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Has anyone registered an 'imported' car over the counter at Poitiers Prefecture in the last few weeks? I'm asking as I've heard that they are no longer offering this service but are asking you to place your documents in an internal envelope that they provide so that they can be sent off to a central location for processing. They say that you will receive your Carte Grise (if the paperwork is in order) through the post after 10 days.Has anyone used this new system?

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Here is my challenge.  My car is RH drive with french plates and french lights. I have been looking at french cars and uk cars. French have more Km and are dearer... UK cars, same year group are cheaper and less milage. [but then there is the hassle of changing plates and lights again.]  aaarrrggghhh    What paperwork do I need to bring back with me to the UK to exchange the car if that is what I finally choose to do?  Has anyone used Evans Halshaw? I have seen cars in Doncaster at half the price they are here.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a reasonable car hire place near Confolens? We need to drive to ferry Friday and go over to U.K and return after a week or so.

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Hi, can anybody help. We had a mobile mechanic last year, and previous and he was listed on angloinfo but can't find him now and have lost his contact details. Really nice, genuine bloke, think he was semi-retired and think lived in Limalonges.......does anyone know who I mean and do you have his contact details. Thanks

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Hi, I have a Dacia Duster on a PCP plan in England.  We took this plan out in March, not thinking that we would be emigrating.  Now we've bought a house in France and I will be moving out in the next few months.  Does anyone have any experience of bringing a car like this to France?  Long shot, I know

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l have bought a German Caravan from a English couple who have used it on English Plates. l have all the German paperwork for it ie. Conformity but how do l change it into French. l do need a step by step guide on how to begin.

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Can anyone help me identify the french terminology for the following please..."Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated, but not resulting in excessive movement. Wishbone Front bush" It is one of the advisory notes that was included when our Fiat Ducatto 2.8 JTD (Swift Motorhome) was MOT'd in the UK, and we are wanting to get it fixed over her but have no mechanical knowledge.Thanks.

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My wife's RHD car was recently written off after some body pulled out of a junction on her. I would like to share with you that although your French Insurance company will quite happily take your money off you at full price as if it's a LHD car when for any reason they have to pay up they will not pay up any where near it's French LHD equivalent ! The insurance companies use an "car expert" who work for them to estimate the value of the vehicle ! We have been battling for 6 weeks now !! He has valued ours after looking at the equivalent car in the U.K and then changing back into Euros at the current rotten rate which works out at approx half the value of the same LHD car here. And he won't budge ! Funny when you see some of the prices of RHD car adverts on here nearly the same as LHD's !

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Having got my old car back on the road (last drove it 16 years ago!), I'm keen to go to local, or even not so local, meetings of like minded enthusiasts. I'm between Parthenay and Poitiers. I believe there are meetings at Surgeres and St Savinien, which are around 100km from here... willing to do that sort of distance, but is there anything closer?

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Anyone got any advice on where to go? Anyone used the BMW garage in Angouleme? Our french is not brilliant! Thanks

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Has anyone travelled from Tunnel to Sauze Vaussais recently. I am told there was a long diversion on Sunday. I have been unable to find out why and if it is ongoing. Can anyone help please?

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Does anyone know of  site that will give details of road works major delays etc on auto routes. Have to travel to Tunnel on Sunday 14th August so I would like to know of any troubles in advance if possible. Thanks in advance

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I know this has been asked a hundred times but has anyone recently changed their UK Driving Licence for a French one? If so, I would really appreciate a run down of what is required. Thank you in advance.

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Morning, has anybody insured an import vehicle that is collected from customs for the first time?? I want to be legal when driving the vehicle home. If anybody has used a good local insurer for this can they please post details. I will have to arrange the insurance from outside France. Many thanks.

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Hi, im looking at using an english caravan on my building plot. Still searching for one. Has anyone a large caravan chassis maybe?

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My AWD automatic has developed the (intermittent) habit of illuminating two specific dashboard lights without any input from me and at random intermittent intervals.The lights in question are the yellow traction control light (in the shape of a car with wavy skid-type tyre marks behind) while the other is a red light for the downhill control .These seem to go on and off at will, and the first one (the yellow light) acts even more strangely since,while it is on involuntarily, I get a SECOND and adjacent identical light on the dash if I press the dashboard button to do so.I've had a look on the various websites but have found no pointers as to the root cause of these lighting issues.The car meantime runs perfectly.Anybody have any clues for me?

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I am looking for an English speaking mechanic to look after a couple of jobs on my car in order to get it ready for French registration.Also need help with a sit on lawnmower.

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Is there anywhere offering this service (not self service) anywhere near Civray please.

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Looking for some one to change our caravan fog light over, any suggestions?

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This mechanic runs a charity teaching young peeps and we have a car to donate.Does anyone know how to contact him?

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