started by: Tiggerthecat · last update: 1458739453 · posted: 1458732949

I think possibly maybe, I have posted two things, but I cannot find them in any listings. Seems so difficult to access, post things, find things ! Please can this mess be sorted out.

started by: biggers · last update: 1458727855 · posted: 1458553693

I am pretty computer savvy but have just spent 20 minutes trying to add a simple item for sale and I still have no idea if I have posted it. It will be on there somewhere between 0 and 3 times. Does no-one from the admin team or web support look at any of the many posts from visitors who are unable to use the site anymore - there are no replies!

started by: suziej-575528 · last update: 1458716453 · posted: 1458496066

Does anyone know the english helpline number for RSI?  I only seem to be able to find one for CPAM.

started by: Hendrixfans · last update: 1458584600 · posted: 1458133872

Are there no free ads any more? I just tried to post a "wanted" ad (for a washing machine or engineer to fix ours) and when Igot to the end it asked me for 35 euros!

started by: Matd11 · last update: 1458518307 · posted: 1458462912

Does anybody know how to contact AI admin? I have looked and i can not see?  Be nice to know if they plan on returning to their old site that worked, if not then i can see an opening for another site being created similar to their other one.... 

started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1458386509 · posted: 1458204232

Cannot return to where I was after clicking a photo or clicking ad to see location of seller or more pics.  It takes me back to start of the section.  Also, would be helpful to have dates showing on the ads so we know the date it was posted. Thanks.

started by: bony36 · last update: 1458386398 · posted: 1458380003

Its obvious that the new site is not a success. I suppose some young hotshot in a dark room designed the new site.Can someone with sense admit that it was a mistake to change a easy to use and successful site and go back to the original format?And PLEASE PLEASE dont pay the person that designed the new site.

started by: neilhuntnow · last update: 1458376991 · posted: 1458376991

I have just been contacted by email by Angloinfo saying that i have had a response to my wanted request. The reply to my mailbox is basically unreadable and doesn't fit in the page.  Anyway, the reply from the person was to say they had what I wanted but were unable to contact me. I tried to contact them, but guess what ? I was also unable to contact them. This website is now awful and is designed to loose customers. It should be held up as a teaching aid for how not to design a website that kills your business. RIP Angloinfo.

started by: JoS44 · last update: 1458327365 · posted: 1458248662

Dear Admin In addition to the other requests about this topic highlighting problems with browsing classifieds, etc. I would be very grateful for advice on how to filter events based on location and date. I have also been able to find the blogs on the new site which is very disappointing as a keen follower of Dogs Blog.

started by: Mallet-554621 · last update: 1458252051 · posted: 1457992627

As a reasonably literate computer user, may I say that the new site is essentially useless.I I consider it unnecessarily disconnected, unclear, lack of photographs, facility to directly contact seller; to identify but a few. What I may term ' General ' another may term ' Electronics ' for example. What then ? The earlier site with a better 'Search ' facility would have been adequate HM forces use ' KISS ;  keep it simple ( stupid ), and work for the lowest common user level I suggest replace with the old site and think again. Mallet

started by: mazbaz-547293 · last update: 1458206006 · posted: 1458197624

One word.......USELESS.     After 8 years Of using AI to buy, sell and for getting help and advice I shall no longer bother with it.  I honestly cannot think of one feature which I think is better! Let's go back to the old one it worked! 

started by: kenneth-lawley-852826 · last update: 1458149457 · posted: 1458142127

Site down for about 14 days & then this !!! Change is inevitable , but one assumes for the better. I have to agree with other posters - this new site is abysmal . I think you have just  commenced the sites demise. Respectfully suggest you re-instate old site & try to recoup any costs for the failed new site. Failing that ......any users out there who could develop a user friendly forum ?

started by: heatheranne · last update: 1458143748 · posted: 1458126949

I am all for new design for the better but this new format makes my brain hurt. It feels like being in a white room with no clue where to go. Please join up the dots so it works for us again. I loved coming on for an easy browse of the discussions and classified but that is not possible now. :{

started by: Gwendoline Remsik · last update: 1458141661 · posted: 1458132814

I cant get onto the weekly weather information page any longer, I have sent an email to ANGLO INFO but no response ???? I have tried everything ( I think) me no likey the new  site either  

started by: XKS17 · last update: 1458138776 · posted: 1458138776

Still not blond, still not stupid, and still not able to see more than the 1st of any page of classified ads nomatter which category.... Previous posting mysteriously "lost" for eternity  so obviously too complicated for admin to answer... I won't go into the lack of user-friendliness of this new site but at least have the decency to answer faithfull (for the moment but rapidly losing patience) user queries. Thank you

started by: Allo-allo · last update: 1458134037 · posted: 1457997093

Have to say, this new site is so user unfriendly!  As others have said, I used to come on and could see all the latest discussions and things for sale.  I could also see on the heading who was advertising so if it was someone with a lot of stuff who was a long way from me there was no need to open it......now you cannot see who has posted it until you open it, and also cannot see when it was posted so it could have been months ago.Also hate the fact that I have to look under lots of different heading to see listings and presume it is hit  and miss whether anyone will even see what I am selling!I did wonder....a lot of sites get paid per click.......maybe this is the case here.......in which case it makes sense to them to make people click away looking for things,,,,except it will make people leave in hundreds,,,,I have already given up trying to list stuff as it would not let me select a category, I presume it was a temporary glitch but i have not bothered to go back and check.....Please listen to your followers and go back to the old format....it worked (most of the time!!!)

started by: BOB C-96750 · last update: 1458132316 · posted: 1457877219

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to edit classified ads on the new site? I want to mark an item as sold. Also is it possible to switch between anglo info areas to view other regions sites without returning to my search engine.?      Thanks.         Bob C

started by: Bigwiz · last update: 1458054315 · posted: 1458054315

Has anyone else found this new design far too fussy and busy? I used to look at the classifieds every day, but now find it a chore, due to it now not being all one page, I will probably only look now if I actually require something specific, instead of having something catch my eye. Please Angloinfo change the majority of classifieds to general except Pets and Vehicles.

started by: stuarted · last update: 1458037732 · posted: 1458037732

I do NOT like the new format so I shall not be using it in future!

started by: jyh-570981 · last update: 1457999003 · posted: 1457990092

If it ain't broke .........

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