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Looks like we may have sold our French house - paperwork being done at present.But can anyone help with some advice?The fosse does not conform- what usually happens? is it obligatory to be re-done, can it continue longer (it was built in the 70s and has never had any problems)  Could our buyer can they demand we pay/share the cost to re-build it?   As it is we are selling at a massive loss - much less than our purchase price in 2006, and we have made plenty improvements (about 50K euros worth) also lost.And if this sale crashes could the diagnostic be used for a subsequent sale?  it was done last week, cost 300 euros (excludes the fosse inspection costs)Any advice will be much appreciated.Thanks in advance

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1641928080

In respect of the fosse you do not need to do anything yourself You have the diagnostic which you can use again In theory the new owner has one year from purchase to upgrade the fosse Obviously the prospective buyer may wish to negotiate on the price and it is clearly up to you and the buyer to come to an agreement

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All the above questions should be presented to your Notaire as they are "in the system" and should be acting  in your best interests

fromagebleu 1641931044

Many thanks all

We are planning to hold firm on not spending on the house- as we have accepted a very low offer, and losing on the price paid in 2006, plus losing about 40K euros of improvements...

If the buyer pushes us we will pull out of the sale, which we think we can still do before the acte is completed.

A bit stressful, but maintaining the place - as we live in Devon has not been easy and husband no longer wants to do it!   Sadly.

Matthew -Parris-992373 1642605066

Two points

The Notaire does not act in anybody's interests in a house sale They are not solicitors in the UK sense.They are there to see that the admin requirements are complied with and taxes are paid

In relation to pulling out of a sale remember if you pull out after the compromis has been signed and before the acte of sale you will responsible for notaires fees agents fees and the buyers expenses Plus of course I doubt if any estate agent would be willing to show your house to clients There are thousands of houses available to buy in France at the moment

Intheshed 1642932476

Dunno about vast numbers for sale, Here in 17, the agents are crying out for stock and most shift within days.


Matthew -Parris-992373 1643038421

Well round my way there are loads of empty places up for sale mainly due to the large numbers of Brits who have gone back "suddenly" You know the sort UK reg car never did a French tax return etc....

Intheshed 1643096614

Know what you mean, but not common about here. I did have reason to 'to and fro'  a bit to Confolens, about 2 hrs cross country and there were many shuttered and tatty houses, but not for sale and likely result of inheritance laws. Not to mention dull places to live.

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