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Hello Admin Why please do the photos onclassifieds ads come out in the reverse order to which they were placed andwhat, other than deleting the advert and starting again, can one do about it? 

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Are there any folk from the Philippines in our Poitou Charente region?

started by: Leah-Bates-871870 · last update: 1479501713 · posted: 1479460626

Can anyone give me a guide to the clubs and associations in the Ruffec region.  We are moving out Summer 2018 which is a way off, but I would like to know whats out there.Thanks.

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anybody have the email address for the Tressorie in St claud i need to pay my tax fonciere 

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Has anyone had any experience of New Wave Energies in Limoges?

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I have spent some time browsing discussions and also classified ads.  Tried to offer some help in discussions and responded to a Wanted Ad.  Each time I view a location of a classified ad, or respond to a discussion, I then have to press the back button on my browser which takes me back to the start threads in the relevant discussion:  This can't be right.  I have to scroll down and down and down, ask for the system to load more discussions or ads, to find where I was last.  Is there something I am missing or is this something that needs fixing, it is impossible for me as is.

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How do I do this

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Hi does anyone know how much if any! Tax I will have to pay per year on my land? 450 square meter in menigoute? Can't seem to find the info. Also is it easy to borrow money from a bank on my land to help with a new build or prefab made of site home ?? Anyone on here tRied to borrow money ?? 

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I want to mark 2 items as sold, but can't find the adverts, or know how to change them. Can anyone help? Thanks

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I have a small plot of land! Plan to build a very small 2 bed house 63sqm Can anyone tell me What I wIll expect to pay in fees total from start to finish ? Somebody must have a idea. Also because it's less thaN 150sqm I don't need a architect but can I use materials from Other countries? Please try not to send a link but some rough costs .  Thanks 

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I have just bought a large block of land in menigoute. Comes with certificate of urbanisation. Would like to know what to do next.im a builder in the UK so know how to build.like to know what to do next. And what's involved.thank you.

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hi just wondering if anyone knows the cheapest way to send a small package to the uk? its just t-shirts/cds/vinyls that hardly weigh anything, however la poste are charging me 12.15 euros which is ridiculous, ive had a look on modial relay and collissimo and tehy arent much cheaper. cant understand it as i was only paying 4,50 euros last year for the same items?? help! i cant run my business at this rate! many thanks

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Dear AdminI've just placed a classified advert on your site for a vehicle for sale. The photos have come out in the wrong order and are duplicated, so instead of 6 pictures, there are only 3 and they are of the interior of the car only, not the exterior which is the most important aspect. Can you please advise how I can correct the advert or how to delete it so that I can try again.Thank you

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It used to be very easy to PM someone on the site before, but since the changes I have NO idea how to do this????  It's definitely not as clear and easy as site as it used to be....................

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Is there a way of marking a Classified (one of mine) as SOLD? 

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When viewing discussions, using a Tablet, I get the following  (Note the last update and the posted numbers):-Christmas Day Dinner near to La Rochefoc... 2Food & DrinkAnyone know of a restaurant serving Christmas Day lunch near to La Rochefocauld 16310.Doesn't ...started by: ITRon 16310 · last update: 1473264094 · posted: 1473261421

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Dear Admin, how please does one unmark an item that shows sold when in fact it is still for sale and why did Admin mark it sold in the first place?

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Dear Readers BEWAREPlease beaware that there is a fraudster replying to classifieds using pseudonyms PayPal accounts are particularly vulnerable.Take care out there

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I am looking to rent a residential property for 6 months from April next year in the Poitou Charente region of France, preferably with a pool, if anyone can assist ?

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