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I am trying to register my UK Eriba caravan. I have been referred to DREAL following the rejection of a partial certificate of conformity. Does anyone know where to find the document on the DREAL site concerning the importation of foreign vehicles? Thanks

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Anyone recommend where to buy headlights , to change to French from English for Fiat Scudo.thanks

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If anyone is going to park at Limoges airport please be aware that there is reduced parking available until March 2018,as car park 2 is closed.

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We have a forty-year-old 2CV :  I understand that vehicles over thirty years old are considered 'vehicules de collection'.  Is there somewhere I need to go to register the car and are there any advantages for doing so?

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Hi,Why would someone nick number plates?Would it be to creat a ringer?

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For reasonsof both age and health I approached my Axa insurance agent to ask to cancel mymotorcycle insurance one month prior to the renewal date. My request was thento start a new policy for a 812cc Buggy which I have got, I was then informedthat I couldn’t cancel the motorcycle insurance as it still needed to beinsured even if it’s not being used and parked in my garage which is part of myproperty.                                                                                Wouldit have made any difference had I written a letter asking to cancel then sentit by registered post. I initially refused to pay 187.50€ but had to succumb asAxa  threatened legal action. So now I’mpaying for two vehicles, at a cost of 430€. Can anyone advise to get me out ofthis situation.

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Hi, does anyone know where I look to register a uk vehicle to French online? We’ve registered quite a few over the years, but I’ve been told that it can only be done online now? Any help and advice appreciated.thanks, Donna.

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I thought I would share a bit of useful and cost-saving information for anyone wishing to obtain a Certificate of Conformity for a Peugeot car. If you e-mail [email protected] (vehicle registration at Peugeot UK) with a scanned copy of your DVLA vehicle registration document, they will send you a free of charge Certificate of Conformity by post. I was told by other people that this could cost anything up to €130, however I e-mailed them 3 days ago and they have posted out the certificate today.

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Hi, can anyone tell me if distribution et galette  fais a ****means cambelt changed at.if not what does it mean.many thanks

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I'd appreciate any constructive comments on the following:The car's failed the CT on suspension. Got it fixed and due to take it back for a re-test but another fault has now shown up on the computer display, not affecting the safety of the car or the failed function. Will the retest just look at the previously failed item or will it cover everything again, does anyone know?If it fails again do I just have the rest of the two months to fix it or a new 2 months?If it doesn't get a pass in the two months does that make it illegal to drive? And if so, can it be driven to scrap? It won't qualify for a scrappage trade-in so not sure if there's much incentive to get it fixed as the book value may be less than the fix cost, but continuing to drive it is still cheap motoring compared to replacement costs.

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Anyone know where I can buy an electric bike?  I live in 16.  Thanks

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Hi,has anyone any experience of the French government’s new on-line car registration process?Since the 6th November 2017 the local sous-préfecture no longer issues carte gris. I have in the past registered my English registered cars here and the service has been good. Go to the sous on Monday morning, pick up the provisional carte gris on Wednesday afternoon. The full cg arriving a few days later.i submitted an on-line application on Thursday of last week, got a reference number and a statement the application was being processed. Now over a week later I am still waiting. Can’t see a way of chasing the application.i don’t know who built the software or designed the process but the on-line form asks the same question twice. I had hoped the new system would take the guessing out of the system.Anyone have a similar situation?John

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Does anyone know of a mobile mechanic that can work near Angouleme.... cars broken down and cant move itHELP !!!

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Has anybody exchanged an old green paper licence that is due to expire shortly for a French one please?As the licence is not a  photo licence are there any additional hoops to jump through? :-)

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Hi having just obtained a certificate of conformity for my Fiat free of charge !! and patting myself on the back for doing so LOL, i have been told that it no good because its not from fiat France? its from Fiat UK and so not in French? actually i think its in Italian does any one know whether they have to be from Fiat France? and so in French before i go any further ? any guidence gratefuly recieved regards 

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Can anyone please recommend a good, detailed French/English dictionary of mechanical, specifically automotive, terms. My standard Harrap's doesn't go into sufficient detail and I've found that the online translators are not sufficiently unambiguous.

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HiI bought a c of c cheap of dvla advice and admin services ,thought it was good because it was on the top of google...But two certificates got knocked back and had to go to the manufacturer ,Just wondered if anyone else has been "stung"...?

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Hi fellow T5 owners. I have been "advised" to display a Plaque de Tare on my T30 before my next CT. I have the relevant info for PV, PTAC and PTRA. Does anyone out there with a T5 T30 panel van have the data for IxL and S (length and area) or know where to find these figures? Thanks in advance

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Hi,Are there any car rental agencies at the Angouleme train station? Three of us are arriving via train from the UK December 14th at 11:30 pm. I have been trying to book a car online but every site so far says no cars are available. Surely they rent cars in Angouleme? Can someone point me in the right direction? I would be ever so grateful.

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I can believe this is a regularly discussed topic and without going through all the ins and outs of travelling back and forward from town to town here in France to get car tested, tax exemption certified, insured and finally a carte gris and new plates...phewwww I finally sorted one out, a Renault Clio 182. So feeling ok that I had muddled through the process once, decided to register the 2010 Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian. So it sailed through inspection, tax exemption certificate sorted, insurance sorted so off on 45 minute drive to local prefecture for 3rd time in a week !!! The normal long wait before being told that this time the vehicle needed a certificate of conformance. As advised found local Mitsubishi concessionaire who could not provide. As advised Contacted Mitsubishi France. For 250 Euros they would 'try' and gain Certificate de Conformity.Apparently the certificate lets France know that the car conforms to European laws. The car has already been imported into Europe once (UK is still in Europe) and the UK V5 document is only issued with this conformity approved. Anyhow, I have now applied directly through Mitsubishi UK for the Certificate of Conformance. This can take a minimum of three weeks and the price of £120 is non refundable if certificate cannot be provided !!!!I am still not overly confident of being able to obtain this certificate as my private Mitsubishi Barbarian is classed as a pick up / light goods vehicle on its V5. It has not been used for commercial purposes but believe this may be another stumbling block.The usual statement by many is just buy a car in France. Yes, maybe for a new one but the secondhand market here puts cars up to twice the price of their counterpart in UK. Can anyone help before I have to consider driving back to UK and selling there :-(

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