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my computer keeps going into a virus check when I come into AI - I have used this site for 3 years with no problem but after clicking on an ad in AI my computer told me it was infected [ i use Avast anti virus ] and from then on I have this problem mainly on AI, the latest is that Avast keeps telling me it has foiled a trojan horse - enough for me to log out .........any idea whats going on anyone?

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I replied to a posting re electrician required and immediatly after I received a message forbidden, access denied and now I can not view anglo info from my laptop. Had to go into one of the gites and use a computer to send this. Have emailed anglo info but no reply.....any suggestions....please.

started by: Allan Byrne-540529 · last update: 1291420821 · posted: 1291418691

Hi all,I have AVG antivirus on my PC and it keeps coming up with active threats from anglo info adverts.This has been happening for approximately two weeks now and it has never happened before,is this happening to anyone else?????????? Allan.

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Can Admin tell me how to amend items covered under Whats On please?

started by: frogslegs-539787 · last update: 1290516152 · posted: 1290511999

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied. After I logged off and my husband logged on under his name, I received this message and are now unable to view anglo info on my laptop? I am now using another computer and obviously I am logged on in my name. I have tried typing in the anglo info name but still am denied? Any one know what the problem is and the solution, thanks in advance

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Hi, is it possible to place a free classified advert on Anglo France to other areas of France?

started by: Rio-566113 · last update: 1289379629 · posted: 1289070077

Hi, has anyone tried sending one of the Angloinfo postcards to an email address in the UK? I have tried twice and been unsuccessful both times, what am I doing wrong?

started by: tallulah-543239 · last update: 1280096914 · posted: 1280095782

Is there anyway you can attach photos on the listings - any info appreciated .

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started by: Susie-Q-554973 · last update: 1268574868 · posted: 1268260325

Can anyone 'walk' me through the process of how I can add a photo to an add on AI?? Thanks in advance Sue

started by: MudMonkey-559353 · last update: 1266620337 · posted: 1265730544

HI,, I seem to have a problem with trying to send emails direct to people from their adverts here on Angloinfo. every time I click on the link to their email, all I get at the bottom of the page is Error on page, and the box dosnt appear. This all seems to have started after I changed to Windows 7, maybe this has something to do with it. So, any pointers gratefully recived Steve

started by: winnieaqua-559481 · last update: 1259601358 · posted: 1259512656

I'm looking to put an ad on line to sell my house. Could anyone let me know the procedure and the cost of placing an ad on anglo info ??Each time I try there seems to be some cost involved...?? am I doing the right thing ?? thanks for any advice ....a desperate housewife....

started by: mojo-538321 · last update: 1247698987 · posted: 1247687187

is there an vendee anglo info as i cant find one.........a link here would be nice thanks in advance

started by: mike-538225 · last update: 1246539504 · posted: 1246539504

Members registered with tele2.fr e-mail addresses must update these with their new sfr.fr (or other) addresses, as these old e-mail addresses have now been "turned off" by your ISP. All tele2.fr addresses have also been unsubscribed from the weekly AngloINFO newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving this, you must re-select the option for it when updating your e-mail address. To edit and update your membership profile, just click on the My Profile link in the top-right myAngloINFO navigation box while logged in.

started by: Heval-539859 · last update: 1245660391 · posted: 1152871440

Hi I have used this forum many times & find it excellent , but Ive a slight problem with one of my postings. I have put my house for sale on the property postings & tried to change some of the details ie. the price but was then told by admin that I have to just reply to the original post , but when I checked the original post had been deleted how do I go about this or can I only advertise my house once on here even if the original post has gone. Please help as we need to sell our property as soon as possible. Thankyou again for an excellent site . regards Heval

started by: reilly-538972 · last update: 1244562718 · posted: 1244555970

why am i having difficulty replying to the adverts?

started by: Fleurignacois · last update: 1242727975 · posted: 1242726398

I recently posted on a thread about greetings cards and now I have received an email which is purely cold calling from somebody selling cards. I object to my details on this forum being used in this way.

started by: Ursi · last update: 1238541724 · posted: 1238524668

I am being even more dense than usual, but can anyone tell me how to cancel an ad once the item has been sold? Thanks in advance! Ursi

started by: saffie-542257 · last update: 1235840756 · posted: 1235820097

I have used this website for a very long time. Please can anyone tell me if they are receiving message in the tool bar that ActiveX control needs to be installed?? My computer has blocked it and a little sign is on the message I am not sure at all about these things and dont wish to down load Adobe Flash Player unless I really need it as my computer needs a memory board and I dont want to mess with things I dont really understand. Grateful for any advise on this matter Thank you

started by: Barabas-544573 · last update: 1228429045 · posted: 1228418752

Could the person responsible for trade ads please pm me with a contact Tel no as I cannot find the info anywhere on the site (probably not looking in the right place) Many thanks

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