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Just putting this out there to see if anyone is interested before going ahead. I have 30 years experience cooking and writing recipes for publications worldwide and thought I could share some of my knowledge by offering cookery lessons. I have experience with many different cuisines and would offer classic Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Indian classes as well as things such as Barbecues, Vegetarian, Baking etc. Let me know what you all think.

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Hello luluwallace - intrigued by the idea. There are a few people already doing this, so the demand must be there, but are you aware of the regulations surrounding such a venture? You would have to register in order to work, and your kitchens would be subject to food hygiene requirements. It's a bit daunting but not impossible. Clients may be too far away for day-courses, so accommodation may be needed, too. The actual demand is hard to gauge - I imagine you'd limit your classes to say, 6 at the most? And structured - that is, an Asian course, a Mexican course and so on. See what responses you get, and good fortune attend you ...

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Hi Lulu 

I see that you posted a year ago.

I daresay you are sorted now.  But if still looking to do cooking classes we may have the ideal venue for you.  We are in the 86 area and have a chateau.  I want to offer our guests this type of activity.  Yvonne

luluwallace 1500475461

Hi Yvonne, I would love to chat further, please email me at

Regards Louise

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