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I really need some help, so I hope someone can provide it.     For a year now, we have been unable to travel to our second home in the Charente, and our bank seems to have removed access to our bank account.   I repeatedly receive emails from them asking for proof of ID, proof of address in England, proof of tax status.   I have already done this once, and twice have sent hard copies of everything we think they need.   I have rung them, but my French isnt understandable to them, and they have no one who speaks English at our Confolens branch.   We have no idea how many euros are in the account, and another deadline for providing this info is looming.    Any bright ideas??

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Sabine-Seguin-1016358 1637935566

Dear Mrs Moore, 

As an interpreter and translator with 25 years of experience, I could help you solve your problems with your bank.

I have worked for English people living in my region for quite a long time now and could give you the phone number of an Englishman I have helped recently with professional appointements.

My email is: 

Don't hesitate to contact me. 

Yours faithfully,

Sabine Seguin

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