Crit-Air - Vignettes required for travel through France

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Just a heads up for those not aware of the Crit-Air regulations. There are regulations regards driving through Paris and some other French cities (the list is growing all the time) and some vehicles are totally banned from going through these areas at certain times of day, or could even be banned altogether. As well as the cities some departments are now adding themselves to the list of areas where restrictions can be placed without warning.If you are intending to travel through France on holiday or have friends or guests staying with you it is important to make yourselves and them aware of the regulations and potential pitfalls. The pitfalls include various scam websites that will result in your paying five times the going rate for a vignette. To read up on the Crit-Air regulations click HereThe short read is that you may have to buy a Vignette costing around €4.18 including delivery to a French address, slightly more to an address outside France. The Vignette is fixed to the vehicle and should you sell the vehicle the Vignette goes with it. It is not transferable. Fines may be levied for any vehicles entering controlled zones without the correct Vignette or have contravened the regulations i.e entering the controlled zone when vehicles of that class are banned. This applies also to foreign registered vehicles.

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Thank you very much for this interesting post. It is essential information for those that are going to travel around France. We feel certain that more cities and regions will instigate this. We applied and got our temporary documents the same day.

The same type of system is also in place in other European countries (Germany and Belgium for example)

Thanks again. :)

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