What do you do when your car dies, and isn't worth repairing ?

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Intheshed 1624261006

Look in the Pages Jeunes for a scrappy who will pick it up. You could put it on Le Bon Coin in case someone needs it for parts. But you have to prove it is scrapped for your insurance company, or they will continue to bill you. If you do sell it privately, get the transfer document signed by the buyer.

Last time I got rid of one, I towed it to the recycle yard and they paid for the weight.

cessac 1624273889

Thanks for that, I'll have a look for someone to tow it away.

Matthew -Parris-992373 1624283728

They will give you a reciept which you will need to show your ins co I think the scrappy will need the carte grise and a copy of your ID/proof of address

Matthew -Parris-992373 1624283821

And take your bank details -RIB-as most prefer to pay that way but some give a cheque

cessac 1624287258

Cheers, for the info. 

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