new one PLEASE???

started by: nikthevic1@yahoo.co.uk · last update: 1459278552 · posted: 1459272522

The new site is a joke surely.  I looked when it was first revamped and was disillusioned at the clumsiness, and cumbersome, un-user friendly new set up, so went away and came back to give it a calm go. But nope, it is still no better. Why? Not even pics on the classifieds.  

started by: ITRon 16310 · last update: 1459088368 · posted: 1458974469

Remember me doesn't work, I now have to log in every time. 

started by: Valpolly · last update: 1459080969 · posted: 1459070441

I want to search the "wanted" section, so having entered the item, you have to enter put a location in, but I will travel if necessary.  Any way round this?

started by: youandme-546856 · last update: 1459073660 · posted: 1458975166

This site is terrible, so difficult to use i used to use the old site alot but find it so difficult to navigate round this one.  I have tried for the last 10 days but still hate it!Have you had any good reviews???

started by: Allo-allo · last update: 1459070661 · posted: 1458723004

Hi all.....hate the new angloinfo but still occaisionally try to use it......One thing I hate is having to open all the pages separately to see the ads.....on dordogne are admin actually answered this topic with the solution so thought you might like to try it (if anyone is still using this site.....!!!!)Click on classifieds the red heading area.... then when that page opens there is a search classifieds bit.....leave it blank and click the magnifing glass and it shows all the latest ad on one page........why admin for this area could not tell us this i do not know.....

started by: DaveB · last update: 1458857591 · posted: 1458818097

How will will know when the site amendments have been completed and that the site management feels that everything is working as it should? Could Admins please put up a page or open a discussion detailing what flaws are being addressed and when they anticipate that they will be fixed.  

started by: Sac-563719 · last update: 1458850778 · posted: 1458686810

I have been using Anglo info for many years and loved it. I find the updated version difficult to navigate, its not user friendly and the lay out is confusing, the changes have not been for the better.  Infact I probably like many others won't be looking at it in the future. Bring back the old version please.

started by: Pantoufle-550163 · last update: 1458820098 · posted: 1321638507

The weather forecast has disappeared from the opening page of my Angloinfo? Anyone else have this problem, or is it only me?

started by: Orfeeinenglish · last update: 1458799280 · posted: 1458799280

Does anyone know whether it is possible to edit ads brought over from the old site?I don't seem to be able to access the ads at all to update.

started by: Bigwiz · last update: 1458761621 · posted: 1458054734

Has anyone else found this new design far too fussy and busy? I used to look at the classifieds every day, but now find it a chore, due to it now not being all one page, I will probably only look now if I actually require something specific, instead of having something catch my eye. Please Angloinfo change the majority of classifieds to general except Pets and Vehicles.

started by: PCM-560485 · last update: 1458755599 · posted: 1458751000

Hi ,I have been looking for my trusted weather forecast for Jousse but I am obviously doing something wrong, please adviseRegards, PCM

started by: