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Owned my CTi (cabriolet version of the GTi) since 2003, doing all the maintenance, including rebuilding the engine, myself. Getting older and too much else to do here ... clutch adjusted as far as it will go, and slipping. One exhaust valve is burnt and I think another needs replacing too. So I'm looking for someone who can do this work to a good standard and reasonable price, ideally within a radius of Poitiers / Parthenay. The car drives OK, clutch only slipping under heavy acceleration. If you can recommend someone/a firm, please let me know!

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Hi my Citroen C4 Grand Picasso  1.6 HDI Automatic has started to become unreliable (104,000 Km). Last week for no known reason the engine cut out whilst I was driving along at about 75 km/hr. The "anti-Pollution" fault light came on when this happened and stayed on. I restarted the car and drove home. It's worth adding that the car had its CT 3 days before and passed without any problems. I took the car to my local Citroen dealer and he hooked it up to his computer which diagnosed low fuel pressure, and he suspected the fuel filter needed changing. The filter  had been changed as part of the service on the car in December and it's only done 10,000km since then, however the job was done by KwikFit and they don't use original Citroen parts so I agreed to the filter being replaced. That was on Tuesday 10th and for 2 days all seemed well, then for no apparent reason the engine stopped while driving along, this time as well as the "anti-pollution" warning light I also got the "parking brake" fault lights lit. I restarted the car, the "parking brake" fault light had cleared but the "anti-pollution light has stayed on. Further road testing of the car has revealed that I can make the car stall if I deliberately run the engine at high revs (by using gearbox in manual mode). I've arranged for it to go back into Citroen next week but I've already spent 163€ on this and I can't keep chucking money at it. I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem or any sensible ideas about it?

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Any recommendations for suppliers and fitters of tyres at home for an SUV, 225 25 19 required

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is there sombody how could help me register my camper from english to french reg.

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Does anyone know if there is a formal or informal motorbike club in the South Charente area? Some friends are thinking of buying a holidasy house and dreams of a motor bike and like minded people seem to be high on the list! CC

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  Hi There,   Can anyone recommend a good locksmith in the Moussac/Usson area? I've lost a set of caravan keys and am trying to get into it....   thanks and best wishes   David

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Can anyone tell me if it possible to change my carte grise into joint names, with my wife. If so, any info on how to do it greatly appreciated.

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Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably priced car insurance to include breakdown in a right hand drive car. I know it's more expensive than the UK. Many thanks

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Don't you wish that people would not speed through your villiage? Well don't speed trough anyone elses!

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Has anyone exchanged their UK Driving licence for  French Driving Licence via the prefecture in Niort.  If so, how long did you wait. Did they take your UK licence and did they want one or two I'd photos. We have read the official websites but info is varied!

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My son is buying a french registered right hand drive van and wants to take it back to the UK.  French insurance is astronomical so can he insure it with UK insurance or does he have to have french insurance until he's back in the UK? 

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Hi, any informed advice would be gratefully received. I have a small car collection in the UK- fairly normal cars, but all over 30 years old. The cars are permanently stored and all on UK plates and SORN here and are never used on public roads. They do not have MOTs either, just because they are not used on the road. I want to move to France and get them exported to France via a transporter. If the cars are not used on roads in France in future and are effectively stored at my new home in France do I have to re-register them on French plates? Also, do they have to be taxed and insured if they are in storage? Not being familiar with the French system I don't know if they have different requirements. 

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I need to go. To Poitiers airport from near Chabanais 16 on Feb 20th, thanks

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Hi, my name is martin. I am moving to France soon and need info on changing my bike over to a French plate, also my 1976 series 111 land rover. They are currently on Irish plates, also any good sites for second hand cars and vans for sale, thanks.

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I need to go. To Poitiers airport from near Chabanais 16 on Feb 20th, thanks

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I need to go. To Poitiers airport from near Chabanais 16 on Feb 20th, thanks

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I need to go. To Poitiers airport from near Chabanais 16 on Feb 20th, thanks

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Does anyone know a good auto electrician who can work on Cambus wiring systems. I have a chassis mounted cycle rack to fit on a 2017 DUCATO based camping car. Preferably someone in the south Vienne area but I am happy to travel further if necessary. Looking for someone to do the whole job or just the wiring.

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