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I'm trying to find the number of the Boule D'or in St Romagne, it's not in my oldish phone book, and I can't for some reason get it shown on the web, or find in 'search' here on AI...realise I must be 'searching' wrongly, but can anyone help?  If so and have been there, any feedback info would be great. many thanks.

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05 49 87 55 17

execellent value and good quality, artistically presented. Nicely decorated.

Downside is there is generally only the menu of the day BUT as a non meat eater I always advise them in advance and they always accomodate me with alternatives. You can ring on the morning and confirm what is on the menu (sometimes they know the night before but not always as they use fresh produce). They don't keep a wine cellar just offering carafes of fair priced reasonable vin de table. Again when we had a special event and wanted something a little more special including champagne - they offered that we could bring our own and didn't even apply a corkage charge.

They are only open limited days, but the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month they have live music ( jazz / blues) at lunch time. Well worth a visit but you do need to book.

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Do you mean Le Bouton d'Or in Saint-Romain ?

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Hello peri winkle - St: Romagne isn't listed at all in our current phone book - only a Saint Romain, so it must be part of a larger commune. Either that or the restaurant isn't listed anywhere. There used to be a pretty good restaurant in St: Romain whose speciality was a spectacular seafood entree, but I don't remember the name!

Not any help - sorry!


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Many thanks all for the swift responses, and yes I think it must be the Bouton D'or!  Explains my difficulties...had heard it was excellent all round, so will give a call and book.

Thanks again.

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Yes it is excellent and staff are lovely.

10 Grand Rue. 86250. Saint Romain.

Phone number is : 05 49 87 55 17 or 09 67 39 55 17.

Bon appetite!

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Is it open during the ay or just evenings as was told a while back that this is the case? Thanks in advance

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