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Hi, I am looking to French Register my English car at the Prefecture. Does anybody know if you still have to go to the Tax Office first to get a certificate of Import duty paid/not required please?Regards....... David

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I am looking for a lift from the airport to Confolens on Sunday 10th September at 18.30....if anyone can help please email: [email protected]

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There were plenty of British flags being waved by the spectators watching the annual rally as it passed through their communes in the Charente Limousin yesterday. I hope they enjoyed watching the mixture of Vintage, classic and modern sports cars pass by. 

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Has anyone exchanged their UK Driving licence for  French Driving Licence via the prefecture in Niort.  If so, how long did you wait. Did they take your UK licence and did they want one or two I'd photos. We have read the official websites but info is varied!

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Advice please. The best/cheapest way to get a COC for my Volvo V70

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We have a friend who would like to register his Jaguar in order to leave it at his maison secondaire here in France.We're aware of the procedures, documentation etc having done it numerous times before, however we have one sticking point.Running the figures through on the official website brings up a 'malus' of €10,000, as it is 'First registration in France' - ie the website is seeing the car as 'new' despite a 2009 build date (pre 2008 vehicles are treated differently).'Secondhand' brings up a more practical (if still eye-watering) €1,100'Malus', both with an annual €160 fee.Question is - has anyone any experience of whether 'First registration in France'  means exactly that or would this car be 'secondhand' in the eyes of the Prefecture?

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Hi. We are staying near to Ruffec and would like to have our car valeted. Does anyone know of anwhere local for this service, please?Thank you.

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Hi, can anyone recommend a Harley Mechanic in the Ruffec area.  I know of the Harley dealers but was looking for a private or smaller garage if possible?  Thanks.  

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Hi, I use CO2 for my mig welder but the bottle is empty after 5 years. I can get a refil  from a caviste but a bit expensive.Would someone suggest a distributer  in deux sevre or charente maritime please?The bottle is supplied by NATURCO I searched online but cannot find anyone.Thanks Barry

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HiIf i buy a car with 9 months left on the ct, does it have to have a new one before I register it?  I am unsure as to whether it has to have more than 6 months left on the ct or if it cannot be 6 months from the last ct.....so more than 18 months left on itThanks in advance

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I am permanent French resident with no UK address. I'm thinking of buying a car in UK and bringing it back to register here (I am au fait with registering in France). Has anyone done this since the UK road tax rules changed?. How straightforward is it? 

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Does anyone have a link/know where I check that the caravan I'm looking to buy (French) is not stolen/written off, or subject to Finance and is registered in the name of the person selling it. In the UK you do an online check with CRIS and it takes 5 minutes but as usual nothing is simple here. It has a Carte Gris and I know the reg number and the chassis/vin number.i have searched Anglo Info and Googled but can't find any help on this specific topic.Thanks in advance.

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Recently, a friend`s flight back to the UK was cancelled. He is English resident.We loaned him our French registered and French insured car to get him back to the UK, and he returned it to us a couple of weeks later in France, with no issues.I was AMAZED to find out that it is illegal for an English resident to drive a foreign plated car in the UK, and that the car could be at risk of being crushed. In disbelief I phoned the DVLA who confirmed that this is in fact true! So, anyone who has a French holiday home, and a French registered car, but is still resident in the UK,make sure the car stays in La Belle France!

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OK, my car is registered in France. I want to buy a caravan in the UK and tow it home to France before applying for French registration. Has anyone got  an idea of where the regulations covering this situation are to be found please. I know people do this but that doesn't make it right, I would like to keep on the right side of the law. Bringing a caravan over with its old UK plates on it seems meaningless. Maybe I need to re-register it before I tow it back, not easy if the DREAL want to inspect it (hoping that won't be necessary). Anyone out there have experience of this and would like to pass it on? Many Thanks

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Hi, My son passed his driving test early last year but has now lost his 6 points and subsequently, his licence, until October.To get his licence back does he have to rebook the 20 hours of lessons plus the theory part plus the driving test or can he just retake his test?I'm unsure of the procedure for regaining your licence here after losing it and despite looking for info can't seem to find anything about it.  I realise the driving school would be able to help but just wondered if anybody could shed any light on the subject before I approach them!

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I am getting train from Ruffec and will be away for a few days. Is there long stay parking at or near the station? Many thanks to anyone who can help with this query.

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Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic that can work near Angouleme.... cars broken down and cant move itHELP !!!

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HiI'm looking for someone who does respraying. I need my front and rear bumpers on my Motorhome resprayed.Can anyone help or recommend .Region 16 & 87  is okayThanks

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