started by: kazzaroo · last update: 1457961709 · posted: 1457953408

Can anyone tell me what has happened to the "Domestic jobs offered" page that was on the old site where people advertised for gite cleaners, domestic help etc? I've tried looking in the Jobs section of the new site but nothing comes up under domestic/cleaning. I have to say not impressed with the new site - much more complicated to navigate around.

started by: Angiedy · last update: 1457940766 · posted: 1457902302

After 2 weeks of waiting what a dissappointment... Difficult to use No photos. I have brought sold and been involved in discusions for the last 8 years but no more. Why Why Why change.

started by: suesin · last update: 1457888823 · posted: 1457797477

I know everything new is difficult to begin with but I feel I cannot browse quickly and easily. Unless the user has a specific topic/sale/purchase in mind then it takes too many clicks to look at all that might be of interest.I may well stop viewing the site.

started by: digthewell · last update: 1457853555 · posted: 1457811426

I have just discovered that any non-member (i.e. anyone who is not logged on) has full access to members profiles, including registered names, even if you select 'privacy'. Currently, I cannot edit my profile. Why is member privacy not protected?

started by: digthewell · last update: 1457787611 · posted: 1457786476

Why have I been obliged to log in three times this-morning? The old site kept me logged in unless I logged out. Now when I return to the screen I find I have been logged out??

started by: denzil-558226 · last update: 1457786067 · posted: 1457740066

Oh dear! The new site is sooooo slow and difficult to navigate around. Not very impressed with it at all.

started by: anastasia-562569 · last update: 1457774266 · posted: 1457774266

Hi, I'm sure some others have done this , we lost my father-in-law and want to bring mum over to live with us for 3 months with a view to making it full time if all works out. any ideas on what I have to do , she gets attendance allowance in UK but I will be caring for her here, she has all her faculties but is badly affected by arthritis. anyway any thoughts would be helpful .thanks     

started by: leahgibbs@ntlworld.com · last update: 1451991604 · posted: 1451991604

Hi All, My Parents live in Pressac and my dad has been admitted to Anguoleme hospital. My Mum doesnt drive and cannot get there to be with him. As i am in the uk and not able to immediatley travel to France can anybody advise me as to whether it is possible to get to Anguoleme by any form of public transport from Pressac? ifso any advice on how to do this is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks

started by: Bob Clark · last update: 1449185799 · posted: 1449160514

I am trying to place the above advert but when I press "posted by" it reverts to my history. What,if anything,am I doing wrong.  Bob

started by: The Grocer-947724 · last update: 1447532143 · posted: 1439855137

Hi there, Please advise how I change "My Community"   thanks

started by: The Grocer-947724 · last update: 1447532104 · posted: 1447532104

Does anyone know how I can change my community from Brtitanny to where I really am?

started by: DIANE jane · last update: 1446552851 · posted: 1446485431

i no longer seem to get the weekly update from anglo info has that all stopped or have i just been excommunicated??? thank you for any relevant info

started by: Nicholas16 · last update: 1445250008 · posted: 1445248739

i need to tell people that my problem has been resolved, but I can't find a way of doing it. I have added a post saying that it has been resolved, but it doesn't seem enough. Thank you 

started by: freds-981232 · last update: 1444075103 · posted: 1444062007

how come some people on classifieds can put so many single adds  on an get away with it why don,t they think of other,s that are selling a few bit and put a few items on 1 add  

started by: marchis24-550367 · last update: 1443198766 · posted: 1443198766

I agree that advertising with anglo info is pretty difficult .  Uploadfing photos is a nightmare.  I have just received a no answer email from anglo info regarding a house that I have put in the property to rent , confirming that the advert has been paid for, but I cannot find it in the appropriate section.  Neither can I find an email address or telephone no for enquiries or complaints to anglo info.  Perhaps they would reply directly to me as soon as possible.  Incidentally, the 90 euros cost of the ad is the same for a month as putting it on" Rent a place in France" for a year!!!!

started by: nanceroberts · last update: 1441987907 · posted: 1441719613

Hello I am trying to post an advert in classified general. It says I have created it but not posted it and I cannot find the tab to do this. Please can anyone help me? 

started by: Georgie1234 · last update: 1440276523 · posted: 1440275838

Please can you tell me how to change the user name appearing in my postings. I notice others have various names

started by: skydreamer-556121 · last update: 1439365090 · posted: 1439342559

can anyone tell me how i can advertise my property for rent as i cant find the section that you place the add on , it was there a while ago ? please dont tell me you have to pay for advertising it , as before it was free , anyone help on this please ? cheers .

started by: pillet-546213 · last update: 1435338240 · posted: 1435331672

I have tried twice to put an advert in about what's going off in Couhé. ( I send it in and they send a copy of the message  back ). Only when it gets back to me it's no longer Couhé it's Couhé and I can't find it on the What's on page. What am I doing wrong ?. Can anyone help . Thank you. Amanda.

started by: Red Squirrel-907315 · last update: 1435315728 · posted: 1435306972

Does anybody know why when I post an ad, I can't upload the photos that I want. I choose the photos I want to use, and they automatically change into photos of previous posts that have long since been sold, it all seems very random. I don't even have the old photos on my ipad anymore, they've been deleted. Maybe the photos are being saved by this site!  

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