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Does anyone know if there is a formal or informal motorbike club in the South Charente area? Some friends are thinking of buying a holidasy house and dreams of a motor bike and like minded people seem to be high on the list! CC

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Gadget-574949 1367692491

Hi Caddycat

Have a look here

There are links to the forum, its free to join and they are a bunch of nice guys.

Thats a bit biased because I am a member :)

manxman-888566 1367704907

Hi caddycat, not keen on getting involved with facebook, is that the only way of contacting the club and where are they based, it sounds very similar to a club I was in when in the UK which is good, thanks.

manxman-888566 1367705052

Sorry gadget got the names the wrong way round, the posting was for you.

Gadget-574949 1367766866

No problem you will find us here

Pongo-513957 1367839500

 Have a look at Long established open forum with lots of useful stuff. Seem to have a large expat membership all over France, especially in the South West region with a broad range of interests. Can recommend.

caddycat-571127 1367842211

Thanks Pongo.  I will pass it on


villesalem 1368476600

I personaly didn't join bike club france because I heard that they were very political and members are being banned for mixing with other forums........

Seedy 1368609378

I'm a member of BCFr and have been for a few years and I know quite a few members who are members of both sites. It's not uncommon to be a member of other bike forums (I am in 4) and there are no political issues as far as I am aware. I would recommend BCFr to anyone as it is great for meets and provides tons of info on riding in france and how to get your bike over here etc.

Gadget-574949 1368612402

See you on Sunday then Chris 

motogp-873641 1368613488

I am a member of BCFr and also several other clubs and forums. I have never come across any bikers of any kind being political. Some, but not at all all, Harley riders excepted...:)


Anyone interested it is the AJS and Matchless Owners club international rally in Deux Sevres this weekend..... 

villesalem 1368637230

I have just joined 'Tourdregs' and have been invited to the bike meet in Lessac this coming Sunday, is it easy to find ?

Gadget-574949 1368639442

Pretty easy  'villesalem', when you get to Lessac just follow the signs to All Bikes Charente.

This meet BTW, is open to all motorcyclists.

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