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We have surplus goose and duck eggs and would like to sell them. What is the going rate for these eggs please?

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Allo-allo 1456227403


When I have had too many I have asked 2 euro for 5 duck eggs and 1 euro each for goose eggs.  I always made sure they were only wiped with a damp cloth to make sure they were good for both eating and incubating.....

I had more luck selling on leboncoin than here, but that is more local than angloinfo.

pommehomme 1456238113

Does one need to be registered - as a business or in some other manner - if one is going to sell eggs to the public on more than a 'one off' basis?

Chacha-10062027 1456239525

Hi are either of you near Civray ? I would love to buy some duck eggs. 


Allo-allo 1456241824

No, I am in south 17....miles from you....shame, I have 4 duck eggs a day at the moment, with the occaisional double yoker!

Lorraine Jones 1456260393

saxony duck eggs for sale  - 3 euros for 6.

emmajack14 1456313538

Hello again, we are in Les Pins 16260 nr La Rochefoucald. Any good?

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