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White part of the form - I think I might be answering my own question in Discussions under the heading Carte Grise.After the part where the buyer's details are entered it asks if the certificat d'immatriculation is present. It is, so I tick Oui and give the buyer just the tear off piece? The Carte Grise was obtained in October 2015 so am I correct in assuming this is a new format? The only number I can find that seems to make sense is shown right down on the bottom left hand side under the number plate number and it starts with 2015 a couple of letters and then another 5 digits. Is this correct?Last question! On the blue part of the form it states Je certifie en outre * but no box in which to put a tick. The car has not been modified in any way so I assume I just put a tick at the beginning of the sentence and complete the kilometrage. Hope someone out there can put this old duffer straight!

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I have lost the key to my Volvo.  I can get a replacement from the nearest Volvo dealer but have to take the car to them for the key to be programmed.  I cannot drive the car as do not have the key!  (no spare)  I could have the car towed to the dealer but not sure I could drive it back as there is a problem with fuel.  My bank insurance will cover the cost of the key but not for the tow which will be very costly as it is about 60k.     Anyone suggest what I might do.  I know in the UK there are mobile services with programming machines but can't seem to find one here in France.

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where can i have replacement car keys cut in the 16 - 17 area

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  Hi, does anyone know the in and outs of hiring a van from intermarche...? There prices look amazing ie: 12/24€ for a transit for half/full day, 38/76€ for a Luton.. -What cards do they accept, does it have to be French credit or will UK debit do...? -Do you have to be a resident etc..? -Are there any hidden extras or things to be aware of..? thanx ed

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Does anyone know how long it would take to fit a timing belt kit inc water pump on a Frontera please?Also any recommendations for a garage or mobile mechanic.

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My wife and I are moving out to near Chef Boutonne in the next few months and wondered if there are any Motor Bike enthusiasts/Riders who regularly meet up for a ride or just a general get together if yes where and when if not any interest in starting one. I am just looking for my next bike to suit the winding roads what have you got?

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We have some van space leaving from the Hampshire /Dorset area this leaving  Thursday .0613576365

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Hi All.We are going through the process of registering our 1992 Hymer S700 UK registered (originally German Registered) Motorhome here in France.  We have been asked to complete a form ' CALCUL DE REPARTITION DES CHARGES' as part of this process, and am feeling lost on this one!  Its a formula used to establish distribution of weight in relation to the axels.  I am stuck on establishing the Poids Maximum a Cet Endroit (en kg) for each of the Coffre's...?Not sure if Coffre in this case means the internal storage cupboards, or the external storage lockers (and the 'boot')and how I am supposed to know the maximum weight each can hold!I am losing the will to  live :O(Long shot I know but is there anyone out there who has been through this process who could advise?Thankyou. 

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Looking for a skilled mechanic to work on 1952 straight six engine (Armstrong Siddeley) that more than likely requires new head gasket (I have), and possibly head skimmed.Recommendations please....within a reasonable travelling distance of CHALAIS (dept 16)

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Hi, Can anyone please recommend a Volvo specialist?The Poitiers main dealer charges exorbitant rates, I'd much prefer to have the car looked at by a smaller specialist- anywhere within  an hour or so of Poitiers or Chatellerault is ideal.Any advice gratefully received....

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Hi , I recently had a quote from a helpful individual from an eu document for me to give to the people at Niort if they question my V5 . I am hoping that same individual reads this and sends me the quote again..... help

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does anyone know anywhere that does reasonably-priced resprays in Charente/Charente maritime ?

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Can anyone advise me if generally there are any differences in purchase prices for mini-diggers in the UK and France. I have a friend moving over here soon and he doesn't know whether to buy one in the UK and bring it over here, or to wait until he gets here and then buy one?Any advise would be gratefully received - Cheers.

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Just cannot understand the categories on the Carte grise, I have a Vauxhall Vectra B diesel estate and want to buy a caravan. How can I identify the max. weight of the caravan which I can tow. Would this be cat. F1, F2, F3, G, G1 or additions/combinations.

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HiDo any of you out there have a good working knowledge of motorcycle electrics.  I live near Matha, Help much appreciated.

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HiI need to renew my French paper driving licence as it expires soon. Does anyone know how I do this? I believe a brief medical with a doctor is necessary as I need to tow a trailer?I have looked on the internet but can only find references to swapping from a UK licence to a French one (which I have already done some years ago) TIA

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My Carte Grise was ordered 3 weeks ago and hasnt arrived. What should I do

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Bonjour, a word of warning. I recently advertised my beautiful BMW K100 motorbike on this site. I was asking 2250 euros and within a week a "buyer" e-mailed to say "I will buy it, where do you want me to send the cheque?"I scanned my carte d'gris and the Certificat de Cessation and returned his e-mail.3 or 4 days later I received a cheque, nothing else, postmarked Edinburgh but with a euro stamp on ?? The cheque was for 5200 euros. I told him by e-mail it was the wrong amount and he replied that his banker had include the cost of collection from France so, he said, just put it in the bank and we will "adjust" it when it clears. Yeah, right.The scam, of course is that I send him 3000euros and then the bank tell me the cheque is either forged or stolen. I replied to him telling him that I do not get involved in collection/delivery arrangements and NEVER, EVER give refunds. Since then.......rien!!!Best regards 

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Help needed , we have just bought a rhd drive french reg car on ebay from a dealer in the uk. The carte gris is signed and the cessesion is signed left blanc just the old owners previous details in france, and a certificate non gage the car has 2 years ct , I went to the prefecture in angouleme to register it , they wont do it, They want a form filled out by the previous owner and there passport to do it , i explained the situation but was told i will have to re_register the car in france with out this          any ideas

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We are looking for someone from 86250 who is going to IKEA in Tours or Bordeaux for themselves or others and who can collect a couple of flat-pack bookcases for us.

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