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The biggest worry I have is that my income from UK rental is taxed or has social charges deducted from it.In order to have a fighting chance it would be helpful if someone could advise which forms i need to declare it on (more specifically where abouts on the form do I put it as the wrong entry seems to get the taxman excited) Look forward to hearing from you all

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I have lost my carte de sejour, how do I go about replacing it? Can anybody help please?

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Hi all, as an auto entrepeneur dealing with english companies for many years, I have just received notification from U.P.S that they can no longer deliver parcels to me in France as I do not have a TVA number ( new rules which only France is applying ). As I am under the threshold for TVA registration and only operate a small business this will in effect drive me to early retirement. Any body else come up against this ?

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Hi would any one be able to assist please with an email address for BNP Ruffec . Either Branch or Managers . Thank you . 

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Please can anyone tell me whether a UK War Pension (not taxable in UK) is taxable in France and should it be declared in France?

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Looks like we may have sold our French house - paperwork being done at present.But can anyone help with some advice?The fosse does not conform- what usually happens? is it obligatory to be re-done, can it continue longer (it was built in the 70s and has never had any problems)  Could our buyer can they demand we pay/share the cost to re-build it?   As it is we are selling at a massive loss - much less than our purchase price in 2006, and we have made plenty improvements (about 50K euros worth) also lost.And if this sale crashes could the diagnostic be used for a subsequent sale?  it was done last week, cost 300 euros (excludes the fosse inspection costs)Any advice will be much appreciated.Thanks in advance

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We wish to sell our holiday property in the Charente after 30 very enjoyable years of ownership.  An agent came to inspect the property with the view that we were going sell through him.  He advised us that our garden boundaries were not the same as on the commune plans eg about 10-20 yards of our entrance  and a small portion of our garden are shown as being part of our neighbours land.  The agent advised that we should talk to our neighbour to see if they are happy for us to have this piece of land, which they said we could; however it is going to cost me upto 1000€ to have an additional deeds prepared.  Should this not have been pointed out to us when purchasing the property and sorted by the Notaire then.  As we bought the property 30 years ago and the Notaire has retired and possibly not around now. Is there a way we can get around this without the cost advised?Since deciding on selling the property we have Covid and have not been to our property for 2 years, although our son visited for a few days to check on it earlier this year, we do not feel happy in the present climate in travelling to France to get the wheels in motion for selling.Help in resolving both of these issues would be appreciated.

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I am selling a house which we have had for 15 years. However we have found that a veranda in the house which was built over 30 years ago did not have planning permission. even though it was itentifide in our deeds by the Noteire. I just wonder what action can be taken. Or was thier a cut of date when this came into force. If not then thier could be many properties that are unaware of this requirement. Can anyone advise.

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Can anyone explain how the house selling business works - most especially the handover of keys at the notaire's -  does this coincide with the transfer of money at the same time as in England?  that is at the exact same time?With many thanks in advance.

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I really need some help, so I hope someone can provide it.     For a year now, we have been unable to travel to our second home in the Charente, and our bank seems to have removed access to our bank account.   I repeatedly receive emails from them asking for proof of ID, proof of address in England, proof of tax status.   I have already done this once, and twice have sent hard copies of everything we think they need.   I have rung them, but my French isnt understandable to them, and they have no one who speaks English at our Confolens branch.   We have no idea how many euros are in the account, and another deadline for providing this info is looming.    Any bright ideas??

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I live permanently in France and wish to go to a funeral in U.K.Out one day and return the next. I am a loss as to what documents I require.  Am double vaccinated!

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Hi, I am a UK citizen who lived and worked in France (paying into French tax and social security for a number of years and returned to the UK two years ago. I receive a very small pension from my previous French employer (160euros/month).  I no longer have any financial interest or property in France, but I continue to submit a tax return to the French authorities.My UK income is declared in the UK and tax paid accordingly.However, I`ve received notification from the tax authority that I am required to submit details of any UK bank and savings accounts. Does anybody know if this is this a legal requirement?    Thank you

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Hello all. We are at our wits end! We did not realise we needed to have a copy of a decennial when works began on our pool. A few weeks later we chased and chased and it turns out the Artisan doesn't have any. (as confirmed by him, he pleaded ignorance) The pool is not complete after a year and a half and he has decimated our garden in the process.. We could not have the garden rectified until he has finished and its a miserable excuse of an overgrown space now :(  I won't even go into the state of the workmanship. Is there an Ombudsman or someone I could report his business to? I understand (now) he has been sued successfully by someone he did the same thing to. (I'm also aware that there is a £75k fine for artisans who do not have a Decennale when they undertake works but he seems blasé about this)  Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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I am currently searching for a recommendation for a lawyer to advise on business strategy and financial planning, specifically in regard to tax-efficiently growing a company. We currently distribute within France and the U.K., and we have the ultimate goal of distributing across Europe and abroad. An English speaking advisor would be great, but French-only is okay. Thank you! 

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Looking ftir business who will enter your tax details n line, in Charente.

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Hi I receive an attendance allowance  for.my husbandIs it necessary to include this in our Tax Return?

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Help needed. Going round in circles with Revenue online... 2 simple issues exactly where do I enter interest  earnt in UK on savings? and how do you enter accounts abroad... I go to 3916 and it asks to enter number of life assurances I am going to declare.. when I enter 0 (all I want to do is enter some bank account details) it tells me it wont accept 0 but has to be a positive number ??? help ...anyone?? please

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Hi. Can anyone give me information on whether if someone overstays their Schengen 90 days with a U.K. registered car, whether the vehicle is legally insured even though it is U.K. taxed?Is there any situation where they and their vehicle could still be legally in France?Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone, I’m looking for recommendations for an Accountant/Tax Advisor preferably able to explain in English if necessary. Ideally based in the Poitiers, Limoges, Angouleme triangle. thanks .

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