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There have been a few discussions re. problems with the ANTS website.I've just noticed the following article which shows how bad (chaotic) theprocess is; so don't worry too much if you're caught up in it - so are millions of others!

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We tried to change or camping-car to collection about a year ago, but we came against so many dead ends we gave up.

It is still the same as it was, although I have let the ct expire now.

I wrote to ants but they did not reply.

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I dont suppose anyone will read this?

I finally got a certificate of "vehicle collection" from FFVE cost €60.

I went on the ANTS web site, translated everything to English, and still cant understand it.

There does not seem to be a button to press for changing the status of our camping-car.

Has anyone done it before that could help please?

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Hi B&P

Still get on here occasionally:o)

After looking at the ANTS site, I went to Docuplac in Rochefort. OK it cost 30 odd euro, but the handled it all and the reg doc arrived in the post a week later.

Think they are a chain of 'shops'

Hope this helps


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Like everyone else I spent a lot of time on the ANTs web site, but then found a list of garages that will do the Carte Grise for you, Soulat in Confolens registered my UK Vehicle for 40 euros plus registration fees and VAT, I provided all of the paperwork but well worth the 40 euros to reduce the stress.

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