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I hope someone out there can help. I recently advertised a Motorcycle in Anglo Info classifieds and had a reply from Mr David Moffitt with an e-mail address for a reply. Sadly it is not accepting my reply so if anyone can help with a phone number or alternative e-mail it would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks, Alan wright

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Have been told that you must have 18 months CT left on a car when you sell it - is this correct?

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I need a complete set of new tyres for both our cars. Currently looking at prices online (e.g. www.123pneus.fr) as they are much cheaper than buying from a local tyre garage. They will deliver the tyres to a local tyre fitting station. Current estimates for budget-to-midrange tyres stand at around 1000 euros plus fitting them both cars is close to 180 euros (8 tyres and up to 20inch rims). Anyone know of any alternative solutions, that may be financially beneficial e.g. people transporting them from the UK or perhaps a mechanic with his own tyre fitting/balancing equipment?Thanks in advance for any info.advice.Confolens 16500 area

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Hi All, does anyone know the date for the Niort motor cycle parts fair this year, its usually in March but I can't find any info. Any help please.

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Can anyone advise me what number on your Carte Gris corresponds to the VIN number....which I need to allow me to place an order for the correct spare part for my car.There is a series of numbers on the CG , but I'm just not sure which one is the VIN number.Anyone have any clues please?Thanks

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Does anyone know of a company that can offer insurance to cover old classic vehicles that are not yet registered in France? I have been told by specialist insurance companies that it is not possible to insure them without a carte gris. I only want fire and theft as I won't be using them on the road yet. 

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Has anyone asked their french insurance company about allowing uk friends to drive your french car? I have and they said that they could and if anything happened they would claim against the drivers ( uk friend's) insurance. I am not confident that that would work as in the uk the car itself is insured for the driver concerned only. Has anyone looked into this already?

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I am trying to contact 'Land Rover Bob' who I think is in Ruffec, does anyone know his contact number or E mail.

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 Hi,I would like to know the form numbers for scrapping a car or changing the details when one is sold .thanks

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Hello,I have a car in the UK that i would like shipped to France, i have several quotes to Portsmouth, but its pricey for the trailers.Is there anyone with contacts with a driving type transporter from Portsmouth over the ferry? I can arrange to pick the car up in Caen or St Malo.Regards

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Having just read B-phoenix's post, re. a Merc dealership - and there is the financial consideration of course - it is for this reason and with my own experience with Merc and other dealerships around Europe that I want to know if anyone knows of a retired but active and competent Merc mechanic to do some works on my old (1982) 230CE, Eg. Tuning incl. setting the valves, determining why I now have a whine after replacing everything underneath, fitting a new sunroof cassette (a second hand one actually) and all over an extended period as I am rarely home in France.

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Hi I collect and restore old motorcycles and mopeds and am always looking for Bikes, Spares and tools. Especially looking for a hydraulic Motorcycle work bench.

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Just got my Temporary (Provisoire) Certificate by post. Does anyone know how long it takes for the real thing to come through?Thanks in advanceAllen

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A garage wrongly diagnosed a problem on our car and fitted a new part which was not faulty in the first place.  We drove the car away, it broke down the same day, we rang the garage back and they refused to collect it saying it was our responsibility to return it to them.  We have had confirmation from another garage that the work the original garage carried out was unnecessary and we now know what the actual fault is but they won't touch it because it will invalidate the warranty by the first garage. The original garage is refusing to admit fault or give us our money back. Does anyone know where we stand in law? I'm so angry at their response I'm happy to take this to court.

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Hi all.I'm hoping to go and register my car at the Prefecture in Angouleme next week.Got the new CT etc .But my Question is, will the prefecture except my V5 form ,? it has a K type approval number which starts e4*2001/ etc .Chap at the CT place was not phased by the V5 form at all , he took all the details from it and got on with the CT.Look forward to your comments Thanks 

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My partner wants to come over as foot passenger for Christmas on the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry. 20th/21st/22nd or 23rd December and returning on the same route on January 2nd. Is there anyone coming over at this time and could give him a lift down. I live near St Maixent L'Ecole (79) but could pick him up anywhere in the locality. I and my car are getting too old to make the long journey! He would contribute to fuel. Many thanks for any offers.

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Article from the Nouvelle Republique -  18,400 traffic offences in Deux-Sevres this year.. There is  also a list of the most common infractions with the amount of points and/or fine levied. http://bit.ly/2g5xNZn

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I want to sell my french registered LHD car to a dealer in uk - Google comes up with several but I presume many are "wide boys" - can anyone recommend a reliable dealer from personal experience ? Thanks ! 

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Urgently Looking for a lift please for myself, 2 cats (in their own boxes & with all necessary paperwork) & a small amount of luggage from 5 December?Paige thanks

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