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Hi, AI; would it be possible to include all of the Poitou Charente towns showing VO (i.e. English) films, please? Currently, and for quite a whole now, the list stops at Poitiers and excludes most of the region.Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Stephen  I have been trying all morning to post a classified. Won't go. The page says "your content is being submitted" ...................... but doesn't do anything moreI've emailed you for help but you haven't replied.Any suggestions Stephen or devoted fans of the new Anglo Info?

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Hi StephenI'm trying to post a tractor mower for sale on classifieds. Can't.When one searches For Sale - Home & Garden one gets the page for Appliances.Am I doing something wrong or is this another glitch on the new and improved Anglo Info site?Looking forward to your reply ..........

started by: DaveB · last update: 1467746626 · posted: 1467746626

Do I need to say more.  Still a total waste of space on each page.Surely the latest comment should be displayed under the discussion headline not making me select the topic then scroll to the end.  Back to primary school for the designers (if that's the word)

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Just to let any of you who don't know that any British Citizen can sign this petition online at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215. Unlike the referendum, it doesn't matter how long you have lived abroad. Please sign up and tell your friends, it only takes a minute or two. With a hefty number of signatures over four million at the moment and the planned legal challenge we may just stand a chance of stopping the madness.

started by: Zara-Ramsay-863634 · last update: 1467472389 · posted: 1467472389

Hello, I'm looking to purchase some MDF, preferably between 6-12mm I'm based in le vigeant.. 86150 does anyone know any suppliers/places where it is possible to buy big sheets - the usual 1.2 x 2.4 m or atleast 1m x 1mIn addition, does anyone anywhere where they cut wood to size? I'm working on a project where I need the wood to be really neat/straight and sharp.Any help would be great Zarazara.pcarmel@gmail.com

started by: GeorgeG-10053405 · last update: 1467023585 · posted: 1466344493

It is me again! Third day today and still I can not enter a classified For Sale add. I have try on different computers, I have try different operating systems, I have try different Internet browsers.......NOTHING!!!!!!!! I build my first computer an IBM 286.....Yes! I am using computers as long as that HA ! HA ! 

started by: digthewell · last update: 1465821739 · posted: 1464324817

This about sums up the current status of this website.Despite all the assurances from AngloInfo, there has been nosignificant action to overcome the multitude of design faults, bugs and errormessages in the last two months.Your Chief Operating Officer, James Jackson advised me sixweeks ago that “Upcoming fixes include: Ensure that people can withdraw and edit theirclassifieds properlyAdd more formatting options to discussionrepliesAdd private messages between membersClear up some of the categories in Classifiedsto it is simpler to navigate and mark those categories with when they haverecent changesNeed to fix issue when scrolling throughdiscussion topics, when one is selected one coming back it has reset your placein the list”None of these have been actioned.He also said: “I completely agree moderation should be openand transparent, we have nothing to hide and want nothing more than to improvethe site”. Mr Jackson this is rubbish. The reality is that there is no visiblemoderation. There is a very unhealthy use of the “delete” button by hiddenadministrator(s), regularly deleting topics and posts without explanation. Nodoubt you will delete this post too as it doesn’t make happy reading.Your “Community Manager”, Margaret Bost posted two messagesand hasn’t been seen since. She advised me: “I’ll post regular updates on whatfixes can be expected and when”. Oh really??There is very little evidence of support, and there are manyunanswered queries from users.Of the 40 bugs I identified months ago, only 6 have beenresolved. The drop-down menus constantly block the screen making navigationtiresome.Paying advertisers images are not displaying correctly, andthe classified section is as good as useless. I used to buy and sell regularly,but no longer do so as the facility is not fit for purpose.You have successfully destroyed a very useful website.Posted at 06:54 Friday 27-May-2016

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Click on classified general......scroll down......click load more..... Nothing happens?.....try several times......refresh page......nothing happens......Give up......

started by: kath68 · last update: 1465415422 · posted: 1465042377

Did I read something on here a while ago about a Facebook page having been set up for discussions/ classifieds in the area? I've done a search of the discussions and nothing's come up, so maybe I'm imagining it. 

started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1464462102 · posted: 1463648494

Arghhhhhh! I am trying to create an advert for a Sofa, with 4 pictures that I have resized to less than 2k x 2k after about 2 minutes of " (Spinning timer) YOUR CONTENT IS BEING SUBMITTED" the screen then shows a "CONTINUE" box, which I click and then get  "(Spinning timer) YOUR CONTENT IS BEING SUBMITTED" and this just loops around? Any comments from Support? Or are you just going to delete this discussion or ignore it?

started by: Helena Handbasket-860401 · last update: 1464295553 · posted: 1464295553

I've sent you an email asking for help with placing a 'For Sale' advert but received no response. Any chance of a response to this message? 

started by: Helena Handbasket-860401 · last update: 1464294905 · posted: 1464186967

I'm trying to place a 'For Sale' advert but can't get beyond the 'content submission' stage. The system just loops for several minutes then reverts to the 'submit content' stage. Can anyone help? 

started by: JonieM-573325 · last update: 1464254932 · posted: 1464252768

This must be the worst  and most `user un-friendly' site I have ever been on.  What on earth has gone on with this `new' format? I can't even look up an important and relevant current topic for many of us, FUEL SHORTAGES, which was exactly the situation that AI was always brilliant in.   This site is now no help to anyone.  Was such a good source of info in the past. 

started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1464201207 · posted: 1463824723

All I can see is some items under the heading of Appliances.  Nothing seems to show up under General or Home & Garden ... it actually does not seem "clickable".M

started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1463945201 · posted: 1463825104

There have never been that many Giveaways so surely if someone wants rid of something fast, these items should all be listed under one simple Giveaway heading?  For those of us looking for Giveaways, we lose the motivation to search under several categories to find anything here and for those who want to post freebies, it would be much more effective.Admin:  how much effort would it be for your web team to correct this one?M

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Having placed an Ad, and received enquiries, l contact the people concerned but they don't receive my replies through the medium of angloinfo. So I have to reply to their personal email addresses directly. Makes me look a pillock, plus I potentially lose a buyer.

started by: Allo-allo · last update: 1463819551 · posted: 1463578371

Well, the new "improved" site has been going now a while........whilst we are constanly told that the powers that be are listening it is clear they are not.  I have not used angloinfo for 3 weeks as I was away, and have come back and it is the same.  Why can you not see that this is not working?  There are so many comments saying they are not happy, cannot use the site and are now going elsewhere.  I used to go on angloinfo 4 times a day, checking for things for sale, seeing the lasted ads and discussions.  Now it is maybe once a week.Look at the discussions page......loads of comments on how they are fed up with the site and they are now not bothering so leaving the site for good.  Try and find a comment saying how much they love the new site....you will have a hard time!You have said that going back to the old site is not an option.....WHY??????  It worked!!!Angloinfo was a great site ....RIP angloinfo......

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Hi Admin, Just wondering why you deleted my Topic regarding my problem creating an Advert. I had no response from you, and now the topic "Can't create Ad" has vanished?

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