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I am selling a house which we have had for 15 years. However we have found that a veranda in the house which was built over 30 years ago did not have planning permission. even though it was itentifide in our deeds by the Noteire. I just wonder what action can be taken. Or was thier a cut of date when this came into force. If not then thier could be many properties that are unaware of this requirement. Can anyone advise.

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Your Notaire is responsible for sorting this but you can take out insurance against any comback. If it has previously changed hands during the interim you should be OK as " Offcialdom" has not picked it up before. Get an Attestation from your Notaire that ther is no problem.

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My Notaire has advised that at the time of our purchase, They did not need to check on planning of veranda, just a note from the seller that no major changes have been made to the property. that is their stand. WE don't see why we have to arrange for a architect to get planning permission. as veranda was built 30 years ago by seller.

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