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What is the equivelant of lurpak in france, both in looks and taste.

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yorkshirepudding-877893 1353053250

Beurre demi sel president

Just Pam 1353054764

Beurre demi-sel is about as near as you can get - but I don't agree that the taste is the same or as good as Lurpak! 

yorkshirepudding-877893 1353055476

I suspect it is saltier as are most butters (apart from non salted) that you get in UK. 

crazylady-565602 1353058038

I thought Lurpak was unsalted butter.  Wouldn't President doux or Surgeres doux be a closer match?

yorkshirepudding-877893 1353060836

Lurpak comes in salted and unsalted so your answer for the unsalted variety is good

SusieWalnut-558578 1353071570

I found that bridelice demi sel  or bridelice doux were about the closest, now i bring lurpak from the uk and freeze it or buy from one of the english shops.susie

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