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Looking for support group or any helpful information.Following major surgery for bowel cancer and learning to live with a stoma  bag.  I have a friend trying to come to terms with this and coping with day to day.  Hospital care has been excellent but our friend has had complications in recovering and living with a stoma bag.Is there anyone out there who has been through this surgery and can give help of how to get back to a normal life and learning to live with a stoma bag.Any help or advice would be very welcome.  Help for carer too  who is totally exhausted.Live near Aulnay 17470.Thankyou.

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Does anyone know the name of the Fosse installer who lives in the Chabanais area and installs fosses at sensible prices.I think he is French and I have used the search function but can't find the post.

started by: bob&debs-554698 · last update: 1489906885 · posted: 1489861660

Before I get shot down in flames, simple question (was available on old site), How do we edit classifieds that have been posted?Please keep this polite...

started by: faris-898700 · last update: 1488729359 · posted: 1488729359

Have recently changed computers but even so - Angloinfo still acknowledges me and has my phone no/ e.mail etc;

started by: Rob-Lester-871674 · last update: 1488494933 · posted: 1488494933

Hi all does anyone know if the square footage stated in the French planning are internal or external sizes .say I want to stay within a 40sqm dwelling  or within 150 sqm dwelling ???  Any French speakers who can help me with a few calls to my local Mairie???.

started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1488281101 · posted: 1488224695

I posted and received one helpful and kind response via email.  I want now to access that response for the info the person gave me, however, it does not show under my profile.  When I search 'my posts' it does not show up, only some older sales posts.  Hope you can help.  p.s. when I first posted for help, I never did receive a confirmation (as before) from Anglo Info.

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Hi all is it true that if my timber framed new build is under 40smq I don't need to submit plans I can just inform the Mairie that I plan to build and show him rough drawings?? Saw this article Construction less than 40m²A preliminary declaration is sufficient for new constructions not exceeding 40m² in the U zones and 20m² in the other zones.New construction from 40m² to 150m²A new building from 40m² to 150m² in the U zones (and from 20m² to 150m² in other areas) must be subject to a building permit. It must include plans, sections, landscaping inserts and a thermal study since January 1st, 2013 carried out by a thermal engineering office and does not require the visa of an architect.New construction superior to 150m²The town hall will ask you for a building permit to which you are an architect, please contact an architect registered with the architects' order www.architectes.org.

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Hi, I have had a house in France for the last 15 years and had hoped to retire full time or part time in France within the next 2 years.  I have visited my house regularly but never for more than 3 weeks at a time.I am wondering about the implication of BREXIT on my plans and whether I should be taking some action now.I am already passed official retirement age (66) but still working with the family company.  Health OK but may find insurance a bit difficult as I had a minor heart problem in the past.Any ideas?

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Has anyone moved from France to Spain and left the French health system and joined the Spanish health system. any problems and how did you manage it.Thank you

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Does anyon know the areas with the best transport links in Charente/ Pitou Charentes?

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Does anyone know how Angloinfo forwards email enquiries to advertisers - or whether they do...?I have sent enquiries to some recent adverts but no replies or acknowledgenents are forthcoming.In the 'old days' Ai used to forward a copy of your message to your own email address, so you at least knew that something had happened to it!Is this a systems error or are advertisers not really interested in selling?

started by: kim-Rhodes -872413 · last update: 1485161002 · posted: 1485096556

Recently purchased a house in Archingeay, Fosse septique needs replacing can anyone recommend a fosse installer in this areathanks in advance

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Hi,I am getting really frustrated as after posting several classifieds I am now unable to add photos to my listings. The editing tool on Anglo Info just does not seem to work. Any ideas? Many thanks, Judith

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Dear StephenI have today posted an advert for a Land Rover for sale. Despite listing the photos in the reverse order in order for them to come out in the right order (a fault that I highlighted some time ago which has not been corrected), the photos are being duplicated so that instead of 6 different pictures, I only have one or two. Could you please remove the ads that have the duplicated pictures and I will continue, all day if necessary to place the advert until it come out right.Unless you can advise me otherwise ..........Kind regards

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I have pur some things up for sale and they have been sold how do I now remove the add can you help me?

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Dear AdminI have a car for sale on this site but cannot find it under "My Postings". It is now sold and I would like to mark it as such. How do I do this please?

started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1481275346 · posted: 1481217865

Seems it is not working for me today.  When I upload the photos, do I choose "upload" or "save and continue".  I have tried both but my item for sale just will not upload.  Tried 3 times.  If it appears, later, I will go and delete surplus ads but I think it did not upload at all.

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does any one know of a charity that can help people with debt crisis loans, I have a big problem.

started by: Driver 17 · last update: 1480087784 · posted: 1480070427

I have tried 4 times to put on a frree ad for a pine corner cupboard but it doesn't seem to be there and there is no button to complete the action

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Anyone know how to revise a classified ad?  Thanks

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