started by: Red Squirrel-907315 · last update: 1435315728 · posted: 1435306972

Does anybody know why when I post an ad, I can't upload the photos that I want. I choose the photos I want to use, and they automatically change into photos of previous posts that have long since been sold, it all seems very random. I don't even have the old photos on my ipad anymore, they've been deleted. Maybe the photos are being saved by this site!  

started by: Greenteddy-10041779 · last update: 1434491977 · posted: 1434487700

help please, kind of new to this, how do you see the private messages on this page? do you only get them in an email or can they be seen through the ai site? Thank you

started by: Mel17 · last update: 1434116245 · posted: 1433997924

I am having awful trouble recently getting my photos accepted on classifieds. Keep being told they're too big but they are the same size as they always were. All it's making me do is use Anglo Info less and find other sites. Anyone else have problems.

started by: barryandpat-550891 · last update: 1430154864 · posted: 1430153631

Some time ago I got into conversation with a nasty peice of work on AI who was extremely agressive, so I blocked emails from AI. Now that things have got back to normal I cannot  recieve the good emails, does anyone know how to unblock on outlook please? The "check here to be notified by email" does not work, so I have search manually. Thanks Barry

started by: lookslikeitsbeenvarnished86 · last update: 1429884876 · posted: 1429880997

Please can anybody tell me how to change my e-mail address on Anglo Info.

started by: faris-898700 · last update: 1429044535 · posted: 1429032033

Hi, can someone please explain to me in "simple" terms - how do I attach a photo along with  whatever it is that I am going to advertise.  It would be much appreciated. Thanks Lesley

started by: Morris-575644 · last update: 1428780752 · posted: 1428775651

Hi I am trying to place an ad in classifieds, but where the category come up, there is a red exclamation mark next to it and it will not post. I have tried other categories and the same happens. Can anyone advise please. Thanks.

started by: palfers-544466 · last update: 1427824498 · posted: 1427804374

I am trying to locate one of my past postings. When I hit the tab to do so I get one page of most recent ones but when I try to get to page two I get a blank page. Does anyone know how to locate older postings or is there a cut off point after which they are automatically deleted? Many Thanks

started by: minniehaha · last update: 1426858519 · posted: 1426856775

Anyone out there know how to change my email address on Anglo Info?

started by: graceloves-559094 · last update: 1425631670 · posted: 1425600575

The jobs andproperty pages ate just not there any more! Annoying

started by: NUSHUS · last update: 1425375622 · posted: 1425373683

Why are there no ads for artisans or any other trades on here anymore? It' hard to find someone to do jobs now that the French artisans don' t want to do!!

started by: thebyfe · last update: 1424971397 · posted: 1424964685

Is it still possible to advertise property on Anglo Info for free. If not what are the selling charges. I cannot find this information.

started by: joeyannfred · last update: 1424819746 · posted: 1424817272

Any idea why it isn't working today?

started by: Hilary57 · last update: 1424775515 · posted: 1424358405

Hi, Can anyone tell my why my replys from Anglo Info have started to go into my trash and not into my in box. I have not changed anything and they used to come straight to in box ?? Any ideas how to sort this out please.

started by: StephenCC · last update: 1423649197 · posted: 1423577600

Hello How does one put a job one needs doing on this site now please thanks  

started by: rogeg · last update: 1423316868 · posted: 1423315901

How do i delite all old classified ads .

started by: Pawpaw · last update: 1422625371 · posted: 1422624845

Can anyone confirm why the category of Employment - Jobs Offered etc has changed?  How do you now look to see if anyone is offering employment as when you go into this category now all you seem to get is a jobseeker questionnaire. Many thanks

started by: gooseberry fools · last update: 1422487361 · posted: 1321967350

Any one know why the Weather Forecast which I had set to Parthenay has changed and now there is no forecast for Parthenay?????

started by: cathyj1973 · last update: 1419429372 · posted: 1419356225

I have tried twice now to post a "What's On" submission, but it is still not appearing where it should. Has anyone else had this problem. Admin, can you help please.  

started by: TopShot · last update: 1417649100 · posted: 1417621355

AI is not accepting answers to posts today.

started by: