started by: StreetTrip · last update: 1227712183 · posted: 1227704539

cant see a list or a member directory or an icon next to a name ? Thank you.

started by: Maisy-542501 · last update: 1227309781 · posted: 1227277985

Ok so this sounds a bit odd, but browsing down through the forum to the bottom...question how do you get onto the next page, ie;yesterdays topics, there isnt an arrow or anything!!can anyone shed any light on this for me.thanksLife is what happens to you when your busy making other plans...j.lennon

started by: dawnandstu · last update: 1221259369 · posted: 1221219152

how do i remove or edit my advert please

started by: dudley17-547835 · last update: 1220995177 · posted: 1220994444

AngloINFO say that a classified ad "can cost as little as 25 euros. Is that the actual cost of all ads without a photo?

started by: Dogsden-538412 · last update: 1215445298 · posted: 1215437667

Does anybody know how to delete a posting? I placed a free ad and want to delete it.

started by: tyepaddy · last update: 1213488457 · posted: 1213362161

Hi all. I am seeking advise on how to prevent the above advertisement appearing on this site. I don't know much about computers but have tried all that I know. Thank you in anticipation

started by: Cousin Kay-540831 · last update: 1208456526 · posted: 1208334418

I am trying to send a private reply to a posting on the Forum. I click on the e-mail facility and up comes a window. I type my reply but then cannot see the "send" button anywhere. Help, please!

started by: PaulandSev · last update: 1204718488 · posted: 1204714465

Hello ADMIN, We are currently in the UK and are planning to move over to Poitou Charente. I was just wondering if you could add a picture section where those who wish to could put pictures of the towns where they live. It could give those who don't know the area an idea of what it looks like. It is obviously just an idea... it could be landscape pictures (not personal pictures with people on them) If you could do that, it would be great! Thanks Sev

started by: sitheflex · last update: 1203331824 · posted: 1203286047

Whithout RE: you do not get a replie.With RE:you get a replie...whats this all about?Is it a computer thing which lessor mortals are kept in the dark,or do people only answer RE:?any feed back RE: would be helpful

started by: Vee-540505 · last update: 1202466736 · posted: 1189962452

Is everyone receiving their emails on this site?. I have sent a couple and not sure they are being received?

started by: Vee-540505 · last update: 1193138396 · posted: 1193136975

Can someone tell me who the owners (not admin) are of Anglo Info and how they may be contacted please? Thank you

started by: redboygym · last update: 1191003377 · posted: 1190886446

Bonjour, I am taken aback by the translation facility provided by Babybel on the Web site of Anglo INFO Poitou-Charente. As a future tool for myself and my wife, we would like to be able to have it on our computer when we move to France soon. Could anyone explain how obtain the facility for my machine? Merci S&BRetired

started by: steve lawrenceaux-542199 · last update: 1183506142 · posted: 1183420508

To those running the site - I logged in as Steve Lawrenceaux and was first welcomes as "Ian Trotter" and then as "Valc" and I have screen print proof if you want it. Is my id ok and still secure as I do not want anyone else taking my name, as I suspect others would not want my comments attributed to them.

started by: Allan Byrne-540529 · last update: 1180350116 · posted: 1180349571

Hello Admin or anybody else that may know.If your are logged into your own area (Charente) on Anglo info and you want to post a reply in Limousin then how can you do this? When I go to the Limousin page it asks me to login and then refuses to recognise my password. many thanks,Blarney

started by: herindoors-539942 · last update: 1179419465 · posted: 1170152290

I regularly run Adware to keep an eye on tracking cookies and spyware on my computer and I've known for quite some time that one of my 'regular' sites has been dropping these onto my computer. My recent update of McAfee now has a 'site advisor'. This comes up 'green', ie 'safe' on all my regular sites, but this site comes up 'orange', ie 'suspect'. I've checked the status of this site with the McAfee site advisor and the warning is this:- "In our tests, we found downloads on this site that some people consider adware, spyware, or other unwanted programs". Has anybody else experienced this? Perhaps Admin can advise?

started by: sandra-540595 · last update: 1178453927 · posted: 1178449754

how do I get on to the previous pages of topics, Im not very bright!!sandra

started by: Allan Byrne-540529 · last update: 1170691048 · posted: 1170681844

Dear all,excuse me for being thick but does anyone know how to post a topic on all french anglo info sites at the same time.I currently have a T2 volkswagen camper for sale on the charente site but want to put it on all. regards,Blarney

started by: Admin-538224 · last update: 1117011770 · posted: 1116983477

If you're a blogger, or use a RSS News Aggregator program, you can now add AngloINFO to your list of resources - just click on the RSS button at the top right of many Forum pages to find out more (and if you use Firefox as your browser, you can add the relevant pages as a "live bookmark" by clicking on the icon on the bottom-right of your browser window).-----Forums Administrationforums@angloinfo.com

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