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What cc can you ride when learning in France

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There have been a few discussions re. problems with the ANTS website.I've just noticed the following article which shows how bad (chaotic) theprocess is; so don't worry too much if you're caught up in it - so are millions of others!https://actu.orange.fr/france/bug-des-cartes-grises-l-etat-condamne-a-indemniser-des-automobilistes-magic-CNT0000012ybNK.html

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Has anyone come across this problem I passed my driving test in 1967/8 but my English driving licence says it starts from 1977 , I now have a French licence and was having a medical every 2 years so I can drive a motorhome larger than 3.5 but if I can prove I passed my test before 1975 I would keep my rights to this. I have been in touch with DVLA they have no records before 1977 as that was when they took over the licensing. Can anyone suggest what to do.

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What to look for if not correct ?  how to check chassi is correct  to van etc  old retired ?

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I am thinking of buying a dirt bike (complete of roader), i am going to look at one on tuesday 01.05.18. Should it have a carte gris.Also i am thinking of joining a local club, which goes on the roads between courses, which makes me think does the club have some kind of insurance cover for these events/weekend trips?Many thanks for any info you may be able to give.

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I am going to be needing some tyres soon.   Has anyone identified a competitive source around Ruffec area?  

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Going back to the UK after 10 years away, and trying to find reasonably-priced car insurance. Most UK insurers won't accept No Claims Bonus accumulated while in France (Saga will, but the document proving it must be in English!). Does anyone know of any UK insurers that will accept a French declaration of NCB?

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My Daihatsu makes a strange sound coming from the motor (not the gear). The car has 30000km on the clock. I know two garages: the Ford garage near the dechêterie and the old guy opposite the CA but no experience with them. Where would you go, or do you know a better place?Thanks for your advice...

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Can anyone point me in the direction of someone experienced in working on an MGF with an automatic (Steptronic) gearbox.  TIA

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Just a heads up - if your contrôle technique is coming up, get it done before May. I don't think it's been particularly well announced publicly (if at all), but my neighbour was told on good authority that in May 2018, they will doubling the number of things they will inspect for, and some of those will have to be fixed within 24 hours or you may face a fine. My neighbour took hers early just the other day, and whilst it passed, she was told if she'd brought the car in next month, it would have failed for having rust spots.It seems some people will make a killing from these new regulations, and in the poorer parts of this region, where a lot of people still drive old motors, the hardest up will end up paying the most and potentially be forced into ditching their old motors in pursuit of something newer, which I think is part of the master plan.

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Mt car is due for a CT in June.  It's a BMW 320i (2001) which has served faithfully since I bought it in 2006.  I'm afraid, given the new test that apparently comes into force in May,  that the car may fail on its emissions.   I am therefore considering adding a proprietory emissions reducer (liquid) to maybe limp through the test.     If I was in the UK, Halfords would be first stop but which is the best product in France ???  Anyone ?

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Under the new system of vehicle registration in France (ANTS)how does a non-resident person change the registration of a second-hand car?We do have a house in France but as we are not taxregistered how do you gain access to the site in order to change ownership / registration?Has anybody done this recently? Can this be done through a localgarage, preferably near Ruffec?Many thanks for any advice.

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We spend 5 months every year in France.  Does anyone know of an English speaking company that can give us comprehensive car insurance for that period of time? Thank you.

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Hi All, I am getting repeated EGR problems on my Peugeot Partner 1.6Hdi.  I now am now  considering fitting an EGR blanking plate but then need the EGR to be deleted from the ECU,. Doe's anyone know of a garage near Jonzac Dept 17 that could do this for me  please.Thanks

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I sold my car in France a month ago. The certificat de cession was completed by me and the buyer. I gave the buyer a copy of this together with a copy of the carte grise barree. I tried to complete the process on the ANTS website but got a message saying the immatriculation details couldn't be found on their records. The Prefecture suggested going to a local garage to do the transaction on my behalf. I did this but they got the same message. The ANTS website also asked for payment of 9 euros which the garage said was unusual as it's usually the buyer who pays. As the car was registered pre 2009 I need a code but this has not been sent to me. I emailed the service carte grise to explain all this and also to tell them that I would be out of the country until the beginning of May. Despite contacting them several times by email the only response I've had from them is that my registration number is not recognised. As it's no longer possible to complete this type of transaction at the Prefecture and it has been impossible to contact the organisation by phone I do not know what to do next. Just wondered whether anyone else has been in a similar situation or could offer any advice? Situation has been made more complicated as the new owner has been caught by a speed camera and the penalty notice was sent to me. I sent them a letter explaining the car has been sold, together with a copy of the certificat de cession and copy of the carte grise but heard nothing back from them.

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Just had a C.T done on the Clio and it failed on:Defauts"Demi-Train AV (y compris ancrages): Jeu important ou anormal rotule et/ou aticulation. INFGAny idea what it means and what sort of costs involved?Any advice gratefully receivedCheers

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Can anyone help with which details I fill in for my france connect account (I have my last habitation/fonciere statement)? I am trying to register a new trailer and have an ANTS log in but I can't get on to France Connect. Or any help registering a new trailer would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Sorry this is posted twice , the first post seems to have deleted its self !!Sunday 22nd ,about 12 ish , menu to be decided , 15 euros all in , this years charity is the Gurkhas motorcycle maintenance . They use bikes to reach pensioners who live in remote areas & it costs £ 96 to keep a bike fueled & maintained for 6 months , so that is what we want to raise.Please email if you reply it is easier for us to keep a record of people that way .                              Cheers Tony & Loretta

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