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Has anyone received the bill for the taxe d'hab?rather nervous about this as I know they are severe if paid late- and it's not arrived yet.with many thanks

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Does anyone have a phone number for the Cadastral Dept?    We have a geometre that refuses to answer emails so its impossible to find out why our new registration is being held up (holding up  sale completion).  Many thanks.

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I have been living in France now for nearly 4yrs and I am 70 this year, but I have not done anything to my driving license since arriving. Am I in trouble? and where do I go to change the Iicense for a French one? Will I have to sit a driving test? Do I need to do anything at all? I was stopped once by a gendarmerie for not stopping at a stop sign, he examined the license and said nothing, was I lucky? or was he negligent? Help please

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Can anyone help us.    Out of the blue we received a letter from a French insurance company saying that we had been involved in an accident in a city we have never visited - in a car we have never owned or registered.    We have now received four letters, and have replied to all of them saying that we have a second home in France, but have never been involved in an accident, never been to the city mentioned, never owned a French registered car.    The correspondence is just going back and forth and they are taking no notice of anything we say - what do you recommend we do?

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Please help!we have had a house in France Since 2016 ....we want to come and live in France .Do we have to register with the Marie To get a carte sejour  before Brexit? Can any one tell me the best cause of action to become a legal residEnt 

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Hi, can anyone advise please which conpanies offer beauty therapy insurance for waxing, Pedicures, massage (incl Indian head) and eyebrow tinting please ? Kind regards 

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We have a contract with EDF for the production of energy through solar panels. The date we need to read the Linky meter and submit the readings for our invoice is in 2 days. I noticed last week that the figures haven't changed for months despite the hot weather so assume the meter is not working. For the last week I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get an engineer out but no-one wants to take responsibility. OA-solaires say it's not their problem and referred me to EDF/Enerdis. I have rung 8 different numbers but no-one can help, they keep telling me to ring Enerdis Customer Services, which i've done on numerous occasions. I have emailed their customer services department twice, no response. Our normal revenue from the panels is 2000 euros pa so I'm very worried that this year we'll be getting almost nothing as oa-solaires will only accept the current reading. Has anyone experienced similar problems? Many thanks for any advice.

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I translated a copy of my birth certificate and sent it to the RSI for my carte vital, who have informed me that it needs to be translated by a 'traducteur assermente'. Has anybody had to do this and if so, can you recommend somebody please? This has been going on for over a year and now I'm getting bored of it! Thanks

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does any one know if bank charges have been suspended during the crisis

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Has anyone had a letter from the tax people with a penalty  as I understand it as I have paid these taxes in a different way.It seems to be a penalty of 300 euro for EACH - as I received two letters- identical, but confusing as I am unsure what i have done wrong as I have always paid on time.Incidentally, these taxes are now similar to the tax on our UK home which is worth quite a bit more.We are trying to sell the French house- but no takers so far - and such tax does make it even more urgent!Can anyone help please? 

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Having bought things from Cdiscount's website I regularly receive all sorts of e-mail shots.Today's is quite interesting as it offers the chance to sign up with them as an electricity supplier, I attach the webpage below.Out of interest, has anyone signed up with them? If so, how did it go? It seems that they do all the legwork re. cancelling your existing contract with your existing supplier (i.e. EDF) rather like Uswitch in the UK.Certainly a 15% reduction in electricity bills could be quite interesting! Here's the webpage:https://www.cdiscount.com/cdiscountenergie?refer=2017_ldiff_ldiff_cible_1101w44_ldiff%20n1_inactifs_SEMIGENERIQUE_011117&cm_mmc=FID-_-MASSIF-_-LDIFF1-_-SEMI_GENERIQUE_email%20ldiff_cible_171101w44%20ldiff%20n1_inactifs_SEMIGENERIQUE_011117_13813211230_sansConditions&cid=email&clid=0000000FSN4K

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Is there an ombudsman for insurance in France

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Trying to cancel insurances and close bank account, after 3 months no success. Does anyone have an English speaking contact number for the area?

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I have been trying to pay my bill online on the budget.gouv.fr site, but I keep getting a message saying I need to have my debut card verified, As i'm not back until February I can't do this, I've never had this before, (5th year) is it usual?

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Gathering Awareness of Nasty insurance brokersI had dealings with an insurance agent in Parthenay over a number of years. It was ok for a while, but then turned nasty. Imagen my horror agent attempted to collect money for a policy which I had cancelled, perfectly legitimately (and in accordance with statutory EU insurance laws). They demanded I pay a sum of money, which eventually they actually couldn't offer any justification for. They had pursued it including using a bailiff to try to harass & pressure me into paying. The bailiff wrote a letter demanding the amount be paid in full within 8 days. However, the letter that arrived - over two weeks later - was postmarked 8 days after the date the letter was written. For a while I thought I was dealing with Damian from The Omen movie, until I put the ball right back in their 'Chairman-Mau' Court.Outside of the subliminal messages, the blunt truth here is whatever insurance company you choose, do not be fooled because the broker has English-speaking staff who may fool you by coming across as laid-back and friendly. Be vigilant in reading and understanding what you agree to, and sign for. Preferably use an independent financial adviser or solicitor to check everything within the (mandatory) cooling-off period. It's money well spent in the long term.Sadly, I only ever made 1 claim over several years of dealing with them, for some storm damage to my roof. Guess what? They squirmed out of paying out. I should have terminated them then...

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Hi all, I am Paul.  Would be good to hear from any expats who've recently purchased in the Poitou-Charente region and whether they financed it via Local or British brokers.  I am over from 11th August until 20th.  Be good to hear people's experience, as I am in research mode and may be buying property soon.Cheers Paul

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please. I would like the help of a good competent divorce solicitor who speaks English. I live in the Bressuire area. Many thanks

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