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Does anyone know of a Home Catering Service in the area of Ruffec/Civray?  Need catering for a 50th birthday party.

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chèvrefeuille 1514825741

Google traiteur 86400 There are a lot.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1514830077

I think that chèvrefeuille is a master of understatement. Almost every village will have one. Most towns will have many.You'll also find many caves that will provide for the liquid needs of home catering.

ams86160 1514850843

If you are looking for an "English" caterer, this is something different from a "traiteur" as they focus on different tastes - if this is the case you could try James at Le Diamant at Mauprevoir, but there are many very good French ones out there and also most of the Boulangers will do you savory and sweet snacks- you really need to be more specific about what you are looking for.

Depending on the size of the event, you may want to think about venue too! A gem of a place out of season is the gite famille rural in Blanzay - really big dinning room and lounge and provides loads of accommodation for travelling guests. Sure there are other communal gites too.

Happy partying :)

Southern Guy 1514852992

Bob is good also, but I do not remember his number.. He is somewhere on the intronet though.

chèvrefeuille 1514879462

Is Le Diamant the place that is now closed down and boarded up?

ams86160 1514888803

the Diamant is closed currently over the Christmas and New Year period as they have exceptionally gone away - they reopen soon.

rollerboy 1514969531

Hello Bertiebeauford - we've had a few over the years rather than doing it ourselves, usually for around 40 people - depends how much you want doing. Domaine du Chatelard at Dirac offer a very complete and excellent service to very high standards - but you start at €64 a head. Fransons offer very good quality Fish'n'Chips at €14 a head. Many in between - Chevrefeuille is right - Pages Jaunes under 'Traiteur' - but be aware that French traiteurs will supply all the crockery, glassware and cutlery required, but don't do the washing up! You have to return it as supplied - we fell for that one once! Or use disposable - we now use our own cutlery, but everything else is disposable.

noodles-558924 1515239756

We have  a French friend who has recently started up as a Home Caterer. She generally caters for weddings and parties held in Salles de Fete but is very flexible. If you'd like her contact details, message me

Southern Guy 1515242366

So noddles, this lady does not have a professional kitchen of her own, she uses the villages'?

ruth-roberts-898305 1515245132

southern guy,would that actually make any difference or is it a british class thing !

Southern Guy 1515245785

No problem roth ruberts, but I have yet to find a village that rents out their kitchen for events that are not held in the Salle de fetes. Insurance would be a big, expensive reason

Also, knowing the English, it could also be a class thingy.

ruth-roberts-898305 1515246582

click society ex pats,but understand the insurance .

ams86160 1515274861

FYI - le Diamant is back open - and they do barbecues, hog roasts and all sorts of other catering event - call and speak to James

E8PUG91 1515277190

Always good to look on web to read any comments to get an idea on service and the like although ones opinion may be so much different from another.If in dought we always do our own arrangements,just to be sure

Senfell 1515311253

Try Nat at La Porte Bleu in Verteuile. He has a classy old French catering van and will provide any buffet type food in discussion with you. 

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