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Does anybody know where I can buy duck eggs?  Also, cottage cheese and fresh goats milk?  Thanks.

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mojo-538321 1436350824

if you state location someone local to you may help as both duck eggs and goats milk are usually sold by supplier....good luck


Dms74 1436354433

Sorry, I'm near Civray

TheCrew 1436373849

I can help you!  My girls are producing roughly 5 duck eggs a day - they are fab eggs for baking, you get really light cakes.  Am about 25 mins from you but could meet you part way.  PM if interested!

eandp-566495 1436518182

I am very interested in buying duck eggs from you on a regular basis.

we shop in Civray most weeks.

perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know if this possible.

had a previious supplier but she has now return to UK.

lookforward to hearing from you


TheCrew 1436520018

Have sent you a PM.  The eggs are 2 euros per dozen and are absolutely wonderful for baking light and fluffy cakes.

Dms74 1437046352

I would really like to buy some duck eggs from you on a regular basis.  Please could you let me know if this is possible?  I am in Civray most days.


BG-553448 1455221801



dont know if you still have duck eggs, would like some

allibaba 1455222942

If you put cottage cheese into the forum search box you will see some suggestions together with a make it yourself recipe.

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