started by: Corto · last update: 1390666757 · posted: 1390666757

Is anyone aware of the House Rules for making posstings on this site?

started by: malzard-565265 · last update: 1387184725 · posted: 1387183848

  changing areas I have several adverts for selling household items They are in Poitou Ch section Now I have moved, still have to sell, how do I move advert to Dordogne section Anyone help please?

started by: overere · last update: 1385550777 · posted: 1385550777

Hi all,  I put an advert on recently but I now have updated it with photo's but its still way back. Is there a way of getting to the top of the  first page? Thanks 

started by: cassie-539539 · last update: 1384590366 · posted: 1384590366

How to change email address.     Kind regards cassie.

started by: Ilovehorses-580163 · last update: 1381771810 · posted: 1381764014

Hi, I am having problems getting my under 2mg jpg images to load onto classified ads. Is anyone else having the same problem, can anyone help. Regards Jill

started by: monkey-742897 · last update: 1380703563 · posted: 1380566685

Hi my classified ad Classified ID: 289214 I can see it but It does not appear in MYANGLO INFO section so as to allow me to edit it. please help?   all the best Monkey

started by: cockniekid · last update: 1378498759 · posted: 1378471795

Hi All, Does anybody know if theres a thing called squatters in france and do they have rights like in the UK, How long does it have to be when the tennant  stops paying there rent when it becomes a squatter Thanks

started by: jenwin · last update: 1376077948 · posted: 1375964852

Hello, can anyone tell me how to change my email address for this site. I have checked personal information for a link but cannot find one. Any help will be much appreciated.

started by: Corto · last update: 1375705341 · posted: 1365184111

I cannot appear to find a facility to update a personal e-mail address from that confirmed at the time of registering with the site. Is there such a facilty? Thanks for any assistance.

started by: DebraA · last update: 1371671550 · posted: 1355874072

My original angloinfo ID was on Poitou-Charentes Angloinfo, I believe.  I later added Haute-Vienne and the Dordogne as those areas are relevant to me.  Much later I went onto the Normandy site to check something for my mother who lives up there.  Now I seem to be permanently labelled as being from Normandy.   Can I change this or do I have to create another ID from a different email address?

started by: Linthouse · last update: 1368573397 · posted: 1356043879

I placed two 'for sale' ads: 1 for a Panasonic Breadmaker and 1 for a Kitchen Aid Mixer and Blender. Lots of Interest and questions and would like to add some notes but seems I can't!  Apparently I can only private message those who emailed me.  Is there something I am missing? Thought I could respond to my own ad and add some more information for those who are interested, i.e. price paid, etc.

started by: Spotland Blue · last update: 1365539527 · posted: 1365532989

Can anyone tell me how to change the user name on AI? I can't find an edit facility in our personal account section   Thanks in advance

started by: RogerT-560064 · last update: 1365342666 · posted: 1347989620

Is it me or can you not have the same user name now on 2 PC's? I've tried putting in my details on lap top and normal PC, but it won't accept it on both. I've now used the 'feedback' form twice to ask the question, but have still not had a response from them - somethings don't change! Any help appreciated

started by: bazrob · last update: 1364218377 · posted: 1364205677

Hello Everyone, I've searched through the categories on AI trying to find how I can mark my 'Giveaway' posting as 'Given', likewise how can I mark an ad.on the Discussions as either 'Withdrawn' or 'Sold' but I can't find how to do either. I've seen several posts with these notifications so could someone tell me how to do this please ? I couldn't even find a 'Help' tab on the AI website. Looking forward to hearing from you & Thanks in advance   Baz

started by: onested-542732 · last update: 1364032506 · posted: 1363950078

How do I contact A.I?

started by: perusia · last update: 1361452127 · posted: 1361450050

AI - I've tried several times to contact a seller who has advertised in classifieds but the site says it is not possible to send the email. Is this a problem with the seller's email address or the AI site? Also, how please does one contact AI direct with issues like this instead of broadcasting to all and sundry in discussions? There seems to be no contact details for AI Admin or am I missing something? Thank you

started by: anniecod · last update: 1358440599 · posted: 1358438026

having had someone mistake our address for somewhere 50 miles away, I'd like to edit my advert.   Anyone know how to do this please

started by: POCHAHONTAS · last update: 1357380399 · posted: 1353164083

How do I contact Admin please ?  Realised my ad for the garden vac does not say whereabouts I am !  Two people have been interested, but I would assume because there is no area mentioned I am too far away for them !  Thanks !

started by: rikn78-540204 · last update: 1356825423 · posted: 1356825423

Is there a way of reporting users who consistanly hijack threads and take over a discussion taking it  away from the original posters question? I realise that some questions may spark opinions that have some releavance to the original question but recently I have found myself wading through pages and pages of self opinionated comments in order to follow through the original topic. I have noticed that there is a report abuse option but I am sure that this sort of behaviour fallsinto that catorgory.Is this not covered by the terms of use of the forum??

started by: Den-508488 · last update: 1354125330 · posted: 1354121348

how do i delete a posting from property to rent category

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