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Hi,has anyone any experience of the French government’s new on-line car registration process?Since the 6th November 2017 the local sous-préfecture no longer issues carte gris. I have in the past registered my English registered cars here and the service has been good. Go to the sous on Monday morning, pick up the provisional carte gris on Wednesday afternoon. The full cg arriving a few days later.i submitted an on-line application on Thursday of last week, got a reference number and a statement the application was being processed. Now over a week later I am still waiting. Can’t see a way of chasing the application.i don’t know who built the software or designed the process but the on-line form asks the same question twice. I had hoped the new system would take the guessing out of the system.Anyone have a similar situation?John

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chèvrefeuille 1510994936

As you are one of the first people to use the new system you will no doubt be being used as a ‘guinea pig’ in the process. I know two other people who are in your situation. Not very helpful but hopefully you and others will report back on how the process panned out.

JDS 1517206580

Hi, have you got your carte gris now? I'm still struggling with the new system ad can't even find the correct part of the official site to start the application, just heaps of FAQs. the only option I have found so far are the 'paid' services run by private companies, which is a total swizz. 

We've registered loads of foreign cars here before, very simple and, on the last time in Sept 2017, got the reg no. before we'd even left the prefecture! 

this seems a giant step backwards to me :-( 

chèvrefeuille 1517216454

Why are you unable to find the correct part of the website? Is it a language issue? I don’t believe the companies that offer to process the paperwork can be described as a total swizz, they are charging a small fee for providing a service. Isn’t that common practise? The DVLA closed its local licensing offices and switched online about four years ago. Their new system is less straightforward than before so it is not just a French problem. 

borjastick-512278 1517219492

I've just used it and though the web site is a little cumbersome and long winded it all went through very quickly and without pain, apart from the fee...

Marie79 1517230078


There are a load of total swizz rip off companies out there on t'internet !!! like the ones that charge 10 or 15 euros for a "certificate de non gage" when you can print one off for Free off the gouv site!

chèvrefeuille 1517230613

Perhaps there are but the garages are offering a service. Totally different. 

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1517232208

I just noticed that one of the local insurance agents (MMA) has a new sign in the window saying that they handle carte grise applications. I don't know if it's a free service for clients. But it sounds a very good idea and I can see other agents starting to do the same.

LaChab 1517300223


I want to register a UK vehicle, so I login to ANTS, which tells me I have to use FranceConnect. 

I've setup Impots and LaPoste "accounts", but as soon as I try to use either of these to login to FranceConnect, I get an "internal error".

I've tried different browsers, but to no avail.

From this topic I gather others have managed this, so what am I doing wrong?


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