Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, Engine Cutting Out Problem

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Hi my Citroen C4 Grand Picasso  1.6 HDI Automatic has started to become unreliable (104,000 Km). Last week for no known reason the engine cut out whilst I was driving along at about 75 km/hr. The "anti-Pollution" fault light came on when this happened and stayed on. I restarted the car and drove home. It's worth adding that the car had its CT 3 days before and passed without any problems. I took the car to my local Citroen dealer and he hooked it up to his computer which diagnosed low fuel pressure, and he suspected the fuel filter needed changing. The filter  had been changed as part of the service on the car in December and it's only done 10,000km since then, however the job was done by KwikFit and they don't use original Citroen parts so I agreed to the filter being replaced. That was on Tuesday 10th and for 2 days all seemed well, then for no apparent reason the engine stopped while driving along, this time as well as the "anti-pollution" warning light I also got the "parking brake" fault lights lit. I restarted the car, the "parking brake" fault light had cleared but the "anti-pollution light has stayed on. Further road testing of the car has revealed that I can make the car stall if I deliberately run the engine at high revs (by using gearbox in manual mode). I've arranged for it to go back into Citroen next week but I've already spent 163€ on this and I can't keep chucking money at it. I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem or any sensible ideas about it?

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malced 1402735578

Never had this problem myself but the link below will take you to a good source of information.



volvo1-913348 1402738873

DPF probably needs regenerating. 

KenC-575404 1402740083

Thanks Volvo1, I can understand this would bring up the warning light, but why would the engine stop?

tinkatonk 1402766177


With that combination of symptoms.....EGR valve......

tinkatonk 1402767479

....Sorry didnt finish my post....engine fuse box have caused these probs too.  

KenC-575404 1402890260

Hi to anone following this, here is an update on the problem. Took the car out on Saturday for a 150km run. Initially the "anti-pollution " lamp was on but after about 25km it went out. Drove for next 90km with no warning lights on, then without any obvious cause the engine cut out  at about 75 km/hr and the following warnings came on:- "anti-pollution" ; "parking brake faulty"; " stability control/anti-skid fault"; and "Service". When the car stopped I restarted and  the lights all cleared except for the "anti-pollution" which stayed lit!  so I then drove for  a couple of minutes  then all the above warning lights came on again! however the car appeared to be otherwise ok ???. Drove  like this for about 25km and stopped for fuel, when I switched off the "Service" light was flashing and a loud beeping was sounding, even with the ignition keys removed. I refilled the tank with 50 litres of diesel, restarted the engine and not a single warning light went on (all were on during the usual pre-ignition check stage). I carried on and completed  a further 10km to home without anything showing.. So took the car out on Sunday for a 60km run and again it's running completely normally without any warning or fault indicators showing. What can cause all of these things to come and go like this.???

SusieWalnut-558578 1402908674

Try disconnecting the battery and leave overnight, reconnecting will let the ecu reset itself.

May help and not cost anything.

Good luck.

glax01 1415560411

Hi, i have the same problem on my C4 GP and was wondering if you ever got it sorted out?




glax01 1415560578

Hi, i have exactly the same fault on my C4 GP. Car cuts out and shows four different faults on screen, esr, handbrake anti pollution etc. Can you advise on what is causing this?


itemsforsale-922906 1415566572

Poor electrical connections, the cause of which can only be ascertained by checking all the plugs and sockets.

freds-981232 1415568679

could be battery on its way out as new cars need a lot of power to work do you use diesel cleaner as the new tree hugger fuel that you get at super markets is rubbish and it blocks egr valve and pump and injectors worth sticking a bottle  injector cleaner in every month cost less then the parts that block

KenC-575404 1415571140

The problem cleared up by itself, have driven more than 10,000 km without reoccurrence. I have a feeling it might have been contaminated fuel but nothing to back it up, also some of the problems seemed entirely unrelated. Sorry I can't help you more.


StevieOD 1417000710

Ken C, I was wondering whether you solved your problem with your Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 HDI Automatic.  My wife has the exact same car with about the same mileage and it is has almost the identical problem to yours.  My mechanic has replaced three different parts but hasn't solved the problem.  He has given up at this stage after I have spent almost €600.  The car has also been in with a main Citroen dealer who plugged it in to the computer.  It is showing that it is fault free.  All the software has also been updated.  My wife will not drive the car anymore and I will have to try and trade it in.  Any help would be much appreciated. 

StevieOD 1417001037

Sorry KenC, I didn't read on.  I see your problem just cleared up.  Glax01, wondering if you solved the problem??????

Rocketman-579161 1417008701

A faulty/dirty CPS (crankshaft position sensor) can cause these faults but I would expect it to show up on a diagnostic computer - but maybe not if it is intermittent. With regards to EGR, injectors etc. gumming up due to poor fuel, I put 250ml of 2 stroke oil in the the tank each fill up. It is cheaper than injector cleaner and every bit as effective. Ordinary cooking 2 stroke (JAS B) will do for a non DPF engine but ensure you use  the right spec for DPF cars (JAS C ).

Rocketman-579161 1417008916

PS KenC, if you are anywhere near the Civray area I am happy to run a free diagnostic.

glax01 1417019514

Update: my problem is not yet cured. I have had the diagnostic cleared and have run the car as normal. It has cut out twice with the usual flash of multiple problems on screen. This week i have had one fault appear a couple of times 'anti-pollution' and the car becomes hesitant or spluterry. It is pointing towards the egr valve i believe on my car.

From what i have read on other sites, this problem is appearing on C4's all over the place and could actually be because of a range of problems as the car is wired with a can-bus which links sensors before they return the signal to the ecu. Any problem then can cause the ecu to see multiple failures. I suspect Citroen are aware of this and wont own up to a costly recall. This will be my last Citroen i think!

I will post an update when i go for another diagnostic check next week. Please post if anyone has any  results with similar faults.

StevieOD 1417020737

Thanks Glax01. I think in the circumstances I will trade in my wife's car 

glax01 1417099474

StevieOD, why not try and get your egr valve cleaned and free,d up a bit. The car is probably suffering a minor fault which is just hard to find. Most modern diesel cars have problems with their egr valves anywhere from 50k miles on simply due to the way they operate.

StevieOD 1417100628

To be honest I am not very knowledgeable about cars but I think my mechanic cleaned the erg valve or may  even have replaced it. Problem began over a year ago but has got worse over the last couple of months. The car has been in and out of my mechanic since then. He has consulted with his friends working in Citroen garages and took it into a citroen main dealer last week who carried out a full diagnostics check and updated software.  The only way I would try anything else is if someone said they had the same problem and doing a particular thing fixed it completely. I think KenC's problem will rear its head again unfortunately as we had prolonged periods when we thought it was fixed

glax01 1420895775

Result: i wanted to wait until i was sure everything has worked out. My mechanic disconnected the egr control at the egr valve(2 min job). The car now runs without the egr valve operating and all my problems have stopped. The engine management light is on the dashboard which i can live with. I can now chose to leave things like this, repair the elec fault at the egr valve or as my mechanic has suggested, just take the egr valve out of the program inthe ecu (simple programming job). All the problems stem from the way these cars are wired with things in series. Like xmas tree lights, it only takes one thing to give multiple problems.

If you have these multiple faults on c4 simply clip out the electrical connrction at the egr valve and run for a while to see if your problems still occur.(i have heard that the abs sensors at the rear wheels can cause similar also). Hope this helps as Citroen have not been any use to me while i have been scratching my head. Thanks to all who replied, we must help one another !.

conner-998376 1425405405

Hello glax01

Any idea how the mechanic disconnected the egr control at the egr valve?

Many Thanks


savoye 1425413630

Modern car rubbish ony thing to say.

glax01 1425414575

Yes, at the side of the egr valve there is an electrical connection. He just clipped it out. As you look into the engine bay it was on the right hand side at the back of the cylinder head. If you cant find it ask any mechanic who will locate it quite easily. Good luck.

Costas-Georgiades-953030 1578764695

I have also the same problem, but this is happening every time I fill completely the fuel tank. At first it comes the antipollution fault, then the auto parking brake fault,and then the stability control failure. After the fuel level is dropped by one "box" the engine works fine. My mechanic told me that is the EGR valve but i can't understand what this has to do with the fuel level.. 



Andre & Annie 1599304321

Swap it for a 2CV, never had any problems with mine ...

Beemer-R80RT/K75C 1639334394

If anyone still has similar problems on a DIESEL version check that the filler cap seal is clean and not cracked or damaged. I has a similar "Dashboard Lights" Christmas display and it was because the filler cap was not sealed properly and therefore the fuel tank was not correctly pressurized.

Hope this helps.

dave&olive 1639478372

LOL  this post is over 8 years old ??

Beemer-R80RT/K75C 1639925130

D&O, the problem is extant, hence my posting 7 days ago.

Motoring commenced over 100 years ago but vehicles are stil giving us problems!

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