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How do i send photo's on anglo info becki

started by: tcturbo · last update: 1346508414 · posted: 1346506345

Hello how do I modify an advert on anglo after I have placed it........tnks

started by: PM at TC · last update: 1346498742 · posted: 1346411123

We worked all our lives in England so we have never paid into the french social services system. For the last 25 years we have been in France. Now that my husband aged 91 is ill I need help in the house. I have to pay almost 20 euros an hour and that adds up very fast. Does anyone know if there is a reciprocal arrangement between the 2 countries? I have no idea who to contact in England to ask for information - any ideas please?

started by: HUNTLEY · last update: 1346420468 · posted: 1346420468

My pool is no longer in use and empty do to a broken liner. Do I need to still need to put the winter cover over it?

started by: gedg · last update: 1342464592 · posted: 1342429576

I made a post a few years ago on permitted paint colours for Civray - I'd like to refer to the replies I had but don't know how, can anyone help? thanks gedg

started by: onested-542732 · last update: 1340729423 · posted: 1340717650

Does anyone know how to contact A.I. apart from their CONTACT US bar on the left of the page as I have tried on 4 different computers now and I get rejected with different messages.1st one; GOOGLE CHROME IS UNRESPONSIVE. 2nd one; COULD NOT PERFORM THIS OPERATION BECAUSE THE DEFAULT MAIL CLIENT IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED. 3rd one ;PLEASE VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNTS CONFIGURATION. And on the 4th computer I actually got a contact page but there were no columns for the senders details,so seeing that it was a friends computer, I abandoned action.Maybe if Stephen G is reading this,he will have courtesy to email me.Other than that it will be the old fashioned Royal mail route to the English address

started by: onested-542732 · last update: 1338933380 · posted: 1338929785

I have had an advert for a horse for sale withdrawn without any reason.No explanation or email from 'He that must be obeyed'.A.I.email facility is not working for me ;so does anyone have any ideas about why this could be?

started by: busterinfrance-558941 · last update: 1335442874 · posted: 1335442090

Hi Can any one tell,me why when i what to go to another area within the angloinfo areas such as Brittany and put my sign in details to respond to adds ect, it will not recognise them.Am i doing something wrong or do i have to re-do my details which seems very odd.

started by: Somthinggoingon · last update: 1327517494 · posted: 1327510758

I really need to locate my advert for my car for sale as wish to reduce the price to sell sooner but can't for the life of me find it again and I haven't got hours and hours to scroll back over a couple of weeksAny fast way please - if I put on anew Admin write back and blow it off saying I already have an ad onAny help welcomePuzzled???

started by: Rhia · last update: 1326810582 · posted: 1326808377

Is there a time limit for an advert to stay 'active'. I've been looking for an ad in the Property for Sale section which now seems to have only 11 pages - I'm sure it ran to more than that last year.

started by: jakson-575426 · last update: 1326359744 · posted: 1325851561

Hello ,which Angloinfo network is the nearest to area 36 Indre thankyou

started by: cuckoo-571302 · last update: 1325769227 · posted: 1325708846

Is it just my computer or is there a problem with the AngloInfo site as many of the characters that I type don't display. I am nrmalya cmpetent tpist &dont have aprobl with my othr sofware o my cmputr but ther is a definte prblem with thisite. Cananyonsugge howto solve throblem?

started by: greengain1 · last update: 1325189620 · posted: 1325189620

Hi any chance of puting the date back on the weather forcast days bit of the forum one for admin i think

started by: Kilners-561767 · last update: 1323710305 · posted: 1323698712

Has anybody else had this problem? For some reason this site is using so much of my CPU that I have to type very slowly or keystrokes are missed. I have tried deleting all cookies, to no avail Other sites work fine. Task manager (Windows XP, SP3) shows activity from "services.exe", which it will not let me stop or de-prioritise, calling it essential, also "svchost.exe" I run Avast virus protection, but I can't see why a virus would only effect one site. Help? Alan

started by: patfe71 · last update: 1319834189 · posted: 1319826453

Does anyone else have a problem staying signed-in to Anglo-Info? This is a new problem for me: every time I change screens, i.e. go back to the Forum after reading a post, my sign-in is lost, and I have to start again. This never happened before. Does it happen to anyone else? Can Admin explain it? It's a nuisance! I read something, feel inclined to reply, then find that I've got to sign in again.

started by: reilly-538972 · last update: 1317140258 · posted: 1244300773

why do i have problems replying to posts?

started by: johnandfifi · last update: 1313233375 · posted: 1313233234

Is it just me,or my computer, but the back/forward buttons are not available on A.I Charentes, whilst on A.I. Limousin, they are operative? Why? It's inconvenient!

started by: Mel17 · last update: 1311295176 · posted: 1311279300

I have just posted an ad for sale but when opening it, there is no link to my e mail address so people can't pm me. Why is this and how can I get an e mail link to appear

started by: onested-542732 · last update: 1308425601 · posted: 1308260416

For a long time now A.I. Share facility has been "temporarily unavailable".which is not strictly true due to the length of time that it has been dormant Any idea when it will be functioning?

started by: GillT-571068 · last update: 1307093066 · posted: 1307091982

Hi This probably sounds silly but this is my first time on here or anywhere come to that. i posted a message this week and now cannot find it to check for any further responses and now I cannot find it. Could any please let me know how I find my own posted messages Thanks Gill

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