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Help please. Every year there is a mobile still which resides locally for a period of 3-4 weeks in order to convert wine /fruit into Eau de Vie. The majority of French users appear with sealed blue plastic barrels which look as though they are filled with fruit. Does anyone know whether this is the case or not.  If it is, is the fruit from the previous year? ,is anything added,ie water, sugar etc.We have taken 'old' home made wine to be distilled in the past but have exhausted that supply and before we invest in a 'blue' plastic barrel would like to know the procedure Many thanks 

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when I was a youngster, I had a mate who was an apprentice glassblower. The company he worked for produced scientific apparatus. He had a piece of equipment for distillation, we filled the container with some rather old blackberry jam and lit the burner and hay presto, neat alcohol or eau de vie. So in short I guess they can distil anything that's fermented. The supermarkets have cheap plonk in brown plastic barrels, might be worth a try.

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