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Hi all, I am Paul.  Would be good to hear from any expats who've recently purchased in the Poitou-Charente region and whether they financed it via Local or British brokers.  I am over from 11th August until 20th.  Be good to hear people's experience, as I am in research mode and may be buying property soon.Cheers Paul

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please. I would like the help of a good competent divorce solicitor who speaks English. I live in the Bressuire area. Many thanks

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HayWe are in the process of buying a property in Charente (Brossac area) and looking for an English speaking tax accountant to get some advice on our situation and in general the french tax system ( it seems complicated)  Would really appreciate any recommendations. Much appreciated! Thanks! 

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Hi there - I'm new to France and as a self employed person working on her basic French I'm finding it really hard to find time to navigate the tax system here in order to get set up properly and pay tax. I work from home and identify with the eligibility of 'Micro-entrepreneur' but that's about as far as I've gotten with my tepid investigations so far- I'm anxious to get set up properly so I can pay my dues, is this something I could manage on my own or does anybody have a tax management service they could recommend? I'm based in Sauze-Vaussais and would really appreciate any tips or advice you might have regarding this subject.Thank you in advance!

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New Micro-Entrepreneur seeking recommendations for Liability and Complementary Health Insurance broker/agent please, Charroux area 86250.

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Hi,A few years ago I agreed to have my name put on a friend's French property to register it as a SCI with SIRET number. Could my name be removed later without her telling me?

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Moved back to the UK recently after 14 years in France, so now paying UK tax. However, one final French return to do and its the year that they change the bloody system. Couldn't they have waited another year? Anyway, is anyone else in the same boat as I'm getting very confused about form 2041E and my very small, hardly worth the hassle, French pension and surely I don't have to declare my UK bank accounts now I'm back in Blighty on what is my final French return?

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 I have a maison secondaire, we do not have a Television set.  Each year we get the form detailed above which is for me to advise whether I now have a set. For most of the years we have had the property I have completed the form and ticked the first of the questions which are detailed below.  When the Taxe D'habitation has arrived later in the year the Television licence has not been charged for.  In the last four years despite still ticking the first question when the Taxe D'habitation has arrived I have been charged for a Television licence and each year I have then spent quite a lot of time getting the 'Centre des Finances Publiques' to send a revised Bill.Can anyone advise me what I am doing wrong if anythingMany thanks MichaelGThe questionnaire I am filling in is:-

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Please help!we have had a house in France Since 2016 ....we want to come and live in France .Do we have to register with the Marie To get a carte sejour  before Brexit? Can any one tell me the best cause of action to become a legal residEnt 

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Please help!we have had a house in France Since 2016 ....we want to come and live in France .Do we have to register with the Marie To get a carte sejour  before Brexit? Can any one tell me the best cause of action to become a legal residEnt 

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Hi can someone please help Bringing car to France from the UK need a COC certificate has it got to come from the manufacturers or can I get it from the government site online. Conflicting info given somebody told me it doesn't have to come from the manufacturers. I would be grateful for any information you could thank you. 

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We have assurance vies invested with a company in Luxemburg. When we need cash, the funds are transferred to our Credit Agricole current account. We have made numerous withdrawals in this manner over the past few years with no problems.Last October we both instructed transfers, and these arrived in our current account as usual, however this time, we were each charged 17 euros "Comm de Rapatriement" plus 3 euros "Avis Operation Rapatriement" (despite which we received no letter or email notification from the bank. So an absurd and unacceptable 40 euros charged for a transfer of euros to a euro account.We have a good relationship with our local bank manager, and she has readily refunded the 40 euros, however she has added that she will not be able to do so again. No wish to embarrass her by pressing further, hence this post. Has anyone else had this "Commission" etc charged, in this situation? Can anyone state definitively that this charge was made in error? As stated, no previous withdrawal has had this "Commission" applied.

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Hiya all,Is there a French equivalent of the Land Registry where I could obtain a copy of home ownership?Many thanks,Nige.

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Hi this just seems strange .. for 10 years my statement has read for the 3 taxes I pay Dept Finance Public and the amount... but this morning they read.. dept de Haute Vienne and the amounts ... have they changed or should I be concerned  and when do we as OAPs stop paying one of the taxes [can't remember which one]

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Hi All.I am resident in France.  My husband remains resident in the UK working for a UK company.The tax office have told me I have to declare his income on my tax return.Can anyone help me to understand which form and which box  I should declare this in?Appreciate any help.Many thanks.

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We let our spare house out last August for a few weeks whilst some friends house hunted. We used to rent out as a business under MicroEntrepreneur but wound all that up in 2015. This letting was a one off. Can anyone tell me which box to enter this income in, please.

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When arere the pink forms arriving for tax returns  as the 17 MAY is the due date.Got the Blue one already filled in but waiting, waiting,.AGH!

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Hi finally got round to typing in on form 3916 all our accounts -far too numerous to mention I now know why we've put off doing it each year! Nearly done just wanted to check can anyone  clarify what sections 2 & 3 on the form mean in SIMPLE TERMS we did translate it but the result we're not what we thought it meant  ! Thanks 

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Which box on 2042k or 2042ck pro, do you enter income from gite/ chambre'dhote. If anyone can help I would be most grateful.

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