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I am having my car mot shortly and just wondered what the tread depth has to be and what is the best way to accurately measure the depth

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Does anybody know where I can hire a people carrier or similar in the Civray area? We have family coming over and would like something that seats 6. The nearest I have found with the big companies is Poitiers or Angouleme. Thanks

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how can i edit my sales posting please

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Just a heads up for those not aware of the Crit-Air regulations. There are regulations regards driving through Paris and some other French cities (the list is growing all the time) and some vehicles are totally banned from going through these areas at certain times of day, or could even be banned altogether. As well as the cities some departments are now adding themselves to the list of areas where restrictions can be placed without warning.If you are intending to travel through France on holiday or have friends or guests staying with you it is important to make yourselves and them aware of the regulations and potential pitfalls. The pitfalls include various scam websites that will result in your paying five times the going rate for a vignette. To read up on the Crit-Air regulations click HereThe short read is that you may have to buy a Vignette costing around €4.18 including delivery to a French address, slightly more to an address outside France. The Vignette is fixed to the vehicle and should you sell the vehicle the Vignette goes with it. It is not transferable. Fines may be levied for any vehicles entering controlled zones without the correct Vignette or have contravened the regulations i.e entering the controlled zone when vehicles of that class are banned. This applies also to foreign registered vehicles.

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Anyone have a recommendation for taxi from Jonzac 17240 to Bordeaux airport please ?  don't really want to just pick a random one from a website ? thanks

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Today, 8th February 2018,  I have received a penalty notice for speeding on 3rd July 2017.  I don't understand why it has taken so long before it was sent out, but went to the web site to pay it and notice that it says it says : "You have received notice of a fine with an application for exemption form:pursuant to an offence recorded by an automated trafficenforcement camera dating less than 60 days ago."I'm not sure whether I should just go ahead and pay online anyway, as it doesn't seem to have any information about what to do if is more than 60 days ago.Has anyone else had experience of this please?Thank you

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As from 01/01/2018 it is no longer necessary to have a medical to drive a combined weight of over 3,500kG for people to which it previously applied.The onus is on the individual to decide fitness to drive ( like in the UK)This law was passed in 2016 but was only ratified on the above date.( Before you start ranting check the facts!)

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Posted all the forms  in Oct 2017 still waiting ! Does anyone else having this problem !

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I thought i had put a post on yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here so i will try again. I am thinking of  bringing my car over from the UK, a Porsche Boxster and i know i will need to have it re registered. Where can i find out how much it would cost, does it depend on age, emissions and engine size ? I don't know if things have changed since i brought my van over in 2010, but a friend of a friend bought a Dacia in the UK and has brought it over and has had to pay 2,500 euros on top of the immatriculation. Any advice welcome.

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Could anyone tell me of either a mobile or reliable garage who can do a diagnostic check on a Mazda MX5 please.I am in the Confolens area.Many thanks.

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Hi,has anyone any experience of the French government’s new on-line car registration process?Since the 6th November 2017 the local sous-préfecture no longer issues carte gris. I have in the past registered my English registered cars here and the service has been good. Go to the sous on Monday morning, pick up the provisional carte gris on Wednesday afternoon. The full cg arriving a few days later.i submitted an on-line application on Thursday of last week, got a reference number and a statement the application was being processed. Now over a week later I am still waiting. Can’t see a way of chasing the application.i don’t know who built the software or designed the process but the on-line form asks the same question twice. I had hoped the new system would take the guessing out of the system.Anyone have a similar situation?John

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Looking for a reliable airport transfer service in Ruffec to Bordeaux Airport. Does anyone know of such a service or company in or around Ruffec that can do this?

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Hi,I wrote last year about my experiences with the new on- line vehicle registration system here in France.When I last wrote My application had failedhad because my independent cert of conformity was not acceptable (despite having previously used them successfully at the local prefecture).My next attempt failed because I did not have a secure logon using France Connect. Odd, because the previous application hadn’t either but had got processed.So I apply for France Connect - quite straight forward - and then resubmitted the application. However the new logon also, unknown to me, submitted the previous one as well. Resulting in two files open for the same vehicle. I waited and after a week each one duly went to the next stage: ‘examination by an officer’ and there they have stayed for over a week.Being a glutton for punishment I decided to try and register my motorcycle. I got a file number but no receipt of submission.‘Mon Espace’ on the immatriculation website has no open cases.Can anyone advise me how I can contact the authority to cancel one of the submissions, and find out what’s happened to these cases. My English car insurance is up for renewal soon and I want French plates and insurance.How long I will have to wait for a response from the government?Has anyone used the online system successfully? - would you share your experience?Thanks,John

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Can anyone help me please?  My husband has a collection of  bikes which we need to register here (BMW/old Ducati/Triumph 1960) - can anyone tell me where I can find instructions about doing this?

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Does anyone know what the road sign showing a white car on a blue background means please? It comes up on N roads sometimes. Can't find anything helpful on Google! Thanks!

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Can anyone give us some advice on finding a long term carpark near Poitiers airport.  We plan to come and go from there throughout the year, but have discovered that the parking provided at the airport will be very expensive to keep a car there long term, any suggestions would be appreciated!  Many thanks!

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We have considered electrifying vehicles at various times in our lives, but now seems to make more sense.Technology is advancing at speeds unimaginable before,We have Lithium batteries of both sorts, solar power, capacitor batteries that charge in minutes, brushless motors, and various inverters and electronique control units, which are boggling.France does not seem interested in electric charging point infrastructure yet though, but I did see charge points at Castorama in Niort.We wanted to electrify a small sans permis car, but where or who could give us permission?I read that the car would have to be type approved which meant a crash test against a concrete block?I would guess a CT to approve roadworthiness would suffice?My dream might be a reality soon, prices of materials are getting cheaper every month, (maybe 2018?)What do you think?Bon fetes

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Anyone recommend where to buy headlights , to change to French from English for Fiat Scudo.thanks

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I am trying to register my UK Eriba caravan. I have been referred to DREAL following the rejection of a partial certificate of conformity. Does anyone know where to find the document on the DREAL site concerning the importation of foreign vehicles? Thanks

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