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Does anyone know of a good source of mutton, ideally home produced, in north 79/east 85/south 49?

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emarby 1450257474

A short while ago, I saw mutton in Auchan at La Couronne.

Whether this is a regular line and whether an Auchan nearer to you will stock it, I am afraid I do not know but it could be worth a look.


pommehomme 1450262246

Thank you but, I fear, that's rather a long way south - particularly if, when I get there, I find that they have none in stock.. Does any know of a supplier further north?

allibaba 1450272030

Google 'eleveur mouton deux sevres' for list of suppliers. Or whatever department you want.  I have not studied the web site but it is a start!

allibaba 1450272923

I thought I had sent this reply but cannot see it. Google 'eleveur mouton' with the name of the department you want and this should help you. I did not study the web site but it looks quite good.

pommehomme 1450279487

Thank you for that suggestion, allibaba, but I think that the result that the suggested search produces relates to mutton 'on the hoof' rather than 'ready to cook'! I can't see any indication that any of those eleveurs sell their meat (as opposed to their live animals) direct to the public. However I've now searched against 'viande de mouton à vendre' which has given me a lead to one producer in the Vendée which sells mutton direct. But it does seem the my search for home produced mutton is in vain. No doubt if it could be sourced in the area indicated in my initial post, someone would have said as much by now.

pommehomme 1450387890

Allibaba, thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately and unintentionally, I deleted it before replying to it. Please forgive me. I hope that you'll accept my thanks, through this forum, for the useful information contained in your e-mail.

pommehomme 1450629073

I've managed to find just one supplier - a bio farm north-east of Fontenay - that sells mutton in 7-9 kg mixed packs. I've not found a single source of home produced mutton. In light of this I have to assume that mutton is almost as rare as hens' teeth in this area!

Robert Linton 1450633920

Obviously an auchan near you!!!!

pommehomme 1450637244

No, not unless it's very well disguised and being kept a very good secret!

juddster-550128 1458558306

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