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Please can you get the posts deleted once they are sold

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How do you mark an advert SOLD ??

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This is my second attempt in 10 days. When I preview posting, I can see 3 identical ads, two blurry, then when I try to submit, it takes ages, then, hooray, the continue button appears, BUT it just starts trying to submit again..and again.. and ...Look at how few ads are being posted. This used to be the best site for advertising, now it's hardly being used. What a shame.Le bon coin, however, brilliant, but I want to target English speakers, too.

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Why is this so difficult?The price is a required field, so I put "1". Weird for a wanted ad.An option to upload pics, why?I can't enter any text into the full details field, as this is a required field I can't advance any further.This is a joke?I'd love to know how this sites traffic has changed sine the "improvements".

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Hello Anglo Info AdminI received an email via your site, enquiring about one of my listings. I have reproduced for your information the message that I received (with the subject & enquirer name removed). All over the email was the following warnings:Doesn't look good? View in the browser Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file. Announcement : .........................has responded to your listing  Hi,................................... (Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.) enquired about your listing: ........................... You can read their message here: ...........................................................................Remember that active sellers who respond to enquiries have more success so get chatting! And if the message looks spammy or suspicious please flag it for our attention. All the best, The Angloinfo Team  Visit the site Error! Cannot read or display file. Error! Cannot read or display file. Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file.Error! Cannot read or display file. Error! Cannot read or display file.unsubscribe  |  update preference  Angloinfo Ltd , all rights reserved 2016 © My question  is: What on earth is going on and is the Anglo Info site dangerous to use for fear of viruses / contamination to users' computers? 

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I have tried numerous times to upload photos for items to sell but as soon as I get to that stage everything freezes.  The buttons don't work and which one is right anyway?  Upload - won't do it, Save and Continue - nothing happens.  I've only ever sold on the old site and am finding this one very user unfriendly compared to the old one which was very straightforward.  Can anyone help please?  I have items to sell as I am moving house.

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I asked for help with a classified the other day and was told by "admin" to send an email. I did as instructed but nobody has advised me or amended the advert. I would like to remove the advert and start again, to get the pictures in the correct order as they come out in the reverse of the intended order every time. How please do I delete a classified?

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I need to change my email contact address as I can no longer access it. I have looked thru the My Anglo area but cannot find a way to do this myself. I need to change it to lgm04@sfr.fr  any advice would be welcome

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Why can't we anymore?

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Does anyone know an emergency plumber in the 17160 Matha region? A local plumber can't visit for 6 days and we have no water in the house due to a water leak in outside tap (galvonised) which can't be isolated without having to switch off at the main meter. Assistance would be much appreciated  Thanks Rachel 05 46 59 09 03

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I have some guests staying in my holiday home and need to have it cleaned urgently, is there any one in the charente 17 area ( Nr Aulnay ) who can provide this service.Angela

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Hi Stephen GI cannot find how to edit one of my classified ads. The photos are in the wrong order. Also, one of my other classifieds is marked as sold yet it is not. Could you advise please?

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What a disaster this Anglo info site is nowdoesnt work properly most of the timeand it used to be so goodwhy couldn't they leave it alonewhy try fix something that's workingPlease go back to the old format

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HELP - I made an error in a submission.  How can I edit it?

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I'm hoping to hold a 'vide maison' at the end of August. It seems easier than carting a pile of stuff to a vide grenier. Do I need special permission to open up our yard for a day to sell unwanted household items before we move?

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....it was there this morning!

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I have put several classified ads on this site recently, but I can't seem to access them. For a while after the redesign I could see them all, edit them and mark any items sold. Those options seem to have disappeared... or am I looking in the wrong place? Also I have tried to contact other advertisers via the message service, after a few days of no response I have phoned them instead and they tell me they didn't receive my message. Can anyone from AngloInfo tell me what is happening and how I can access these basics? Thanks.

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