Garden Boundary problems when selling property.

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We wish to sell our holiday property in the Charente after 30 very enjoyable years of ownership.  An agent came to inspect the property with the view that we were going sell through him.  He advised us that our garden boundaries were not the same as on the commune plans eg about 10-20 yards of our entrance  and a small portion of our garden are shown as being part of our neighbours land.  The agent advised that we should talk to our neighbour to see if they are happy for us to have this piece of land, which they said we could; however it is going to cost me upto 1000€ to have an additional deeds prepared.  Should this not have been pointed out to us when purchasing the property and sorted by the Notaire then.  As we bought the property 30 years ago and the Notaire has retired and possibly not around now. Is there a way we can get around this without the cost advised?Since deciding on selling the property we have Covid and have not been to our property for 2 years, although our son visited for a few days to check on it earlier this year, we do not feel happy in the present climate in travelling to France to get the wheels in motion for selling.Help in resolving both of these issues would be appreciated.

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I had a problem 20 years ago when I was buying my place over here,I was told a very similar story about my garden but it turned out that the Notaire (in my Case) had been looking at some previous OLD deeds!

I never trust estate agents as in my previous life I was an independent Mortgage Broker. ( I bet this gets deleted)

MichaelG-578205 1638955508

Beemer Thanks for your reply I will get them double and triple checked.

Matthew -Parris-992373 1639582030

If you go to   you can search for your address and get the official plan and compare it to your garden

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