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Hi all, First I'd like to say what a brilliant and helpful site this is. My Husband and I wish to move to France with our two children within Three Years. The more we look into it, the more exciting it feels. However, I have a few questions and was hoping some of you could Help me. 1) Where would be the most suitable place for an English family of Four to live? We need to be near schools, a town or village, a safe and freindly place, near local amenities, amongst or near an English community (we are learning French at the mo.) and near a bus route maybe. 2) What is the situation with working in France? My Husband is a general labourer/Plasterer and I am a Qualified Travel Agent. (Although I am now a prison Officer, this is not my chosen career path!!) 3) Is it safe? Britain right now is the pits (I've already started a general debate on this subject) Is it realistic to say I can trust my children to go out to play without worrying about what dodgy people they could meet. Could I step outside on a dark evening to walk the dog without getting mugged or battered? 4) Next year in August, my Husband and I are flying to Bordeaux with just a hire car and backpack to look around Poitou-charentes and have a taste of French Life. Are their plenty of b&bs/hotels to stay in? Please help HayleyTiredmum1

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Hi my daughter  needs a work experience from 2nd November to the 20th December in the tourism sector,  it can be anything from hotels, museums, parks, tourist offices. It also can be in france or the uk or anywhere really. The school covers the insurance etc. If anyone can help or advise please do so. Even if it's just  a contact. Its difficult here as alot of things have closed for the winter now.Thanks in advance 

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Does anybody know of a female mobile hairdresser in area 79

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I am looking for a bilingual school  for my daughter. Preferable English. 

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homecare for Christmas period

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Hi there,I will be moving out to Souvigne just outside of Villefagnan in March '20 with my husband a 2.5 year old son. Are there any playgroups nearby at all please and any English speaking mums too?Thank you! Kat 

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Hello there!I know some of the British families living here use French (or Spanish or...ect) au pairs for the summer.Does anyone know through which 'agency' or website ? I've got a 21 year-old student and a 16 year-old girl who would love to have an opportunity to improve their English while working with children, in the region.Thanks !Aurélie

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Does anybody know what the correct 'protocol' is for giving a gift to french friends on the birth of their baby?  Also is there any correct wording for a card etc.  There doesn't seem to be too much help out there concerning this.  I dont want to cause any upset by giving and doing the wrong thing.   Regards Barbara Ann

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Hi everyone. I’d love some advice on schools and activities for kids in the Ruffec area and beyond. We have two boys aged five and three and a little girl who has just turned one. My husband is French and we have been living in the Tarn for the last five months with both boys in the local state school in our village. Our three year old is thriving in maternelle but our five year old is in at the deep end as the youngest in his class in CP in a big class with very little support. Both boys spoke French before we arrived and I think we could say they are bilingual at this stage but my eldest I think is still finding the huge leap pretty difficult. We are thinking of moving to the Charente as it is much closer to my husband’s parents in Royan and also a much easier commute to Paris as it looks like my husband is going to be commuting for a few days every couple of weeks while working at home the rest of the time. Were hoping to come up and explore the area after Christmas and while I speak French I’m definitely keen on the idea of having a few more English speakers around. Could anyone share their experiences if the local schools and any after school activities in the area (we’re pretty spoiled in our village here with montessori art classes, circus school, musique, dance, lots of sports etc.)? Also while my eldest can currently read and write a fair bit in English having finished Reception in the UK, I’m starting to panic a bit about the idea of having to support all three of them in learning to read and write in English when I’m not a trained teacher. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on this?I realise this is a lot of questions  - the Sacré Cœur website is down for maintenance so my attempt at research didn’t get very far. Finally are there here any other places in the area we should look at? I’d welcome any advice at all as it’s so hard dragging the kids around to look at houses and areas (and we did it all last year before we came here but circumstances with my husband’s job are forcing us to rethink).Thanks so much! Emma 

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Unless I am missing a 'little gem', the closest International School to Poitou-Charentes is Bordeaux or Paris? I love France BUT we found it necessary to move from France 6 months ago as my 14 year old daughter struggled with the local French speaking school, (zero English speaking teachers, with the exception of the receptionist very limited English!) My husband and I are trying to find a suitable solution to our problem to enable us to return to France but do not want to jeopardise our daughters education in the process! Any advice would be great!

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Hi, does anyone have experience of the schools...college/high school equivilant........in the Le Busseau 79 area? Preferably non catholic! Any help and opinions welcome. Thanks, Donna.

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My teenage children are keen to earn some pocket money, whether babysitting, moving logs/stones etc, chopping wood or any other small tasks teenagers could do, please email if you have anything they could do or suggestions.

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Hi,Wife wants to knit first size baby clothes for our first great-grandchild when its born next year.Has anyone got suitable patterns in english please?We could buy the wool via ebay?Barry

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I have recently moved to limalonges and looking for a play group for my 16 month old son to play with other children any suggestions ??

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I need a baby cot for 10 days for visiting grandson, does anyone know if it's possible to hire in the Ruffec/Civray area.Thank you

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Hello, we are looking for a pen friend for our son, aged 11, ideally a boy who learns french. If you know anyone interested, please contact Natacha Boton-Taverneau

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Hi, I'm flying over from Edinburgh on 8th July to stay with friends in Lesterp. I wondered if there is anywhere near Poitiers airport that I can hire an infant car seat from?  I'll be travelling alone with my 11 month old and I don't want to have to bring a car seat over with me (not enough hands!!). Thanks

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Hi all, My son (who is in year 2 at uni)  had to ratrappage a couple of subjects (not because he failed the exams but because he missed the exams due to illness).  My question is, how long after he has taken these resits will we know if he has passed or not? Anxious mum alert!!  Anyone been in this position and know the drill?Many thanks

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Now completely fed up with the absences of teachers at Chef Boutonne, I'm looking for another college for my 12 year old son. This will be somewhat disruptive for him so I want to make the right choice and would welcome any views/experiences of colleges in and around this area. I've heard a privé might be a better way. Appreciate any input, thanks. 

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