started by: ELBA-565986 · last update: 1414943464 · posted: 1414607514

Has the AI functionwhich displayed maps been abandoned or moved? I used this function a lot it informed me if a for sale item was worth the journey.

started by: barcombe · last update: 1414873762 · posted: 1414873762

Why can't I post a topic or a reply if I access AI via Firefox? Seems to work OK on IE.

started by: Jack17000 · last update: 1414690968 · posted: 1414677184

Does anyone know if you can no longer advertise a house for sale on Anglo Info? If you go to add Classified there is no option to and I have emailed Anglo Info but they have not replied. Perhaps one of their team will read this and respond. Thanks.

started by: ELBA-565986 · last update: 1414590057 · posted: 1414590057

Most infuriating to think there has been x number of responses to a topic only to find duplicate entries. Recently a topic generated 28+ identical responses, the original poster must have gone demented trying to sort through them all to find a genuine response. Whoever tests AI software needs sacking!

started by: cessac · last update: 1413916066 · posted: 1413888097

If it took any longer to connect to this site I could go & make tea. Its not too bad once connected ,but can take 2 or 3 trys to connect. I am pretty sure the problem is with the site & not my end , as this is the only site I have regular problems with. Any comments or advice ?

started by: mayday-544262 · last update: 1412362537 · posted: 1412360773

Is everyone else still having problems with the use of this site?

started by: smartiepants-570592 · last update: 1411487326 · posted: 1397467041

Hi, I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find a section where I can update my email address, can anyone help? many thanks. 

started by: nejames-547946 · last update: 1411297087 · posted: 1411297087

I seem to be having a problem with replying to 'classified' ads on Anglo. I have sent messages  to a Wanted and a For Sale ad. But recieved no confirmation message from Anglo  or replies from the advertisers. Has anyone else had this problem?   

started by: steve2009 · last update: 1410866986 · posted: 1410299016

I have replied to a number of classifieds in the past month or so on AI poitoucharantes. I used to recieve a copy of my message and often a reply, now I do not recieve a copy and I am wondering if that has something to do with not recieving a reply also. can anyone shed any light onto the mechanics of replying to a classified on AI?

started by: david.lambert · last update: 1409392628 · posted: 1409350828

hi all . please can some one till me how to remove my name from a add on angloinfo                         e.g Posted by  xxxxxxxxxx. can you help me .thanks

started by: George Canning · last update: 1407827273 · posted: 1407778852

There used to be (was there today) a button to press on the left of the page which gave access to Anglo Info France and from there to other regions. Where has it gone please?

started by: romany-551604 · last update: 1406451535 · posted: 1403660607

I have had problems with my computer and it has been necessary to change my email address.  Can admin or someone tell me how to change this on here please.

started by: Pricemob-544537 · last update: 1405861444 · posted: 1405861444

For some reason I am unable to upload photos for ads.  This was never a problem before and I wondered whether anyone else has experienced this.  Have no problem uploading pictures on other  sites.  Any suggestions?  

started by: Just Pam · last update: 1404388327 · posted: 1404377460

I am using the same camera and the same file system I have always used for posting ads with photos on the AngloInfo pages. This morning, the uploaded photos were refused since they "exceeded" the size allowed.  How can this be?  Nothing has changed at my end - but AngloInfo have changed their system for uploading photos. Is anyone else having th same problem?  If anyone or Admin can help, it would be appreciated. 

started by: robscottish · last update: 1403602125 · posted: 1377165879

I need to changethe email address for me asap - the one I have listed here is no longer in use but cant find anywhere to do it

started by: LoTToB · last update: 1403364232 · posted: 1403364232

Quick question, is there a limit on how many "free"  classifieds a private individual can make? Thank-you.

started by: Just Pam · last update: 1403017747 · posted: 1402929296

The size of the lettering on my angloInfo pages has quite suddenly reduced in size to a point where I can hardly read it!   The same has happened to everything on all Internet pages, except emails.  Any one know what I do to get back to normal size, please?

started by: mjpnouvelle · last update: 1399897169 · posted: 1399897169

Our local weather forcasts seem to have reverted to only an overnight focast & the localle reverts to base .  Whats changed?

started by: Ciboulette · last update: 1398242112 · posted: 1398184877

I'm trying to update an advert to say the goods have already gone. I go to the appropriate page select the thing I want add and it tells me to click on update. WHERE is this please? I think I've looked everywhere.!!!!! Ian  

started by: ikedge-101166 · last update: 1396899319 · posted: 1396862926

Sorry to put this here but my machine will not accept the e-mail address for Anglo Info as a correct address. Could Admin please message me so that I can reply to them? Or could someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Oh how I hate bcomputers!

started by: