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  Question  I have a  sky + HD box with WiFi  ..has anyone  connected  one to the internet here in France to get the online extras , do not fancy trying it in case sky cuts me off ...  Dave 

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HiDoes anybody know how to install/use ipVanish on my Orange livebox please? Its to change my ip address so that I can view catch up tv etc via sky?RegardsDave

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Can I recommend the film Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchil.  We saw it in Angouleme in the original version with French subtitles and it was excellent - a wonderful perfomance by Gary Oldman and the supporting cast:  wonderful!

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Hellowe Looking for a cheapest internet provider tv pacage not needed, its  for  a small studio that mainly rent's out in the summer season, also renting out for all seasons,  I recon providing internet will increase our yearly profit on the property and it would be good to prove my wife wrong for once, she's normally right, much appreciated thanks  in advance

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For all you Retro-Vintage lovers out there ….Come and join in the fun at the So Vintage Market on May 13th and 14th 2017 at the Noron Exhibition Park in Niort (79) 2,000 square metres of vintage heaven and over 60 stalls !This indoor vintage market will be selling every imaginable vintage, retro and collectable item you could hope for. 
Over the weekend You will find retro fashion stalls for ladies and gentlemen, accessories and jewellery, home decoration, upcycling, designers, illustrators, vintage furniture, vinyls, but not only … Ladies, we all love to be pampered, so why not treat yourself to a vintagemakeover and pin-up shoot with our lovely stylists and photographer?  Show off to your friends with your new moves !Danse workshops  all over the weekend with the very talented Maxime from the Prestige Danse school in Niort . (Lindy Hop, Charleston, Rock ...)And the cherry on the cake … The band that are gonna make you dance your socks off  :-) The Hot Swing Sextet will be with us all weekend and a concert will be held on Saturday evening so get your dance shoes on !Bar and food trucks on site ! Free car parkMore information coming soon :-) Https://www.facebook.com/events/1876321162638994/

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Does anyone know what time the Xmas Market in Niort closes down on a Saturday evening please?Also looking for recommendations for a nice restaurant in the town for Saturday dinner.Thank you.

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There are a series of traditional English carol concerts taking place throughout December. All are free of charge except the one at Lezay at 18:00 Sat 16 December where there will be a small entry fee. Choir will be accompanied by strings from the Josquin des Pres Ensemble de Poitiers and organist. Additional choral music by Handel, Purcell, Tomkins, Rutter & Byrd. Churches will be heated. See the website for details of the concerts. All welcome.  See http://ens.josquindespres.free.fr/ for all the information

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Is anyone aware of any Carol Services in the Civray/Ruffec area which either uses British Carols or a mix of British/French?Thanks

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Hi all, I need a 48/49" tv but it seems you can only but UHD or 4K  ones these days, the problem is that I only have the facility to view in standard definition and  the picture quality seems very poor on these tv,s in SD format, if anyone has had this problem and solved it I would be very grateful for any suggestions,    many thanks.

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Anyone anywhere doing a bonfire night fireworks display this 05th Nov????????

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Hi - can anyone confirm what an Association must do when they have live music?I believe there are fees to pay somewhere, to some organisation....   And is it the Association organising the event who pays - or the artists playing - or the mairie of the commune where the event takes place???

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Hi I am an experienced drummer looking for guitar ,keyboard, brass and singers in the Charente Maritime

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does anyone know where I can buy some indoors fireworks OR fireworks that are not rockets or bangers?  I live in a rural area -in the middle of harvest - with animals and children who are sound sensitive.  Guy Fawkes is coming up and this year I would like to indulge!   So..in the Charente/Charente Maritimes is there somewhere who can cater for the above.  Have tried Gifi (all bangers and rockets) and the mega fete shop at Cognac (same)any ideas would be welcome.

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Does anyone have a 4k tv from the UK?  Does it work ok with Humax and French internet?  Are there any conflicts?

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We are  2 musicians , singer and drummer looking for guitarists and keyboard ( even brass section players) We are retired but are 60 going on 40 and enthusiastic about setting up a band in the Charente region.If you are passionate about music get in touch we would be delighted to. discuss our ambitions

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Hi, I will be bringing a Samsung TV to Deux Sevres (79).  We need someone to install a sky dish to enable us to watch UK TV (it has FreeSat).   Can anyone recommend someone in our area please?

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  Hi, I'm after a monthly Internet deal but France telecom charge too much...- I've seen some deals that offer it at €15 p/m and wondered how these companies compare with FT for service....!?- I have all the cabling to the house but it's not live, please can you advise on the best solution....?thankseddie 

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Does anyone know what date the "Night Market" is on in Civray?

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Have been using a Sky minidish since 2003 with FTA box and no problems until start June 2017. Thought the problem was ancient dish so thinking of replacing with new Sky minidish, but it seems these are now Zone 1 or Zone 2. Do I need to use a Zone 2 or will a Zone 1 dish work?  Looking at Amazon, seems both dishes are same dimensions (60cm x about 40cm) but perhaps the LNB is different. Any advice on this?

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Does anyone know of cinemas in the POitou region that have the capacity to screen films in 70mm? Just been reading about Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk that is due to be released in a few weeks with the possibility of 70mm screenings.

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