good restaurants for Saturday lunch

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Our favourite the Hotel de Commerce is closed on Saturdays.  boooo.. So is there any good places to eat from Civray to Niort to Melle which does not involve a lot of walking as 2 visitors are struggling with hips , knees etc etc. Many thanks in advance for answers in case I forget to thank people later.

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chèvrefeuille 1502290216

The two restaurants in Nanteuil La Vallee although just out of your search area are both a step up from the Hotel de Commerce.

faris-898700 1502296769

La Porte Bleu  -  in Vertueille is excellent - can recommend it -you can look up the reviews on line - approx 25 mins away from Civray - have spelt the village wrong I know!

dodderyoldman 1502301287

Hi I had forgotten about the 2 in Nantueil but don't like the Auberge since it changed hands... food not great. I can't remember the name of the other one. I will google it.

Ian2381 1502306645

This is excellent about 8km east of Civray

tazzyboy 1502308936

In Melle there is La cote du boeuf,its a bit tucked away,but does great food

sammie-541888 1502358563

Moulin de Condac is very god right on the river (near Ruffec); funnily enough David from Hotel de Commerce used to own the Moulin de Condac.

pauline W 1502734005

If you're prepared to drive about 5kms EAST of Civray ( towards Charroux ) I can recommend the Relais de Pays Civraisien .It's on the main road and It would be on your right , easy parking and all on one level . Fixed price menus, including a vegetarian one or a la carte .

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