started by: Jean-Whitehouse · last update: 1509745870 · posted: 1509606960

Hello, does anyone know if you can get an interpreter for a Hospital appointment in Limoges, or does anyone know of a company that I can get an interpreter from? The appointment is late November. Thanks 

started by: Niscars · last update: 1509554680 · posted: 1496498926

It has been a while since I had my last moan about this site but I can't believe that things are not being fixed.The search button finds none of the items I have for sale despite me using specific key words from the titles of the adverts.  A quick check of other items tells the same story....

started by: bernard-gibson-911471 · last update: 1507753474 · posted: 1507556783

new in france, looking for a job as bricklayer, staying in the charente region, jarnac, I've called quite a few building companies and left messages. I have all my credentials e.g /city & guilds. like to get any leads if possible of anyone hiring.

started by: Dennis-Diogenes-901492 · last update: 1506539784 · posted: 1506432489

If the facility for reporting a comment is to be retained, wouldn't it be a good idea:- to indicate what will be the consequences (if any) of so doing ; and- for the box to indicate who has reported it?At present, the anonymity it offers and the lack of any apparent sanction flowing from it enables those of a 'mischievous' nature to use it as a means to vent their perceived grievances against others. I suspect that if anonymity to reporters is withdrawn and/or the merit of such reports is investigated, meritless reports are likely to dry up in an instant.

started by: Rob-Lester-871674 · last update: 1505845002 · posted: 1505376850

Hi, I bought some building  land two years ago. Went through a notiare all the correct channels. My Niegbour is helping me with planning but she's recently been to see the Mairie who's informed her the lands still in the previous owners names.   How do I rectify this . Help would be appreciated. 

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1504262927 · posted: 1504165975

Hello Support! When I post a topic I have noticed that instead of using the profile picture that I set up in 'My Angloinfo', that the topic has a random, hideously coloured silhouette attached to it.  Any thoughts?     (Yes, I know, my picture could be interpreted as a 'hideously coloured silhouette') 

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Lets see if it actually shows my profile image now?

started by: Mike-Hale-901949 · last update: 1504104484 · posted: 1504019906

We have just moved into Courcerac 17160  and need to do some work on the house. Can anyone local recommend an electrician to complete a partial re-wire and someone to install a new Fosse septique or microstation. many thanks, Mike & Andrea Hale

started by: DaveB · last update: 1504012251 · posted: 1503951909

I am ignoring the small box in the Content section and typing directly below it.  From my experience of trying to place a classified ad, I expect it will work.  However as "alanjcoote" asks "Why dont the designers make this work in a sensible manner

started by: Beccy-542126 · last update: 1502032082 · posted: 1498577480

I fill in the boxes with information, add the pictures etcThen at the end I click the symbol it requests (the Capcha?) then it says : Your Content is Being Submitted.............I wait and then it comes back to 'CONTINUE' I press again and the same thing happens.I have tried 4 separate times to upload a simple advert.I'm loosing the will to live. Can somebody please let me know what I'm doing wrong?

started by: perusia · last update: 1500392489 · posted: 1500289781

Dear AdminPlease advise how I can delete an item that has been sold. It is not showing up in My Postings

started by: dad-570372 · last update: 1500058788 · posted: 1500058787

This website is still a shambles. The only improvement I can see is that the list of small adds is now on numbered pages rather than just an endless list which scrolls up and down at random. There are still multiple listings of the same ad, its not immediately obvious how to post a free ad. Who in their right mind would pay to list an ad here?

started by: Barley Cat · last update: 1499885129 · posted: 1499885128

How do I mark items as sold? When I go to 'My Anglinfo' I don't have any activity to edit. No edit button....help

started by: bob&debs-554698 · last update: 1497969318 · posted: 1495898807

How do you - show something sold ????  Looked in My Anglo  and not showing any activity or postings!

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1497697415 · posted: 1497512038

This is getting a bit daft!    Whenever I look at the classified adverts, the same advert appears twice or three times quite often, twice or three times quite often, twice or three times quite often!  Any solution to this?  Also, there seems to be an increasingly longer list of "Featured Classifieds" at the top of the list, can you move them somewhere else on the screen?   

started by: Cerier · last update: 1496199399 · posted: 1495707500

Please tell me why my post was deleted.  All I noted is that someone found via your site did not arrive as arranged. Surely people need to know who is reliable, or not!

started by: msimpson020@aol.com · last update: 1495031906 · posted: 1494685436

Could anyone recommend a taxi service - La Rochelle Airport to Varaize, 17400?

started by: GrahamTree · last update: 1492579342 · posted: 1492409001

Clcked the option for a free classified and the computer wants to charge €45.is this right?

started by: Passant Par · last update: 1491995709 · posted: 1491982684

I have recently recieved two emails from someone claiming to be interested in articles I am selling, however after responding and asking for a contact number there is no further contact,"HelloAm interested in your Solid Oak Cupboard € 700 ono ,Kindly get back to me, if still available for sale and state the present condition .Hope to read from you asap,Best regards,"and"HelloAm interested in your Wardrobe & Chest of Drawers €700 ,Kindly get back to me, if still available for sale and state the present condition .Hope to read from you asap,Best regards"the email looks genuine but in the past have notified admin on suspicious emails and have heard nothing from them, have people on here been duped in anyway?

started by: john hippy · last update: 1490971733 · posted: 1490798751

Ok so I'll admit I'm not a computer genius.  Just tried putting photos on an advert. After reading all the discussions I managed to compress the size of the photos to way below what was required still to no avail. The photo comes up in the submission form with a grid, which for the life of me I cannot get to cover the full size of the photo, so regardless of the size of the photo I can only get a portion of the photo loaded to the advert, about the same amount as before resizing.  Obviously going by the amount of ads without photos I can't be the only one. Conversely there are some ads with photos so there must be a way to do it. What am I doing wrong?  Just so you know the photos started off as 1.8MB, reduced to 240KB and 11.6KB.  Please be kind and polite, as I've said I'm no computer expert. but just want to learn otherwise how does anyone sell anything?

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