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Hi there, I have recently moved to Poitiers from London. I have a degree in English and a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and am struggling to find employment in the Poitou-Charantes region, especially as my French is currently quite basic. I was wondering if anyone knew of local French directories where I could place an advertisment for my services as an ESL teacher? I was thinking of listing on Angloinfo, but then thought few French people will probably search the directory.  Thanks, Lisa

started by: Life in the slow lane · last update: 1353261845 · posted: 1353261845

I've just sold my JCB but how do you remove an advert after the item has been sold?

started by: tearose · last update: 1352544931 · posted: 1352544931

I have tried to find an old posting of mine and used the 'my postings' tab - great idea. Unfortunately it shows 6 pages of postings but I can't get beyond the first page - it just comes up empty. Has anyone else got this to work?

started by: gino-570299 · last update: 1352480919 · posted: 1352478102

As title

started by: melody-540992 · last update: 1351969010 · posted: 1351969010

I keep getting a white screen after making a posting or at other times on this new Anglo Info site. I've tried writing to AI to tell them. But now I'm wondering whether others have the same problem or if it is  a special quirk for me! I also have a problem with changing the password that AI gave me to a more memorable one as it keeps telling me that the original password that I have cut and past is incorrect. Maybe AI could help with this issue and / or it will help other people if there are still site issues. I like the new format thoughit did take a while to become used to.  Thanks AI.  

started by: BlueMan-568556 · last update: 1351864703 · posted: 1347025245

Hey Admin When you change the template for the forums, please tell us whether you're taking the RSS feeds offline like other AIs have.I'm sure that this facility is used by many readers and will certainly missed, leading to a potential drop in the number of visitors to the site.

started by: Mel17 · last update: 1351281095 · posted: 1351281095

When looking at the for sale or wanted items, or job listings, I am unable to find the replies sent in from other interested parties when I click on the ad. Why?

started by: allibaba-559928 · last update: 1351261931 · posted: 1351256192

I cannot for the life of me see how to edit the ad - in this case remove it as I have been successful in getting rid of my all-in-one printer. Help please!

started by: Penny76-560089 · last update: 1351157762 · posted: 1351098395

I am trying to answer an ad in classified, but there is no 'enquiry' button on the ad and when I click on the username to email them, it doesn't let me, so does anyone know how I can answer the ad?

started by: retired-872292 · last update: 1350207979 · posted: 1350207979

I have managed to amend an advert by reducing the price on the item for sale, but I am baffled as to how I repost the advert on the front page

started by: Underdog-872880 · last update: 1350131171 · posted: 1350130647

Has anyone worked out if you can do a search for a particular thread?  There used to be a Search box and although mostly useless it did sometimes work if the subject was recent and unique.  I found something called Search buried under "Useful Tools" but there is no way to use it to find something.  All it does is list all the recent topics.

started by: tommytub · last update: 1350083811 · posted: 1349708637

Can anyone tell me how I may do a spell check when posting on here. Normally I use a spell check that appears in my Google toolbar, but when I click on it all the text just disappears.

started by: potters-545148 · last update: 1348765092 · posted: 1348764247

Can someone tell me how to reply to an Ad or ask a question in this new style site????

started by: Jill and John-547568 · last update: 1348395359 · posted: 1348257144

I can see that TWO people have posted 'sold'..so I know it can be done...but HOW??? I seem to be spending so much time emailing people that things have been 'sold'. Is anyone else having this problem, or am I just thick...don't even go there!!!

started by: cessac · last update: 1348271774 · posted: 1348267760

OK - - - - - - Where has the spell check gone ?

started by: The Tea Lady · last update: 1348163014 · posted: 1348155629

I use an iPod Touch and installed the AI app. I could browse forum posts on it swiftly via AI's mobile site which was well-designed and easy to use.....then they upgraded to the new website version - and the link to the mobile Poitou-Charentes site has gone! It just takes me back to the main (international) home page. The result is that I've hardly bothered with AI since this change and now have to zoom IE to 150% on my computer to see what I'm typing as the font is so small. Is anyone else irritated by this change? Hopefully it's just an oversight by AI. Can anyone in the AI setup enlighten me as to when or whether this app will return? I'm surprised if it can't link to the forum data as before. Seems like a technological step backwards if they aren't planning on reinstating this.

started by: perusia · last update: 1348076676 · posted: 1347898276

Anyone worked this out please? I can only see a box "make enquiry" that sends an email but what about sending a general reply like we used to with the old site?

started by: Babbler · last update: 1347906855 · posted: 1347801987

I'm probably being thick, but where can I find a copy of any messages that I have sent people in response to adverts using the internal AngloInfo system?

started by: jabberwocky-545257 · last update: 1347702830 · posted: 1347647234

How do you reply by email to someone on this new look site....a new window opens to write message but on my computer you can not scroll down to send message?

started by: Becki-549981 · last update: 1347265648 · posted: 1347206584

How do i send photo's on anglo info becki

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