Parmesan style cheese from goats milk

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Help!  We bought some parmesan style goats cheese at the Christmas market in Confolens and have bought it before at a previous Confolens Marché de Producteurs and have run out!!!  Typically, there is no label on the tub so have no idea where it came from!  Have gone to quite a few Confolens markets but they just seem to be getting smaller and smaller.  Does anyone know who these french purveyors of a delicious if not smelly cheese are please?

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emarby 1456175982

Could it be Fromagerie du Bois Froment near me in Saint Laurent de Ceris (16450). Tel: 05 45 30 75 83.

juddster-550128 1456246662

That could well be them, thankyou.

pommehomme 1458397192

I'm puzzled. You say, juddster, that it is a 'parmesan style goats cheese' and that it came in a tub. The Parmesan cheese I know is an exceptionally hard, granular cow's milk cheese and I've never seen it, nor can I see any reason for it being, in a tub. Can you please shed light in my darkness?

juddster-550128 1458489502

Yes pommehomme, hopefully this reply comes in the way of a very bright torch to help illuminate your dark troll-like existence. It's a cheese made with goats' milk, created in the parmesan "style" at a farm that has goats and is sold in a tub because it is already grated (if it wasn't in a tub there would be a mess in my pocket after purchasing it!) and available to use immediately without the need to skin one's knuckles on a grater or one's wallet on the price! It also has the added benefit of being considerably long lasting (providing one doesn't eat pasta every day!) and retains it's excellent flavour because it's in a tub. By purchasing it, it serves as a way of supporting an entrepreneurial farmer trying to expand his business.

pommehomme 1458766167

I made my enquiry of you, juddster, because what you detailed was something entirely new to me. If it weren't for your attitude, I'd thank you for elucidating.

Curry-man86 1459544179

juddster-550128 I would hope that this cheese can be purchased as a piece rather than grated, being an adult I will not grate my knuckles and as I eat pasta at least 5 times a week I prefer to grate it myself plus you cannot cut shavings from grated cheese

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