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I want to sell my french registered LHD car to a dealer in uk - Google comes up with several but I presume many are "wide boys" - can anyone recommend a reliable dealer from personal experience ? Thanks ! 

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Urgently Looking for a lift please for myself, 2 cats (in their own boxes & with all necessary paperwork) & a small amount of luggage from 5 December?Paige thanks

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I've had a bump in my car, my fault, no one hurt but the damage caused will cost about 500 euros to repair.  The car is insured fully comp but I'm not sure if there's any excess to pay on the policy.  Can anyone tell me what heading the excess may come under please.

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Hi. I have a problem with the gearbox on my Mercedes E320. having suffered at the hands of the dealership in Angouleme, I am looking for an alternative source to repair the problem. Any recommendations please. Doesn't need to be English speaking.

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Can anyone advise please? I have French registered car which I want to keep in the UK (at my sons house) for my wife and I to use when I am back in the UK and for the occasional use for my son. So I am not selling it but it will be permanently based in the UK. I will need to re-register with DVLA but how do I deal with the local prefecture? The CERFA forms all requre the name and address of a purchaser and the date of sale - BUT it is not being sold. I will need the Carte Gris to re-register it in the UK. Is there a form that I have missed or do I just write to the prefecture with a photocopy of the Carte Gris?

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Hi,Has anyone out there got any information or experience about any of the American car clubs in the Poitou Charente. I would like to meet up with any other owners of gas guzzlers.....as they say a Ford Mustang will pass anything on the road except a petrol station!!!!!

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Hi all, I am an Aussie, returning home in 2 weeks.   I need to sell/dispose of my 1998 Honda Civic, 105k miles, auto trans, MOT until April, excellent condition RHD.  I would like to keep her, but I have been house sitting in the UK and France, and as I no longer have an address, I can no longer insure the vehicle.   This vehicle would be perfect for someone who alternates between France and the UK.Best contact is [email protected]  

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Does anyone know what category on Ebay.fr cars are listed in?I tried in auto moto & hardly anything there, only suggestions of cars in the UK.Is there some rule excluding selling cars in France on ebay ?

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Has anyone managed to register there vehicle without the CofC, my log book has the new type approval number but Poitiers will not accept this even though legally they should, I know some people have managed to register in other departments........anyone had any such luck?

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anybody know if the main road from Lezay to Melle is still shut?

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Is it necessary to have a medical after the age of 75 for the holder of a French, pink paper driving licence?

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Hi, can anyone recommend a reputable tow bar company/fitter in the Angouleme area? We are looking to have one fitted to our car, looking for a detachable version. Thanks

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Is there a supplier of motorhome accessories in the region that anyone could recommend. In particular I am after a "privacy room" which is an extension of the awning.

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Looking for someone who can get my Honda sfx 50 scooter running. Ran ok 2 years ago but been sat. I am by Lesignac Durand, near Chabanais. willing to pay within reason as I am going to sell it anyway. w reg, elec. start, 28000 miles, with good helmet and fab condition.uk reg, all papers. Accept 250 E. email for pics. thank you. 

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What paperwork do you need to register a Motorhome in france

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This is a bit of a long shot but is there by chance anyone going back to the UK in the near future with an empty car trailer? We have an MGF which needs transporting back to the UK to a garage in Littlehampton, West Sussex. We are in Normandy near to Avranches just off the A84. We would of course contribute towards travel costs. Thank you.

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I currently own a VESPA  125  2002 model, and am looking for any other like minded retired 'Mod'that would be interested in sortis, or general scooter chat/meetings, who may own a scooter.Please be kind enough to contact me on  [email protected] thank you.

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