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My family and I are considering moving to the Confolens area in July and are considering setting up a mobile fish and chip business.  We are enquiring to whether this is something the local expat community would want. We are experienced in running this type of operation and have a business in the UK trading the same fare.

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tim17 1492167613

There is already a fish and chips shop in Confolens so you would be in direct competition.

huw-southcott-897784 1492169992

Thanks for the information 

George Canning 1492171630

I'm not sure the "expat community" would provide enough customers. The most successful fish and chip business I know probably has more French customers than Brits. They have a bilingual menu and the staff all speak OK French. Also their fish and chips is the best I've had anywhere.

countrydweller 1492176728

In addition you may need to get the appropriate French hygiene certs for you and your van and also permissions from the various communes that you need to visit You may find that existing business may object to the Maire about your presence And as George C says do not rely on the expat trade

countrydweller 1492176926

Also have you researched fully the amount of money that the French govt will take off you in taxes cotisations etc.Many expats woefully underestimate this but it is something that needs to be factored in.You may want to get professional advice and/or visit the local Chambre de Commerce here to ensure you get the right business entity set up

huw-southcott-897784 1492178969

Thanks for the advice. 

Diddle-545494 1492202653

La Sirene in Lizant, between Civray and Ruffec has been a very successful fish and chip shop for many years and is now for sale as the owners wish to retire. Well worth a look. 

simmbugghini 1492245249

A mobile fish and chip van could work if its well sited and well publicised there is one that started at valance on a wednesday night the first week there were probably 30 people the second week i only saw 3 , but if you already know how to do it and serve other things as well you have a chance, you will need to register your vehicle but thats another matter

peter mertens 1492247597

To position your Fish&Chips on an allready difficult market with lots of competetors it might be a good idea -to avoid that you are one of too many- to make YOUR Fish&Chips very special. Like the Fish&Chips in Dirac which fries in 'l'huile de son de riz' (can I translate that as riceoil?). It is described as specially light oil and seen the volume of lots of Brits, thats a really good thing. 

crazylady-565602 1492274283

Check out the above site.  They have tied in with local bars, so the fish and chips can be take away or eaten in the local bar where drinks are bought.

Very, very popular with Brits and French, operate around the Charente Maritime and also do specials, i.e weddings,  private functions etc.

Great fish and chips, mushy peas, pickled eggs, meat pies,.

Hard, hot work for the people who run it but you may be on to a winner.  Good luck.

celia lougher 1492423036

There is one rule that never fails here in France   if you are good at your job in GB there is every chance you will be good here in France, never change job here in France.

There is a VERY GOOD mobile fish & chip van working from the Ruffec area have a regular round as well as doing various events such as car boot , local fetes ,also possible to link up with local cafes on a regular basis , if you are good it will work.

Confolens has a big expat population and with some good marketing you will suceed , make the move and make it work , hope to see you here soon , do contact me if I can be of any help   a bientot  Celia Lougher

huw-southcott-897784 1492427887

Thanks Celia

tim17 1492444527

Not sure Confolens could support two fish & chips suppliers.

daisyduke 1492456013

Maybe you should look at restaurants in Confolens on Trip Advisor to see what your up against!.

Curly_c 1492459760

I must admit the chippy in Confolens is one of the best around, i can't see them being beaten in the quality of food and service, I certainly won't be changing where I get my Saturday night take away ... just being honest ... wouldn't want you wasting your time and money! 

huw-southcott-897784 1492461601

I have changed the area that I am looking at now.  Thanks for your view points

Little Al 1492806563

Montmorillon/Le dorat area had a very successful ended, so possibility of good reception there. Also research "Joel Robuchon Montmorillon"........huge college due to open there with an enormous new client base. Alternatively, in the main square in Montmorillon I know of a super shop rental......ideal for wine-bar /tapas type enterprise.Email me if you want me to track down the contac details

huw-southcott-897784 1492808488

Thank you little al

simmbugghini 1492973627

the van i mentioned has throwi in thr towel , having asked one of the clients he said they were the worst he had ever tasted 

huw-southcott-897784 1492975028

Thanks for the information simmbugghini

Justice-881867 1493033070

There was a mobile van at Montbron recently, think it was the same people who were at Valence. The chips were good but the fish was not fresh, so wouldn't go back there again.

I tried the chip shop in Confolens once about 3-4 years ago, it might have been a one off, but was not impressed and wouldn't go back there either. Although a  lot of friends do like them.

The best fish & chips I have had here is the mobile van that used to go to Sauze Vaussais and Chef Boutonne but not sure if they still exist as I don't live in that area anymore.

I believe there is a fish & chips shop up for sale (or rent) in Chabanais.

Emeraldwales 1500652494

The chip shop in Confolens is very good......a few of us from our village travel there if we need a 'fish & chip''s about 40Km from us....but worth travelling for.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1500656501

Aren't your fish & chips cold by the time you get home?

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