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Hooray!! much better now to scroll down the for sale ads with all the categories under one heading!!! also have noticed more adverts appearing than before-we have some improvement - now put the dates on the posts advertised.

started by: charliewatts · last update: 1530774592 · posted: 1357499769

Is anyone else experiencing problems in using the forum search facility ? Or is it my computer?

started by: Caspercat · last update: 1528019449 · posted: 1507012005

Hello, does anyone know how I go about deleting or editing an ad that I've already posted in classifieds?

started by: Digger-Evans · last update: 1525362927 · posted: 1525338031

Does anyone have any recent recommendations/experiences of removal companies back to the UK? Looking for a company to come and take a look and give a quote for packing and moving from Deux-Sevres to Fareham (South) UK .

started by: Chuckles16 · last update: 1524718513 · posted: 1524640858

A few days ago I posted some classified ads. I now want to edit some and show another as sold. The ads are visible on the site but when I go into "My Anglo-Info" they are nowhere to be seen. HELP please!

started by: Susan-Smith-911131 · last update: 1522791503 · posted: 1511110796

Every time I try to search the classifieds for a specific item on this site it gives me adverts from at least 8 months ago even when I know that there was the very item very recently.  Is there a trick I am missing?  Many thanks in advance for any solution.

started by: boggle-556216 · last update: 1522050656 · posted: 1521969510

drop down menu not working, can't see how to add images

started by: Bonny Lass · last update: 1521486481 · posted: 1521482961

Can't see what I should be doing to change email address.  Many thanks.

started by: perusia · last update: 1520886836 · posted: 1520885632

Dear Anglo Info AdminTwice I've posted an event but it hasn't appeared under events. Its a FREE orchestral concert at Couhé Eglise St Martin at 17:00 this coming SUNDAY 18th March. Programme includes Brahms double concerto for Violin & Cello, Bach Concerto for Cor Anglais, Mozart Overture "Abduction from the Serail", Ponchilli "La Danse des Heures". Would you explain what I've done wrong or publish it for me under events please?I have a publicity poster to attach as well if possibleThank you

started by: CharlieS · last update: 1520886465 · posted: 1518117665

I know how to add images to for sale adverts and this works pretty well - for me at least.Is it not possible to add this facility to discussion posts?Frequently we see queries from someone regarding what is this plant/animal/signpost (quite recently) etc.? It would be so helpful if they could post an image of said plant/animal/signpost etc.Also, it would add another dimension to the forums if contributors could show an image of something nice/happy/uplifting/cautionary etc. that might well benefit viewers.So, come on AI, is it not possible to facilitate this?On another website that I frequent it's possible to do this quite easily using www.postimage.org So how about it?Kind regards.

started by: Xblade · last update: 1520364114 · posted: 1520328418

Hi.We were recently involved in a hit and run with a French driver. Our car is beyond economic repair, hence a write off. He was caught and interviewed by the police. The police have told us the driver now has to get in touch with us to complete details etc.Has anyone been involved in a similar situation with an uninsured driver here in France?It surely can not be correct for the `GUILTY` party to make contact with the owner of a vehicle whom they hit and drove off!! Seems absurd!.Please only respond if you know the full facts.Thanks in advance.

started by: JuneSB-546581 · last update: 1519684942 · posted: 1519601780

I created several “for sale” postings today and received an enquiry tonight regarding one of them but it doesn’t tell me which one. Am I missing something? I hit the respond HERE highlighted and it doesn’t link to the ad - it creates an email that I can use to reply. I must be missing something... HELP!!!

started by: Penny76 · last update: 1516447046 · posted: 1514311178

I received a private message, which came through to my email inbox and need to answer it, so how do I do that?I tried replying to the email, but the message bounced back as undelivered and I can't find private messages anwhere on 'my AngloInfo' page.

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1516364278 · posted: 1516358483

I put a post on here a few weeks back "Cocker or Springer" I think! How do I retrieve it as there were some useful links as answers on it

started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · last update: 1516110548 · posted: 1515839491

Hi can anybody tell me how easy is it to live around cadiz area without speaking the language, ie..... Doctors, hospital care etc. I am living in France [english xpat] but thinking of relocating. any help would be welcome.

started by: Dennis-Diogenes-901492 · last update: 1513111890 · posted: 1513003685

Judging from what I can see - and can't see - of 'recent discussions', it looks as if this forum has gone pear shaped again!

started by: roly1943-540731 · last update: 1512999052 · posted: 1512906645

ADMIN PLEASE NOTEItems I've posted for sale soon disappear and cannot be 'bumped' so have to be re-entered time and time again, that's one issue. The other is once sold I mark them as such but some, notably the repeats, despite multiple tries wont show as sold

started by: Graziella-Swan-914120 · last update: 1512999050 · posted: 1510163193

Hi. I need to move some contents from the Poitou-Charentes to Bedfordshire and vice versa, before Christmas 2017. Is there someone with a van who can help me?

started by: perusia · last update: 1512489980 · posted: 1512408827

Hello AdminWhat am I doing wrong please? Tried several times to publish a list of traditional English carol concerts at various venues throughout December but the post won't complete. The attachment is JPG less than 1MB so I don't think that's the issue.

started by: StephenG · last update: 1510334049 · posted: 1510333474

ActionFraud is the national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre in the UK.  The advice and information on the website is relevant to wherever you live in the world including France, here's the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/actionfraud  We hope this information is useful to all our members even though it's the UK government's site!

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